Monday, April 8, 2013

Learning from the best! 10/22/12

Hey guys, So the weather has been super good. I hope it is as warm as the winter was last year. It hardly snowed and wasn't cold I guess. Yesterday it was about 70 super warm my companion didn't want to ride up the hills cause it was too hot. ha. So we walked. But when we do ride up stuff i go super hard there are actually some steep little hills around here we ride a good amount especially since our miles are wrecked we have been up to the mission home like 3 times and stuff. Today we go on exchanges with our zone leaders, tomorow we have another district meeting and i go on exchange with tanner. Its gonna be nuts. We wont get anything done, jk we will but it will be so fun. Ill take lots of pictures. Did you get my card that i sent home? If you wanted you could put some pictures from home on it or even a short video from home kinda like tape recorder style idk that would be cool. But im stoked for this week. Almost 2 months out one more week then im a seasoned vet jk there is still tons to learn. This week was cool. Learned some Sudanese from this family so we can at least say somethings to people but halfway during our lesson with this Sudanese lady who is having a kid in 2 weeks these cops knock on the door with 2 of her sons. They were messing around at a mall and the security went up to em and the kids ran except for one. And i guess another time they threw rocks at a car. But the cops weren't happy and this lady has a crazy life. But we finished our lesson i told her that a few times i had cops call my parents and that i wasn't a good person but this gospel has made me a lot better than what i could have been. And we gave her a strenghth of youth pamph and told her that our church leaders saved us basically. And we talked to her boys. so yaaa hopefully she will be commited after she has her baby. Also we met this old Methodist couple, Larry and Bev they are like 70 or 60's they are awesome. Larry talks so much. He offered to drive us to far places so we could tract in cities that aren't close cause we don't have miles. They give us hot chocolate and cookies everytime we stop by. They went to the Elders Quorumn activity. I hope we can help them see that they can add to the truths that they already treasure. They are good people and pretty into the Methodist church, they are awesome. He always tells us stuff that we can do on pday he is a hoot. That is my week nothing too crazy! Oh we were in Bloomington for the first half of the week. trainee meeting than exchanges with the ap's. The Assistant that i went on my exchange with is Elder Craft, my guess would be that he is the best missionary in the mission. It was such a good experience to exchange with him. he is from Ogden ish played soccer and he goes home in 5 weeks he extended 30 days but I learned a ton from him. He talks to everyone and is so bold and persistent but also loving, he seriously gets as much out of a person as he can. He will be talking to someone for like 10 seconds and they wont respond and he will be like well can we share a card with you and go up to them and try to share it. But he is loving about it. Thats something i am improving on also being bold and direct in my teaching. Not rambling on sounding unconfident. I didn't even get to teach with him everyone fell through but we contacted like crazy. And he writes all the info down the moment he gets it he is super organized so this week i have been writing small and organized because my planner has so much room for improvement. And he was just cool north carolina fan just a chill guy gave me good advice. I wish i could have taught with him but its ok great experience. Oh we had 3 dinners one night it was kind of grosse idk we don't have dinners a lot then we have 3 one night. Wierd. well write me i don't really need anything but letters and support:) I love you all its crazy to see what Christ can do for me the person i can be. Like im getting up at 6:30 every single day... who would have thought i could do it! ha especially since i was up til like 5 on september 4th and i was always up late ha but it was worth it! Love you all!! Til next week

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