Monday, April 29, 2013

Hard week- 4/22/2013

Man kind of a bummer week. We had a sweet temple trip with deanna our investigator but her boyfriend is hating us and she didnt come to church a lot of the people we teach and work with got anti'd. Even the young slaughter girls that we teach whose mom is a member their grandmother died. I think it has just been a week for perseverance. With Success comes opposition and i know that is true. I feel like there is no one who will be baptized without a tremendous amount of opposition. It has also snowed a ton. We were not allowed to drive one day from a snow storm because the cars were grounded so we just went to a members house and borrowed shovels and went on a street and asked people if we could help. Not the crazy best week I have had on my mission. But it is times like those when you see tender mercies. Elder cluff is a little down and out. He had a lady chew him out. she was really weird but he did make her cry. But I know its important to love everyone. Jesus worked with a lot of weird people. There was also a family who had a death of their 8 year old. A Television fell on his head. They had his funeral at a black baptist church. It was crazy! there were Halleluhahs everywhere. Music during the prayers. Crazy southern baptist preaching. The mom was super upset and sad. The preacher was like LORD when you left you promised us the comforter! send us the comforter LORD this mother needs it lord send it lord(low key piano cords playing) Send it !! times 5. That was just during the opening prayer he yelled stuff like that. Its ok we baptized that preachers daughter. Michae'la. I do like things a little more reverant and not sacreligious. Sometimes our church is too boring. but whatever. I know that would be a better aspect to improve, as i have been getting people we teach to church you pray that someone doesn't just talk about crazy deep doctrine or weird stuff. As long as it edifies in some way than that is sweet. But Not too much is up. I saw tanner yesterday i gave him some referals and we saw him on the street. We are playing basketball today. I am stoked. He has 3 months left. I guess he went home for 4 days and his mom was wanting him to not go back to his mission. Don't ever do that to me. Man mothers day is soon as well. That will be cool. Everyone should be in the same place for that. that would be cool. If not its ok year and a half right? haha. I love you all. Write me or something. Til next weeeek -Cha-pa-doh

I taught like a banshee this week! 4/29/2013

It is an awesome day! The snow is pretty much gone. It is seventy degrees out. We have been doing a lot of biking. It is pretty good. Elder Cluff keeps wrecking his bike though. Man mothers day is kind of soon. But that's weird. My week has gone pretty good. We had 7 people to church. That was really cool. A Karen Investigator brought her friend to church and we are teaching her Friday. A bunch of people were sketchy that we stopped by before church even a lady who we are getting furniture today got mad at me she was like you shouldn't be so pushy about church. I was just like I don't care if you come to church it's between you and god. It is important to come to church. We are getting her mattresses and stuff today. So that is good. She has been sleeping on the floor. People in poverty can be pretty prideful it is weird. But ya Chrissy's mom came to church we taught her this week. Freddy a funny black dude came. Deanna. She is getting baptized may 18th!! Quaya her family 30 year old single mom and her 18 year old cousin. Also some Baptist lady named Sharon. It was sweet. Things are going well. I taught like a banshee this week. We through down. A 17 year old black kid also tried to bash us. I told him He doesn't pray to god about things. He doesn't know the bible and he needs to repent. I also made him read 2 Nephi 29 "thou fool that shall say a bible a bible we need no more bible... know ye not that their are more nations then one" He read it and was like this ain't the bible!! These names ain't the bible. Then I told him to repent. Will you repent. No i didn't do anything wrong. I would repent man. SO that was sweet. I might be getting a farmers tan. Things are going well though. I think Minnesota is going to get pretty hot in the summer cause i used to doubt it. Thanks for the stuff I have to hurry cause I am helping that lady. Here is a picture of us playing badminton with the Slaughters Avayah(10) and Astasia(13) I love you all.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Transfers Hello Elder Lund-Photos Elder Hall 4/8/2013 4/15/2013

Hey it is transfer monday! man i am going to thunder bay canada!!!... not i am staying in north st paul with Elder Cluff I am excited the only one who is leaving is elder Shreestha the Elder From Nepal. Elder Mumford is staying And I love him a lot. one of my favorite Mumfords I have met. and sons. I am gonna miss him. I will see him again. I have 6 more weeks here so you all know. No one else is living. Elder Lund is coming back up to st paul. Not in the same zone but he lives in my area. So that will be sweet! maybe he can come to a baptism we have or something. So ya we got our transfers by email today just a list of where everyone is. With all the new missionaries that is what they are doing. Man it was a good week. We got 5 to church. Deanna the lady who wants to get baptized did not end up going cause she was sick and she is really solid. So it was a good week of getting people to church. Tara a single mom came with her kids, Laura and her 8 year old daughter (30 year old lady) and the part member family the slaughters came. Sister slaughter was baptized a few years ago but has kind of been inactive until the missionaries started meeting back up with her. She bore her testimony this sunday and I went right after her. We had 2 really good smack down lessons with Deanna, the law of chastity and also the word of wisdom. She wants to live them. she just lives with a fiance. We set a baptisimal date with her for may 11th so that she really decides what she is going to do soon. She has recieved a witness I believe. I think the Slaughters will be baptized June 29th! they are really awesome. I will probably be gone by then. but whateves. It has been a good week. We have found this family who had a child die from a tv falling on the kids head. They are really sad we want to go to the funeral. It has been a pretty good week, a little crazy but missionary work always is. There are miracles and me sticking with this area we are starting to reap what we sow I believe. Which is super sweet. I know the gospel helps people. I don't know too much but I am learning a lot and gaining a testimony of a lot. I am not training Elder Cluff anymore which will be sweet. I am more greeny breaking him than anything. Than in 6 weeks I will have been out 9 months. Weird this hasnt felt like 6 weeks although it has been super weird. But I am learning to love people. I wasnt very loving before and I am still not that much but I am getting there. Man It is snowing here again and it is cold. I freaking hate it. It was like 50s and a little warm for one week now its back to gay. missionary work is funny. The ward is helping english out a lot because there is starting to be a little bit of success. Where as the last transfer i had with elder Lawton was not very good and successful we did not see the ward at all. But I am working pretty hard I believe. Now I don't have to train Elder Cluff and we are just going to wreck people and teach more and baptize more. It is awesome. thanks for the support. -Make it bacon <3 elder hall

Photos 4/8/13

Me Elder Konnor Hall, Elder Lawton, Elder Shreestha and Elder Mumford, Tall missionary I trained for 3 weeks, Michea'la baptism skitzo she made my day. Native American Woman named Rose. Danny Zuniga, pray for him as he is missing a leg.

