Monday, April 8, 2013

Your Mississippi's are SLOW 12/17/12

So crazy week. We have been really busy! So first off I baptized Chrissy Hoffman this Saturday it was amazing for her, ha she said she wanted to be down for 7 seconds. I held her under for like 5 it was crazy. I was super nervous cause she asked me to baptize her on Friday. And President likes us to have the members baptize. But i only had like a days notice. So Elder Mumford that president told him not to personally baptize people. President has been to our ward and a bunch of stuff recently. So he came on Saturday as i was in my temple clothes to baptize. I was so nervous. The Karen elders didn't have an investigator there but they were speaking they were nervous as well. But when i baptized her she was down for a little while (not even as long as she wanted she was like your Mississippi's are slow! hahaha) but President Clements talked to Elder Mumford and Brother Thibadaue (ward mission leader) does Elder Hall know that that was a little longer then normal. And Bro T was like well its his first Baptism i told him to make sure she was kept down there and immersed, it was funny. It was an amazing experience. She is so cool, she has changed so much this is changing her life for the better. Also this investigator she has foot problems so i asked if we could give her a blessing and we totally talked it up said its the same blessing that Jesus healed at Bethesda with. Then I anointed and Elder Mumford sealed the anointing and cleared his head and said... Raquel then he paused. and she goes YES? it was hilarious. He was cracking up so hard. She thought it was like a conversation with god. We couldn't contain ourselves. Well mostly Elder Mumford he had to stop then he tried again and stopped then i did it myself. He couldn't even lay his hands on her head because he was laughing so violently. So i did it myself. It was funny we apologized we were just in one of those moods. So Elder Mumford has been here for 6 months and he had a hunch he was getting the boot. he didn't even weekly plan little punk i did it cause he assumed that i was taking over the area. Well there was a Christmas concert in Minneapolis that we took an investigator too. We saw our zone Leader in a 3 some with Spanish elders in the zone and knew that Elder Dillard (old St Paul ZL was going to Bloomington to be Assistant) he is awesome i love him. So Elder Checketts was like oh do you know when we saw him at the concert. But Elder Mumford didn't figure it out i knew he was gonna be our zone leader. and a member from his area (Dinkytown twin cities ysa ward) said your coming to Dinkytown? then he realized. So president called him last night. and he called me this morning during studies. We had our whole district over as we always do on pdays and He told me who my companion was. So i have known for a whole day i am taking over the area. But president told me My companion was going to be Elder Lawton who was in my district in the mtc, he is a little reserved and reminds me a lot of Benjamin. I guess i am senior comp already and taking over the area. We are going to have so much fun and work hard. I love it. It is perfect. and Elder Mumford will be right around the corner and do exchanges. So Wednesday i take over the area crazy. It will be a growing experience President said. Probably will humble me a lot. But it will be good. Man Christmas is so soon. I will try to skype you guys ill call grandpa and the Perrys and Season as well, what is her number? You guys will be the only ones i skype i think. The St George people. I will try to do it at like 10? idk I haven't figured out where we are going. Ill figure that out this week plan around then but that is not solid could be later idk. That is the update. Love yall!

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