Monday, April 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinnerssss 11/26/12

Hey Everyone! My week was so amazing, So Thanksgiving, our district had breakfast at our apartment. Then we went and had a zone activity with football and soccer and frisbee. Everyone ended up being super sore because of it. It was fun to play sports and do stuff. Elder Mumford got some turf burn on his leg haha. We also went to institute after and played pool and ping pong and card games like spoons. I dominate at ping pong. I had 2 thanksgiving dinners, The first one was awesome, had turkey and stuffing and everything pretty good. They had pumpkin pie so i went for that. Walnut crust... hmmm so we were pretty full. Then we went to a Hawaiin/ Samoan Thanksgiving dinner with Ismail and they had like 30 people over and some of the people visiting came to church on sunday. Like big 300 pound george from oakland. haha It was legit redskins game was on. RG3 is legit. but the most important part was the fellowship for Ismail he had to work on black friday right after all day and night but he stayed at the Hafokas (young mens leader) after we left. The food at the Hafokas was good. wish i wasn't as full. but not as good as grandma's thanksgiving:) No Bias but the food there is really good! We had tons of miracles last week. 5 new investigators. The highlight is a couple named tasha and brian from St. Louis. We found them, cause mo last week fell through and so we were checking out a potential and just walking around the area. and we talk to everyone i think elder mumford was on the phone. They were out on a walk as well like 2 miles from there sisters house whom they were staying with. I talked to them and we taught them. They knew it was no coincidence. They agreed to a church tour the next day. Bishop ostebo called us the next day and asked if he could help today... inspiration we were like yes! We picked them up.. brought them to the church and gave them a tour it was the best lesson/tour ever. Brian the day before was agnostic didn't believe in god. When we went to the baptism font he said he would be baptized. Tasha was really faith ful and she was like uhhh. but we went to the chapel and they were like who is your pastor. Bam Bishop ostebo they were like what the! He explained that he was just a humble man and didn't feel up for it at the beginning. No paid ministry type thing. So good and then we had brian say the closing prayer he said his aunt had told him to pray. He prayed gave thanks, paused and said thank you for sending me this gospel i will never again say that you don't exist. Best prayer ever. They came to church on sunday loved it brian put a bunch of chairs away. They said this is there church family if they move here. They come back on december 6th hopefully they move here. They just found out she was pregnant. They are boyfriend and girlfriend this is just what they needed. The gospel is good! Ismails baptism was saturday. The service was awesome filled the room with people. He got conferred on sunday, and he seems like the most comfortable person in the priests quorumn, he wants to come joint teaching with us. He needs some Byu soccer hookups! I love you guys president challenged us to pray and only give thanks don't ask for anything. I challenge you all as well. God loves us. Christ is REAL

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