Basketball Homies and Conference with 5 investigators 4/8/13

Man, General conference weekend. It has been pretty crazy. We taught pretty alright it could have been better but thats ok. Earlier this week we split our english area that was kind of lame. On friday we were biking to an appointment and it fell through so we biked back from the car. Elder cluff was doing wheelies. He was going super fast and wheelied. He fell off the back but was running he tripped over his bike and hit the ground. He hit the pavement with his hands. I biked up to him like that was kind of gnarly. I see his hands and I am like whoah ! is that your skin? an Inch and a half of skin are hanging off of his palms it was freaking grosse the pavement wrecked his hands. Later he said I thought they were leaves. We biked back to our car. Him no handed. and I drove us to our apartment! whoo. When we got there we washed it and stuff. But figured we had to cut the skin off. I was way too sick to my stomach to do it for him. So I gave him medical scissors and he did it. It was gnarly I helped him patch it up and gave him a blessing. It was like pretty grosse. But then we went to the other elders for exchanges. So his hands got hamburgered. Its ok I don't think he will wheely any more. Consequences right? Ya our district all get wrecked this weekend. A kid threw up. E. Wolz no feet got a cist on his tail bone. It was pretty funny. But I went on an exchange with Elder Shreestha and helped him do some English work. But earlier this week me and Elder Cluff played some Homies in Basketball close to downtown St Paul. E Cluff said if we win we teach for 15 minutes so this kid called his friend over and he had way baggy pants. So we play 2v2 it is going pretty well we both hit a 3 and took it to the rack and stuff. Then the baggy pants kid who is like 6"2 starts going nuts and hittin everything. We lost by like 2 points. But after I was like man how old are you and he was like 15. I was like what the. It was pretty sad he dropped out. He said he was better at football too. He could play college for sure with the skills he had at 15. But I think we surprised a lot of people when we played. General Conference was cool. Hey mom was I the Konnor in that story? that would be sweet. But We had 5 people come to general conference. It was cool. We didn't even sit by any of em because the members fellowshipped so well. It was super cool. The english split is kind of lame but I think there is a lady named deanna who will get baptized. She is like 55 and has gone through a lot of hard things in life. She loves us! I hope she progresses! It is warming up! we might do something outside today it is a warm 45!! haha man winter here is so long .I am almost throughj I am really looking forward to doing work in the summertime. The Baxters go home. They are a senior couple we have been serving with. They did mostly nepali work sometimes worked with us. Elaine s Dalton. Women are precious children of god! that one 70 who did repentance and Elder Bednars Law of Chastity one and L tom Perry's were sweet they were super hardcore. We need to be more obedient that is for sure. The real world out there even in the church a lot of people pick and choose commandments. People are not always righteous. Hopefully things will change. Boyd. K packers poem was legit!!!! I love him. Hope you all learned a lot. If not. I pity you -Elder HAll

Mom Conference Weekend with the Family 4/8/13

Hi Konnor AKA Elder Hall with blessings:) We had a grand week, so let me do the highlights of our week first. Easter Egg hunt at Grandmas, everyone came who was not on a mission but Erik did not come from Utah State and Cody was on his Senior class cruise. A good time was had by all. Sam could not run for eggs as he was super sore from Las Vegas basketball tournament with the best in the US. They took second by one point. Myles cracked me up. I bought little cars for him. He really liked one of the cars, so he put it right in front of himself. While standing and waiting for the big go, Myles kept pulling the car just a little closer. Adorable. Myles biked in St George last weekend on stuff dad was walking. And if you compare wheel size and bike shocks it is impressive. Bryson had to grab him at one point, he does not have brakes. So you better do some biking this summer, Myles may be the competition:) Dad spoke this week again and I am sure he will catch you up, Rick Vandermyden got poison sumack from their ride in Northern Cali. Dad thought he did not run into it, but on Friday the poison oak clearly blistered up on his right calf, I do hope it does not get worse or go up his leg OUch. This was spring break so we all headed down to St George. Well Me Dad, Colby, and Sharwan headed down. We had fun. A little sun and some hiking. Dad bought a grill and had grill remorse after two hours of putting the Costco beast together. It was bent and missing some parts. He may still bring it back, we will see. He also hung a bike holder in the garage just in time for about ten bikers to come on the weekend. The garage looked like a bike shop when the Vidmar's and friends came to do training and watch conference. Peter, Tim, Chris and about five others are doing the Iron Man in May and staying again at our place. Trevor Brown came, he wants to qualify for Leadville this year and was biking strong. I guess if your young you have to qualify or something. Hmmm. You did not have to do that right? It was a full house and very fun. Just what I invisioned a house where people come and do not ever want to leave. Three of the boys were going home Friday afternoon, but left Saturday very late. Dad made the BEST food and everyone was in heaven. Conference was great. So exciting to have Cedar City get a new Temple. And have a new Young Women's President who is on Pintrest:) Yeah I joined her Pintrest. She had picked up about 500 people and I bet it grows. I loved the Sunday morning session, it was so powerful! I was hoping you had investigators there for that one. And when they talked about a Konnor I almost started to cry. Peter Vidmar must have seen me start missing you and said, Sherry Konnor is exactly where he needs to be! And he said it quite matter of factly. Firmly. So I did not dare cry. But to hear your name in Conference, was a shout out from our father in Heaven that he is aware of you! Sharwan and I drove home, I love listening to her watch funny movies, comedians, and vines; and just laugh her head off. She is so funny. She is putting off calculus make up work, hope she gets it all done. Colby has had some dates. He is still working out. He thinks he will go down to Cedar City and date a girl again which he dated last week. I don't have a name for ya:) Grandpa had a good birthday, the Hansen's took him to a Jazz game- Jazz lost:) But a fun birthday. Collin seams to be less homesick as he understands the language a little better. The big news is Cody opened his mission call. They had it delivered to his seminary class. Ghana Accra (Africa). Wow. Ashley Anderson is going to Sweden, and very excited. I am so grateful you have a great companion. You can do the work and have some fun too. That's what missionary work was meant to be. Love, happiness and full of the spirit. I can tell you are working hard and able to keep going like your Dad when everyone else seems to be getting tired you are still going. What a blessing to have been born with natural energy. You and Wany are the only children I have which I did not have to wrestle out of bed for school every morning. Yeah! Well I am back in Lehi and it is raining, I do hope you have some sunshine in Minnesota. You know me, it is an excuse to do family history work. This week I get to go with dad to OC and see the babies, so I am excited! And it is Olives Birthday April 18. The birthday rush. Grandpa Hoskins April 2, Liz April 7, Erik April 8, Carson April 9. Have a fabulous week, changing eternal lives. I am so proud of you. Keep up your energy and love those people to death. There is no happier time or a more important work. You were saved to help out with the growth and training, I just know it. You and your personality and testimony are critical to success for children of God who you work with. I am amazed at the little signs and answers to our prayers God puts in our path. I so often miss his messages. I love you so much. And pray for you safey and for your words to pierce the souls of those willing to listen. Have a great week. Tell me lots.

