Monday, April 8, 2013

Mission President Jordan Clements Letter 11/5/12

Brother Hall, Thank for your thoughtfulness in sending me a copy of your book. While my personal reading time is limited, I enjoyed reading it very much. The afternoons with Arthur were a highlight for me. I don't believe I had Professor Watkins for a class, but I knew of him at BYU. What an amazing man. I too love words, but sadly I've never taken the time to pursue them at the level you and Arthur have. Thank you for sharing the book with me. Elder Hall is off to a great start. I spoke to him briefly this morning to notify him of a transfer. Usually we don't transfer missionaries after their first six weeks. However, I felt that a change might be a healthy thing for him. He's going to North St Paul to serve with a very effective and successful missionary. It's a very fun ward -- it's the United Nations of the mission. He'll meet people from all over the world. Thank you for sending us a well prepared and outstanding young man. We love him. Jordan Clements Minnesota Minneapolis Mission

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