Monday, April 8, 2013

John, Chrissy, Ismael, President Holt, Sister Lundstadt 12/3/12

Hey everyone! so our pday last week started with someone in our district going to the hospital but this week it isn't that bad. He is fine and right next to me emailing as well. It should be sweet. We have another baptism this week on saturday with John Freiburg. His fiance is a Mormon from Utah they met on wow but he says facebook. He took online lessons from online missionaries in Salt Lake City it is crazy he is so funny. I am excited for him he is reading the Book of Mormon pretty steadily he was in Omni last i heard. This will be the best thing ever for him I wonder if he fully sees whats coming with the church and the forced social aspect of it. Also Chrissy commited to baptism when Elder Shreesta was on exchanges in the English area. She is slightly hesitant learning about the law of chastity and a bunch of commandments but she bore her testimony beautifully yesterday and she knows it is the right thing. It is awesome she knows its blessing her life. So John on the 8th Chrissy on the 15th. Ismail's dad freaked out and won't let him go to church. We are figuring out what we can do if he can live with a member tell college. It's so stupid he can't really keep his covenant or get the priesthood. Freaking satan. Pray for him. We also have been teaching this guy who chrissy found and is living at her house. His name is gordon he is 29 and homeless and Deaf. So she is helping him get on his feet. Its interesting we have a girl who was baptized like 2 years back who knows sign language who translates. Its cool to see the charity that chrissy does shes totally a different person. We had a Zone Training and have been working on the christmas story in luke 2 and kind of preparing a spiritual christmas message lesson. I like to involve 3 nephi 5 maybe dad could do a 3 nephi 5 lesson. What christmas eve was like for the nephites. Yesterday President Clements and Sister Clements came to our ward! It was nuts hahah everyone was like what the why is he here. There were some pretty good testimonies. Elder Mumford went up and bore his testimony and we were counseled to back your companion up i guess by Elder Gavarett the 70. So I went up with Elder Mumford and Chrissie bore her testimony 2 fast sundays in a row. Elder Mumford did it cause he thought he is gonna leave North St Paul he has been here for 6 months which is super long for an area in English work. He said in his letters he asked President to stay in this area cause he loves the ward so much and said that over the pulpit. Everyone laughed and President bore his testimony i don't know if Elder Mumford is staying ha he did not say anything reassuring. The weather has stayed so warm. This morning it was like a foggy day by the beach in Dana Point with a little bit of mist. And now as i look out of the library the sun is out! Its sweet. I bet Utah is colder. Christmas is coming soon! Gettin trunky? Thats a missionary TERM I guess. hahah My straight up adress is 215 East County Road B2 #108 Little Canada, Mn 55117 use that for letters packages the safest bet is the mission home. The mission home is always the safe bet. I have my stocking up and elder mumford has this charlie brown ornamented material christmas tree that his family made its pretty sweet.Oh i don't know if i talked about it but the Lady from Suncrest Sister Lundstadt i guess her parents are Ward Missionaries here. They are pretty experienced he has been like a Temple Pres a Mission Pres and an Area Authority and Stake President. President Holt he showed me some paintings that sister Lundstadt did i guess they are awesome. So its cool to have that connection we helped put their huge tree up just like the one we had forever, it is huge. I am learning so much have a few exhanges this week I will be taking over the area today and tomorow ya bud its pretty awesome. We are all getting prepped for Christmas. Ya i got everything the packages and stuff:) Thanks! I love Christmas time. We should have a fun christmas zone conference soon. YAY! That's what is new with me i guess i got some scented candles i am excited to light them when i get back! haha Go christmas. Love you guys

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