Hello Elder Cluff, Challenge Produce ONE convert family, Conference listen with FAITH 4/1/13

Hey guys how is it going. Ya Elder Weatherford is officially back in Arizona. He just had some stuff to take care of that was making his mission hard for him. Its ok. I am now serving with Elder Cluff who is 6"5 as well. He is from Manti, Utah. There was an Emergency Transfers day it was freaking funny my comp went home, there was a missionary who ran away and like 14 people who went to other places. Elder Cluff is basically Chris Conelly we have had a lot of fun already I am looking forward to probably a transfer and a half with him! He is on his second transfer so I am finishing his training. But not really. We have had a good week teaching and teaching new people it was sweet we are trying to help a guy get sober and get into the church Fred. Also Some 19 year old girl and a 45 year old lady really wanna get baptized that we taught last week. The 45 year old lady has been through 2 divorces and through a lot of trials had a lot of lows but she asked about Joseph Smith, and she knew a Mormon family whom she thought the world of. We taught the restoration and she was crying. She said well if it took 45 years and a whole bunch of crap to go through for me to hear this then she believed it will be ok. We are stoked for conference we are gonna get everyone to watch that stuff. Hopefully it is very non-member friendly. I will enjoy conference a lot. We don't have too much planned today just this email. Shopping. Dodge ball at the church. Elder Cluff plays basketball. I think he is good he is my first comp to be good at basketball. That will be cool. I am so lucky, the area I am in my companion, the people we help. I love the savior we had a sweet Easter just the part member family came to church but Michae'la Smith surprisingly came to church cause she moved. She is the one who lived in a group home and has some issues. But I freaking love her it was so awesome to see her. I think she has a calling in the nursery. Man maybe next week i will email her address and have someone write her. I am really busy. that was cool. Then we went to our dinner at a member of the temple presidencies. It was so good. There was like a sweet orange topped home-made cheesecake stuff. Ham. Baked Potatoes scooped out with mashed potatoes in it. Rolls. real HAM! it was awesome. I am getting obese. Elder Mumford calls me fat, i am not fat but just bigger then i was. I have probably gained 15 pounds i am like 180. It is pimp. I call it blessings. (ya i don't do that) but we have been biking a lot.I run sometimes. We are getting exercise today maybe we can change that! Elder Cluff wants to start playing basketball in the mornings. that will help. More vitamins would be sweet. Man everyone seems to be doing good. Ha my emails totally aren't as spiritual as my cousin's. I just boss it up or something. No I am learning a lot. Hopefully changing. I won't be perfect when I get back. I just hope that I am better. President Clements in his letter he was talking about missionaries who are not open to either their companion's or their Leader's advice. We need to acknowledge our weaknesses before we overcome them or we would just all suck and never get better. I love our prophets. They are inspired men. Not perfect but no one is. Everyone watch General Conference. And dont just take notes or stay awake cause someone else wants you too. But take 1 thing out of what they say because they are literal witnesses of your savior and there is advice for us that we just have to pay attention too! We have a prophet today. Just like Peter, just like Moses. If you have a perfect relationship with the savior then don't listen to them. That is why it is important. Listening without faith does nothing I believe. That is why a lot of times I never did listen. And don't. I love all you! change someones life today. I want my family to produce 1 convert by the time I come home. sounds good. no pressure c you in 2

Mom is proud of you Elder Hall 3/25/13

This work of putting the families of the earth together is fast becoming the manifestation of the book of life written in our scriptures. I now see the reality of this work being complete, after many generations of sacrifice and complete faith and hope. We now stand on the shoulders of the great ones who continue to work hard on the other side of the veil. For us to see this marvelous vision and do our part. For they can not now complete it without us- and we cannot complete it without them! Amazing breakthroughs and collaboration with the heavens will occur and I do hope you will be alive to see this happen! For that matter I hope I will be blessed to be saved for this work for 1000 years. I love it! My Testimony to Konnor after attending Roots Tech Conference 2013 and learning more about Family History: Having given you a taste of world progress just in the last couple years, when you think of all the books and information we now have access to read, which book is the most correct of any other book? Which book has Gods complete guidance in the words and content, but also Gods almighty hand in the gentle timing and translation of its miraculous coming forth? Which book was protected by an angel of the Lord? Which book was prepared for our day to help us make important choices we will need to make? For nothing short of Eternal Life with our Savior Jesus Christ will be good enough for us and our families when we leave this earth. A book to help us recognize the snares and cunning tricks of the adversary? One book to treasure and to share for Jesus Christs plan to be carefully and clearly laid out before our own eyes, and a book with the Holy Ghost bearing witness of the truth of every word. A book which can be used as our personal guide through life and help us at every turn. Thank you for sharing "The Book of Mormon"! Thanks be to God, Jesus Christ, all the ancient Prophets on the American Continent, Moroni, Joseph Smith and many others who played a part in preparing this great tangible tool for the salvation of man. Thank you to you Konnor for your sacrificial part in bringing this book to the living rooms of anyone willing to listen and connect back to the tree of life everlasting. One by one you will cause Gods children to remember who they are and where they are going! Every person is incredibly loved by our Savior and he loves you so much for reaching out to everyone in need. I know for a fact how it feels to be left out, and lost and forgotten. And I know God feels every cold night his homeless lay down to meet, he saves and remembers every tear his children shed. I love you, I miss you, but I admire and respect all you are doing to use your amazing skills of fun and boldness to get the word out. Thank you son. Please send us your current address for packages, I fear I might have sent the Easter Package to your old apt:( Have you moved? Please give us a LOT of detail about your week. I want to start a Konnor Hall blog and use this for a more detailed history of your mission. This is a wonderful life with amazing opportunities, really the only limits are those imposed by the minds of the people. With Gods help anything is possible and we must all remember this. Have a wonderful Easter and Conference. It is a time to obtain the word and commit to live it. Conference is a time of love and a time of peaceful discourse, Conference is a time to feel connected to a worldwide organization. I hope that you are able to set a specific stretch goal to get many people to conference. Conference is an amazing outpouring of the spirit. Sorry this is so long, I cant help it. I love you dearly Konnor!

Working Hard, I love North St Paul, The Lamb of God 3/25/13

Ha uh happy monday guys! Easter is coming up. In fact last night we went to a concert called the Lamb of God with one of our investigator's named Fred and a cool couple in our ward named the Askey's. It was really good it was not a musical but a concert depicting the last week of the Savior's life. Really Inspiring. It was packed. I grabbed a piano bench and a table from the Relief Society room and that is what we sat on. It was awesome. So that was cool. Sad news E. Weatherford is going home most likely I should be getting a companion this week maybe tomorrow most likely. Just some stuff but that is ok. It has been a hard weekend. He is pretty much ready to go home. It will work out. Never thought the kid that I was training would go home so quick but that is ok. I talked to the mission President and stuff and he just told me to work hard. I have been working super hard lately cause of training but the best thing I felt that I could do after random stuff happened, is work. So this Sunday we got like 6 Investigators to church. And we had a whole row and a half of investigators and less actives. It was super awesome. Church attendance for our English work hadn't been that good for like 2 months. Our ward had 36 investigators at church. I love North St Paul. The people, the member's, I am grateful that I can serve them. For pretty long too. Mom your Easter thing was super cool I really enjoyed it. Have fun at all the hunts! I will be doing a different type of hunt. Hunting for people!!! To come unto Working Hard. So I will probably have a better time than all yall but sorry for ruining your week. Man the cousin's are not that young any more. That is crazy. I'm sure everyone will be running around like little kids anyways. Man I am in for a crazy week but I know I am working hard. -Love Elder Hall

Snowing, Learning 3/18/13

Hey how is it going everyone! We had a good week. Did a few exchanges... we did an exchange with the assistants and I went to Nepali work as Elder Mumford went to English with Elder Weatherford. We taught a few new people. We had a family set up to come to church and i was super excited about that but the family to pick them up just didn't go to get them. I was a little upset but that is ok. We had a fireside last night at the mission home and we got a Cambodian lady named Salina she is really cool. We have only taught her once but i hope she felt the spirit and acts on it. I know that there are miracles out there and we are working towards them. Our mission seems to be doing well as a whole. Man After I am done training Elder Lund has 1 more transfer then he is home. All of my friends are almost home. If I was a regular person i would be almost home! But i get the opportunity to serve a lot longer! We have a good looking week ahead of us. We are probably gonna ride the bus a ton. And bike if it stops snowing. I asked one of our investigators, "How do you ride the bus?" i have never ridden a transportation bus. It will be interesting. Well things are going well here. I hope that package is there today i will not know until tonight but i bet it is. Looking forward to that. I am tired. But working hard so that is a nice feeling .It isn't easy that is for sure. We have played a dodge ball type game at the church for like 2 hours i am really tired but at least i got exercise! which is good. Cause dad will probably whip my butt at the end of 2 years of this crap. But that is ok if I am chubbs i feel like i worked hard on my mission then i can go home and work out a lot! That would be cool... well St Paul is still freaking snowing. I want to do missionary work in the summer time dang it. But oh well. Beggers can't be choosers. I am learning a lot that is for sure. Thank you all for the support keep it up. Mom weird comment about St Patrick but it was kind of weird so it was kind of funny. happy holidays. Easter coming soon. It will probably mean a lot more to me this year. I love you all! Konnor Hall

Cousin Jansen AKA Elder Hall update- A Rock without hands:) 3/19/13

Hey ya'll, Happy St Patricts day! I hope everyone had a great green filled day:) I know I did! But this week has been really good! We started out with a training meeting on tuesday. It was down in Birmingham and it was for all the new missionaries and thier trainers! It was such a great meeting! President Holzapfel talked and man he is so amazing! He told us a few things. One is we need to do our best and leave the rest to the Lord. That is what the atonement is all about. He related this statement to missionary work but I wanted to relate it to all of you. If you do your best every day with everything that you do, and maybe you do make a mistake, then part of doing your best is repenting of that mistake and not thinking about it. Leave it up to the Lord to fix it and everything will turn out ok because the Lord never loses. You will always be on the winning team:) The next thing is that He takes you as you are, and asks you to become. Wow what a strong statement! The Lord love us all and he accepts us how we are. We are all different in our own special way and the Lord loves that. But he knows what we can become and asks us to work on that. Now that is a very big thing to handle, to become like the Lord wants you to become. But as we turn to him and get his help along the way he can help guide us down the right paths, shape us into better people, and eventually become as he is! And most important with that statement, DONT WORRY! The Lord has blessed us all, and when you worry you are letting satan win. So please dont do that:) But those are some of the things we learned:) Now I want to talk a little about my area, which I dont know if I have told yall about it much but if I have im sorry for saying things twice haha but Corinth is the furthest area away from the mission. It is also the biggest area in our mission. You can literally drive an hour each direction and still be in our area haha but anyway the mission president before President Holzapfel would send missionaries he didnt like to Corinth to get rid of them. He did this for a long time and because of it this area became the worst area in the mission. My president is trying to change that. Missionaries call would and still kind of call Corinth outter darkness. I dont know why the Lord trusted me to come to this area, but im glad I have had the oppurtunity to have Corinth to be my first area! I have learned so much from it and I know that we are changing the area. President had me and my companion stand up during the meeting and talk about our area and our baptism we just had. He then got a little emotional and with tears said, "Corinth isnt outter darkness!!!" That made me feel so special to know that he cares about each area. And so does the Lord! He cares about each and every one of us individually! Transfers are on Wednesday and Elder Galorath and I are staying in Corinth! I love it here! I love the people and I love being apart of changing an area around! Now Its not because of me or my companion that things are changing in this area. It is the Lords work! It is him that is changing the area for us! He has truely blessed us! I have come to learn that missionary work is this. You work your butt off! You study harder then ever! You tract and serve and love the people with the greastest love you have! Then because of that work the Lord will bless you with a miracle of getting a new investigator. Getting to teach someone. Its not by our efforts that we change lives. Its through the work of the Lord because he is working harder than any of us! He works 24/7. Day and night! And I love him beacuse of that!:) He has truely blessed me! But I want to mention some people real quick. Scott is doing great! We have gotten him to come and eat with us at a members house and we have taught him several times! We have had powerful lessons and he knows and wants to get baptized! We need to teach him a few more things but he will probably get baptized this week!:) John is still great! We went and taught him about family indexing on friday. On sunday he had already done 84 names! He is doing great and we taught him about the priesthood so hopefully he can get it this week or the next! We still teach alot of less active families and are trying to get them back into church which alot have started coming back! Well I love you all! I love my mission! I love Corinth and the chance that I get to serve here! I know that Christ is working and preparing people for me to teach! I love him so much! I love this Gospel! It is true and it changes lives! I am witnessing it change scotts life right in front of me! I love the priesthood and it is a very real power that blesses lives! Again I love ya'll!!:) Love, Elder Hall

Cousin Colin AKA Elder Hanson 3/4/13

Everyone, As you may know, Colin's time in the MTC is up. He is still waiting for his Visa to come from Brazil. In order for the church to make room for all of the new MTC missionaries they have to ship out those Elders who are still waiting for Visas to come. Colin has been temporarily reassigned to the Montana Billings Mission. He flies out tomorrow morning. He is going up there with the three other Goiania Brazil missionaries. Attached is the letter he got telling him of the temp assignment. He is positive and is going to make the most of his short (hopefully) stay in Montana. We will update facebook and his blog, , with his new address as soon as we know. Pray for our Colin as he takes on this new assignment and pray that his Brazil Visa comes soon. He did not pack for Montana. Not sure how his short sleeves, mosquito spray, P-Day shorts, and sandals are going to hold up in Big Sky Country :-). Love, Mike and Hayley

Letter from Dad, Tracting in Eden Prairie Xango affiliate 3/11/13

I was tracting with another trainer in bloomington wednesday. Well Eden Prairie and we talked to a lady who had an afiliation with xango. And she had met you and had a signed book from you(wisconsin) although she lives in Eden Prairie. She then softened her heart a little bit and her and her pastor husband should be meeting with the missionaries soon. that was pretty cool to talk to someone that met you. I would have drafted Paul George, I told colby to remember that in a few years. Remind him. Man my old zone leader his uncle is dave? checketts he was a gm for the knicks and worked in the jazz and owned rsl. Recently sold the team. That would be so fun to be a gm. We will see though. I guess right out of byu he got to be gm of the knicks. I did not know it was that easy back then. letter coming in hot. send food in it if ya want. I am chubbs anyways. Dear Konnor, We are sending a package off this week for you and your new companion. What is his name and where is he from? Take lots of pictures (we will send you a few more memory cards so you can send them back in a latter every 3-4 weeks) as his parents will appreciate that. I recommend you write them a letter this week and tell them how much you enjoy their son and how you will serve and lead him with devotion and love (and that you will make sure to have lots of fun as well). That is every parents dream to have their son with a trainer who cares and who will make it fun for their new Elder. I trained twice and it was a highlight on my mission both times. The key is to set the example of getting up on time, studying and memorizing, being prayerful, and having fun by working hard and being yourself. I used to serve them by cooking breakfast and lunch and cleaning up so they would have extra time to memorize their scriptures and get up to speed on the discussions. They key is to go out of your way to serve them. Think of how hard it was for you to start your mission and how your trainer was your life line to this new journey. Your Mission President must have a lot of confidence in you to call you as a trainer so soon (and six months is soon!). I'll make sure to send a signed copy of Aspire for your new companion as well in this package that will go out in the next few days with letters and other items. I fly out to Portland tonight to speak for American Pacific Mortgage tomorrow and Wednesday. I spoke for them in Universal City last week and after I was done I got on my mountain bike in Pacific Palisades and rode on the beach trail all the way down to Redondo Beach (went west of LAX and all the stress of Los Angeles). I did that ride on my mission while training one of my new companions (Dave Williams who you have seen on facebook) on a PD with our district and it was so fun to do that again after all of these years. When we rode it we didn't know there was a path on the beach and took Sepulveda Blvd. down most of the way until we hooked on the path. I left late and it was pretty chilly so I bundled up and put my night lights on and when I got to the turn around point I realized that I had left my car in a tow away zone if it was till there at 10 pm so half way back I flagged down a taxi and put my bike in (people told me that it looked strange to be putting a bike in a taxi when I should have been riding it) and the driver sped off aggressively pushing yellow (and a one red) lights to get me there at 9:59 pm before my care was towed. Whew!! I can't wait to go back and do that ride in the day when it is a little warmer without any time pressures to get my car off the street. Spent the weekend in St. George with the Vidmar's as Peter is training for the Ironman their the first week of May and he had a couple of other animals come down and ride 4 hours with him before they ran for an hour. I worked out with Peter in the garage and definitely need to up my game. I rode my bike for a couple of hours on the cliff and trails behind our house and am actually riding some technical sections that i would have never considered attempting a year ago. So the technical biking their will be really good for me in the long run. I've let my fitness slip a bit in January and February and am getting back on track now. Jazz update—the fans are calling to have Coach Corbin fired as they lost all four games on their last road trip...three games were lost by one point or on last second shots or possessions. The young guys are playing phenomenal but even if they have a killer game they don't play much the next game because the veterans get a lot of time. Favors was having a career night last week against Milwaukee with 23 points and 15 rebounds and didn't play the last 1 1/2 quarters of the game after being an absolute monster and they lost by one point. Kanter is actually playing better than Favors and is so much better at this point than I ever thought he would be. Hayward is the white mamba but still can't close out a game with a big shot or assist and Burks was solid as solid while getting time while Mo Williams was down with a hand injury but now they get limited time and the fans aren't happy. The Lakers just overtook us for the 8th playoff spot and unless they turn things around quickly they won't make the playoffs and the coach will likely get sent packing. That's it for now son. Love you so much. Can't wait to read to your update. Love Papa

Training in FLOW (Faith, Love, Obedience, Works) 3/11/13

Ya i am training! ... weird. His name is Elder Weatherford he is like 6"5 and from Snowflake Arizona. It is in the Mountains i guess and it snows there. A hugely populated Mormon town. He is doing good. He is a little nervous at some stuff. But the sooner he knocks that stuff off the better he will be a great missionary. He is 18. pretty young. He is a little homesick i think. It is weird i have never been homesick ever. I remember Kevin Stapleton at campouts would like freak out, i never did that. So i am doing my best to serve him. I think he is glad to have me as a companion. There are some goofy trainers. Some experienced and cool. That would probably be the best but I am not the worst I don't think. I am just focusing on love with him. I try to love and be nice but I am not the most loving person. I sometimes am pretty independent in somethings. But i am excited. We are just teaching crazy people(finding). Life is crazy on a mission but it is going good. So ya i went to transfers. saw some people. Haven't seen tanner in a while. Just did tracting all Wednesday with one of the other guys who is training. And then had the training meeting and got home. Elder Mumford and Elder Shreesta already pranked Elder Weatherford and acted like Elder Shreesta did not know English. We left them alone for 5 minutes and Elder Shreesta just played dumb. It is awesome. We are going bowling today with our new big 8 person district and some Karen people. One of our members Bruce totally slept in through church and didn't give one of our investigators a ride. Which is lame he totally thinks we are like unreliable, but whateves. I am working really hard this week. Leadership is kind of lame. But i hope i can be a good example for Elder Weatherford and serve him and help him. So we had our meeting where we all get our trainee's and stuff. We are pushing for March Madness and stuff. Someone send me a bracket of what happens please. Ya our March Madness is like inviting to baptism. Which we should do anyways. It is interesting. President told us that Missionaries are allowed to email friends. From the 1st Presidency. That is kind of different. Especially in such a consecrated mission. President Clements throws down with obedience. But President is smart and knows and expects us to try our best In FLOW(faith love obedience and Works) so that is what i am trying to do. Love you all keep it up... idk what everyone should be keeping up but do it!

Found Keys through Prayer 3/11/13

I am learning a lot. I told an investigator Tara single mom to pray and she immediately found her keys. Elder Weatherford Snowflake Arizona. President wants to keep the atmosphere that he is established in the mission. That lady fed my companion then. Cause i was training. I was probably around but out tracting and working. Maybe I will serve in her area. I would either love to serve in language or wherever all the people Dad and Bryson know are.

Transfers New St Paul Asian Zone, 2 Karen, 1 Nepali and 1 English set of Missionaries 3/4/13

Hey guys, Sorry it is kind of late we have had a crazy day! so... i will just start with the news. We were supposed to get another English set of missionaries in our ward but on Sunday at stake conference President Johnson in the St Hey guys, Sorry it is kind of late we have had a crazy day! so... i will just start with the news. We were supposed to get another english set of missionaries in our ward but on Sunday at stake conference President Johnson in the St Paul Stake Presidency announced that there would be a new Karen set of missionaries. madness would then ensue. Ha so Elder Wolz no legs he has been my district leader for 3 transfers he is training a missionary that has been out for 3 months into Karen work. Elder Ashby is as well his comp 4 1/2 months out. They are making a St Paul Asian zone... with 3 Mong sets of missionaries. 2 Karen. 1 Nepali and 1 English set in the zone. Elder Wolz is singularly the zone leader(bossin it up) and I am training in North St Paul! crazy. I hope i will be a good influence and example I don't feel like too crazy experienced so it might be pretty funny. man Elder Mumford is the district leader he will see his "grandson" i am not that into missionary lingo but... whateves. man crazy pray for my week! Elder Lawton is going down to Winnona. down in Rochester. He is probably kind of bummed but he will live. He is going to serve with the other kid that Elder Mumford has trained. Elder Averett. They will be good for each other Elder Averett is very goofy , and Elder Lawton is kind of robot mode they will compliment each other well. Man crazy morning. I am excited all in all. It is mostly what i wanted so that is good. I know with the new missionaries faith miracles will happen. Ya me Elder Hall, Elder Wolz and Elder Ashby have been moving stuff into the new Karen apartment today. The weather is starting to slowly get better. Things are looking up! love you all! NAMASTEEEEEEEEEEEE! stake presidency announced that there would be a new Karen set of missionaries. madness would then ensue. Ha so Elder Wolz no legs he has been my district leader for 3 transfers he is training a missionary that has been out for 3 months into Karen work. Elder Ashby is as well his comp 4 1/2 months out. They are making a St Paul Asian zone... with 3 Mong sets of missionaries. 2 Karen. 1 Nepali and 1 English set in the zone. Elder Wolz is singularly the zone leader(bossin it up) and i am training in north st paul! crazy. I hope i will be a good influence and example I don't feel like too crazy experienced so it might be pretty funny. man Elder Mumford is the district leader he will see his "grandson" i am not that into missionary lingo but... whateves. man crazy pray for my week! Elder Lawton is going down to Winnona, down in Rochester. He is probably kind of bummed but he will live. He is going to serve with the other kid that Elder Mumford has trained, Elder Averett. They will be good for each other Elder Averett is very funny, and Elder Lawton is kind of serious mode they will compliment each other well. Man crazy morning. I am excited all in all. It is mostly what i wanted so that is good. I know with the new missionaries faith miracles will happen. Ya me, Elder Wolz and Elder Ashby have been moving stuff into the new Karen apartment today. The weather is starting to slowly get better. Things are looking up! love you all! NAMASTEEEEEEEEEEEE!

We belong to the only church where people can make covenants and return to Heavenly Father 2/25/13

Hey guys how has it been going. It has been a random weird week i was kind of sick this weekend as was a lot of people but that is ok. Feelin a little better and having a good pday. We always have a fun pday though. Good ol North St Paul it goes by super quick. played another game e Mumford but another game called Wiz Wars. We found a few new people to teach no one in particular one of our investigators Tara. her daughter Taya turned 4 Saturday and we went to her birthday party and bobbed for apples and had a white trash birthday party we were supposed to do it at the church but she couldn't do it. Chrissy (lady i baptized was there) and I wrecked everyone in bobbing for apples. Things are going well. teaching some good people could be a lot better but we are gonna work on it. Man transfers are in a week it is crazy i wonder what will happen there is going to be another set of Elders in the ward that will be cool if i am around to see! No one came to church... well one guy but it was lame. idk what everyone is up to but i hope you are all doing well. I am, (doing well) but i am just thinking about next week so that will be an important day of what is going on in mission life. We are getting ready for march madness in the mission. that is kind of corky but hey we are gonna go crazy i guess. Look for big things!! I hope my emails don't stink. I am kind of tired and sick. But before i go, We belong to the only church where people can make covenants and return to Heavenly Father... i still think i am being converted to this gospel but we should let everyone know this!!! The best missionary work you can do is in your own home... probably the second best missionary work you can do is among your friends. Love you all. -til next week and things are exciting. Elder Konnor Lynn Hall

Two children baptized, 6 months out! 2/18/13

Hey guys how is everyone doing? This is probably going to be really quick, nothing too much happened lately well this week and the biggest thing was we set a baptismal date for 2 children of a member for June 29th. They are pretty cool the family just needs to get geared up and into the church. Also I went to Dinkytown U of M campus with Elder Checketts we had the same companion. He is my zone leader I actually like him a lot. It was a cool exchange and i contacted some cool people that they should teach One girl i gave a Book of Mormon. We have been playing this seasons game on pday it is pretty fun. Look it up you guys can use the internet. I LOVE MY NEW SCRIPTURES AND ALL THE STUFF that you guys sent. Thanks a ton. I don't want to use my scriptures cause they are so awesome. Transfer is just over halfway over I am guessing I will be training here.. whitewash training... or Spanish. I hope either the latter or the first. Our district is super fun. That is basically my week i am doing well. Do not hesitate to write or whatever. :) Almost 6 months out that is really weird. Oh Lauren Gilbert and Baylee have their mission calls. Ask them where:) I am having a good time learning a lot. Hopefully growing. but love you all have a wonderful day:) and week. -Elder Hall

Elder Reusche Homecoming 2/4/13

Hey guys I am doing well, Had kind of a poor teaching week. We taught like 8 lessons. Which is like half of what we normally do. So it was kind of stinky but that is ok. We have like 8 elders at the library. Cities are the place to be. It's sweet ha we have been hanging out and doing studies at our apartment this morning. This is all going by super fast! I feel like in the blink of an eye I will be talking to you guys on Mother's day. Today is Elder Shreestha's birthday we grabbed him and gave him 24 birthday spankings. It was pretty funny. He is 23 in America but 24 in Nepal? Idk hey Elder Reusche's Homecoming is next Sunday! everyone go. He lives by alpine Elementary. figure it out on He is super cool! man well this week we had dinner with an Investigator at a member's home she has 2 kids and the members were really old. but it was really good. It has been pretty cold the last week of January like -10 but it has warmed back up to a balmy 10 degrees. Its easier to handle the cold when you are not forced to go out all the time. We biked like 20 miles one of the days cause it was the last day of the month. No miles. I want a bike area when it is warmer though that would be pretty chill:) There are some decent people we have found to teach lately but the area could be a lot better. I am going to try to make that happen that is my goal. There is a lot of potential with this area. Go Ravens!!!!!! RAY L. son. hahaha idk if you all watched. We were at these crazy peoples house and saw the lights go out. That is kind of nuts. I promise i don't go over to peoples house's as a plan cause i know they will be watching football it just happens. Any good commercials. Colby send me funny reddits sometime. It is getting slightly warmer. Have a happy February. Valentines day is coming up. Spend it with someone special. Man i just spent like 5 minutes making jokes with Elder Mumford it is good to have him back. I love you all:) Namaste. Salud.

Pink tie for Valentines, Chicken Diner 2/11/13

Hey guys sorry I am just getting to the computer we have been at the Karen Elders apartment all day playing board games. It has been pretty fun. Can't believe how late it is. In fact During studies I totally smashed my big toe with the leg of a chair and sat on it. It freaking hurt. I think it bled but I have not looked at it. I a really hungry. But sounds like everyone is doing well. We had a good week. We were gonna have a good Sunday but we had some snow and so it wasn't gonna be the monster Sunday that we had planned with getting a bunch of people there but that is ok. I have an exchange at the U of Minnesota this week. Valentines day. which doesnt mean anything. I will probably wear a pink tie. But I love you all it is always good to hear from you guys. Handwritten letters are nice. Um im not sure what is new just being a boss in Minnesota. Excited for my scriptures to come. I have wrecked mine so far. I have a strategy for the "newer scriptures". Sister Lundstadts dad kind of inspired me with scripture marking. Beginning of march I will have been out 6 months. But i guess it is still the middle of February. It is warming up and snowing a lot. Same old in missionary work. Just trying to find people to accept the gospel. Trying to be better most importantly... that is hard. but I know it is worth it. Hope everyone is doing well if anyone wants or needs anything specific write me:). Oh funny story i guess i will throw one in there cause I am rushing this sorry. But Elder Mumford and Elder Shreestha were in a lesson with Nepali people. And there is this Senior Couple. The Baxters. In fact i am sure they have tons of pictures of me and stuff. But they were in this lesson. And during it the dad was killing a live chicken in the apartment. And Elder Mumford was like that's kind of crazy but i guess if it is there culture it is just an animal... not too much harm done. Then the senior missionary sister baxter(she is a lot like mom to be honest, in a good way... no offense) said just an Animal it is a child of GOD! hahah elder Mumford told us all it was pretty funny. Chickens. a child of god. We gave Elder Lawton 20 birthday spankings today too. Elder Shreestha got 24 last week on pday. Our district is pretty funny. It is gonna stink to leave in 3 weeks. Hope i go somewhere cool. But keep it up with whatever you all do in normal life. I don't know if my email's sound sporatic i write them really fast especially today i am in a hurry. Praise to the Man is false doctrine. Love you all:)

Testimony of Service 1/28/13

Some of my experiences this week as written in my weekly letter to President. They were detailed and good stories so i felt to include them:) When we contacted on our Zone Training day that made us late for Interviews Elder Davidson and I actually talked to a woman on the street named Benita. She said she was being into her church but we got to talking and she said she was moving soon. We said we could help and she actually said that she needed it. So we got her information. Ended up calling her a few days later to set up a time when we could help. We set up a time to stop by and see all the stuff that she had to move. We looked all at all the stuff we would be moving. Met her daughter who is 6 and very intelligent. Benita is a single mother of 2, about 34 years of age. After we said that we could handle all the stuff she is moving with just us we started talking and just asked if we could share our message. We taught her the restoration and it was amazing. Things never felt so clear as she understood and accepted everything. She said that it answered all of her questions we gave her a Book of Mormon and one for her daughter(14). She said she would be baptized. We asked where exactly she was moving so that we could let the other missionaries know. And She immediately said that she did not want any other missionaries. But then we found out that she was moving to Frogtown in our area and it was cool even though we won't be here forever it was a tender mercy that just further reassurance that everything was perfectly in tune with the spirit. We are moving her this week and giving her a church tour on Saturday. Another example of service was yesterday we were calling an investigator seeing how they were doing and she said she was good, I felt to ask her if she was ok with food. She said it was actually pretty bad. We called a member to help gathered some things to give her and the member got some food together and dropped it off. It really softened her heart. She (Tara) read the Book of Mormon for the first time sincerely and was texting us today about it. If anything i feel like I have gained a testimony of service this week. I love it I wish I could serve everyone. I am going to be bold and serve people.

-30 degrees brrrrrrr. . . . Summer Pics 1/21/13

Summer sent me some pictures of me. That really made my day!:) Thanks. IT is getting cold it is like -9 degrees right now. And we got a text that said to be safe cause it is gonna be like -30 /40 degrees wind chill. IT looks like its gonna get pretty cold. It has been a warm January so we have been lucky but our luck seems to be over. Hey dad we went to a fireside last night by Keith Hamilton he was like one of the first black bishops. He knows Thurl Bailey he joined the church at NC state at like 21 years of age then went on a mission one year later. Thurl wrote the forward to his book and he said Keith Hamilton was the first Mormon i knew Which explains why i did not join the church until 15 years later. It was a really good fireside. Way better than I expected. Michae'la Smith got baptized this last Saturday we are actually going to her house right after this. We need to do a lot of finding. does anyone have any advice?? No investigators came to church yesterday but a lot of recent converts did. things are doing well this transfer has been fast! i will hopefully write a lot of letters today I have not been very good at that. I am doing well though. HAppy MLK day. I will find some black people to teach in celebration i guess. Seasons birthday is coming up soon. Crazy. I am gonna be 21 soon. That is really dumb. Hey Elder Ruesch homecoming is the 2nd Sunday of February. he is awesome i will give you more details next Wednesday he is basically home its crazy i just asked him about it. Well we taught a bunch of crazy people last week and it was kind of nuts. We need some better people. Um I love you all! until next week. Luke 22:37 Simon when thou art converted strengthen thy brethren! Keep it up my family is awesome.

Hard week, St Paul Cathedral tour 1/14/13

Hey, Really crappy week a kid who was supposed to get baptized next week Antonio dropped us. He can make his own decisions that is what I told him but it was really hard he doesn't come from the best family life. His little brother Toriano who is like 12 and 4"8 is so good at basketball... he didn't come to church much was crying when we went over. And a lady who had been seeing the missionaries for like 10 years died saturday night. We are gonna go to her funeral it was the worst thing ever. Plus I was by myself at church cause elder Lawton was with Elder Ashby it was really weird... but Um a person named Michae'la smith is getting baptized on saturday... hopefully she has an interview with president on thursday night but we are planning on her baptism being on saturday. But I know the Lord can do all things. Ya we just went to the St Paul Cathedral, and The Capitol Building did some tours there. The Cathedral tour guide was pretty funny with having us. "The pope's secretary got a call from Jesus... he told the pope I have good news and bad news " pop e"well whats the good news"? Jesus is calling. "What is the bad news?" The call is from Salt Lake. Ya it was interesting. Keep writing me family! Hey the St Paul Cathedral is doing that Red Bull downhill skating race stuff that is in St Paul i guess i watched it last year. I might go idk if we can but that would be cool. Thank you for all the support Pray for the missionaries! Pray for oppurtunities to do missionary work yourself. I am pretty sure all of you guys are better missionaries then me.. except wany. Just kidding. But share what makes us happy. And that is the Truth about the Son of God. I think i am just starting on my conversion process. Wish me luck I love you all so much! Sorry i have slacked at writing! Pdays are like 2 seconds long!!! Lauren Gilbert got her mission call to Ireland call her or hit her up on facebook and congratulate her!!! Love you all. Salaam

Attending the Temple and Prayer 1/9/13

Hey sorry I don't think I told anyone that we switched our pday to today because we got to go to the temple. Elder Lawton said that yesterday and I was like oh ya I didn't tell my family either. But I am sure you guys didn't mind or take notice! ha Grandma and grandpa i got your guys letter and Glad to hear you read my emails as well. Love you guys very much! The temple was cool its a pretty small temple we just went as a district with us the senior couple "The Baxters" and a lady named sister draper in our ward it was cool. The Temple president wasn't expecting us... district leaders fault ha so we just rushed an Endowment sessions. It was a cool opportunity it wasn't as revelatory as other temple sessions but it was nice to go to. I was really tired haha so maybe that is why it was kind of weird to go right in the middle of all the missionary work. Week has gone well, highlights of it were teaching with president, Got like 16 people to this basketball thing we were doing. like 7 were non-members. Went on some exchanges this week. One with elder mumford.. it sucked and one with Elder Wolz that I liked. A decent week at church a really crappy week until we blitzed(2 comps in nsp) the area on saturday then we did good. We have some good investigators but other than that everyone is just super sketch. I asked president for advice and he said follow up with commitments and be bold. So that is what I want to do. Hey Elder Ruesch in the district goes home January 30th his homecoming is probably the first week of sunday you guys should totally go. He is from Alpine Utah. He is a good missionary he is just really old and probably freaking out. He doesn't show it though. Any big announcements in the world? Sounds like dads event went well. coolio. Man this transfer is halfway over.. crazy. Hey elder mumford told me that the next transfer is a 5 week transfer so my mission would be cut short a week. I wouldn't get 2 years. so i would get home on sept 3rd 2014. It hasn't been announced officially but sounds pretty legit i guess. Idk why maybe they just want to change the transfer times to accomodate the onslaught. sorry i stink at writing and stuff um yes please look for my scriptures in th emove. Mine are getting wrecked. It is kind of nuts. man this is tough work. Elder Lawton is super smart. He will be a way better missionary then me. He is just timid and kind of shy. We get along well though. But he is probably here to keep me in line so that I don't do anything disobedient. I am getting a lot better, I feel like i am pretty personable to everyone that is probably my strongest point. It is stupid what you can feel guilty for out here hahaha... not stupid that makes me sound like a pessimist. Just like feeling bad for not excercising a full 30 minutes every morning. It is crazy. idk ha wany you will know when you go on a mission. ... ha. So not much else just trial by fire here. Cause I don't know what I am doing but I am kind of figuring things out. Hey dad idk if you have mission Journal entries but that would be cool for you to send me those someetimes. I could do better at Journaling. its just too busy! anyways Pday is on monday again so you should all be talking to me soon anyways. I am doing pretty good. you all are the best! Oh when i went teaching with president on saturday we did nose goes for who says the prayer with our Investigator... check out presidents letter understand that it is a widespread practice to play a simple game (touching your nose with your finger, pretend shooting each other, etc.) to determine who will offer a public prayer. While I’m learning that these practices are widespread in the Church, it is not something we should be doing. Prayer is a sacred privilege. It trivializes prayer to say that someone who is the last to touch his nose or is the one who is shot first prays. These games should not be played among missionaries, investigators, members or any other group. Show the dignity of your office by not participating in them. The proper way to determine who prays is that the presiding or conducting authority makes an assignment and asks someone to pray. In lessons, we ask the head of the household, who presides in the home, to ask someone to pray. In a Sunday School class, the teacher asks someone to pray. (We don’t ask for volunteers.). Among companions, whoever is leading for that day determines who will pray. Please make sure we prepare properly for prayer by using this dignified and appropriate means of asking someone to pray rather than playing a game in which the loser pray -your boy Elder Hall

Summers Letter, Hi Bro 1/12/13

Email from Summer Hey Elder Hall, I love reading your emails every week and hearing about the amazing work you are doing! You are a great example to me and my family. We pray for you everyday. Myles always prays that you can be safe on your mission, it's the cutest thing ever! I know you are out in St Paul for a purpose to find specific people and bring them the gospel of Jesus Christ. Last night I went to the temple with Bryson and his parents and Kyle and Mary. We went to the Draper temple. It was so much fun I saw the Beeche's from Pepperwood there, they joked about mom and dad! I figure that is going to be what heaven is like. Lots of friends and familyg laughing and surrounding us. It brought me right back to the memories of being there with you for your first time. Seriously I almost cried thinking about how much I love you and our family! It was wonderful to have us all there on the front row together and be able to be in the temple as a family. There is nothing in the world I want more then to return to Heavenly Father in exhaultation with our entire family. Sorry to get all mushy on you, but I was touched last night and wanted you to know that I love you dearly. You are sooo special to me. I may not email you every week but you are in my thoughts and prayers daily, and at dinner we always talk about you and read your emails to the kids! You are still here. Ok quick updates from us. Myles started soccer (indoor) on Monday just a practice and he basically cried the entire time.He said he didn't feel special! So it might be a bust, I'm the coach...kinda turing into a nightmare! Hopefully it gets better??? He also tried to end preschool this week but I'm making him stay with preschool drop puts here! So he is trying to be a stinker! Skyler had strep throat and tonsilitis over christmas break, which was a huge bummer. She ended up missing 3 days of school. She is catching up now and feeling fine now. But we will have to watch her tonsils if she gets sore throats continually.The girls got thier own rooms as a surprise for christmas in the basement. Taylor has a soccer room and Sky a Cycling room. Tons of people helped pull it of. Mom made cute pillows, Season made cool wall art, the Perry's helped babysit and helped us move furniture to pull it all off. And now the girls are in heaven and there is less fighting! They even each have their own desk for homework. Taylor competed in the 5thand 6th spelling Bee. She was the last 5th grader left and she was 4th overall. She did great! Love You Papa to Summer, Great update Summer. Just read this morning from Dallas as the past week has been pretty intense with the move and speaking and travel commitments. I love you and feel the same way about how it felt to have us all on the front row in the temple...that is what heaven will feel like and it is something I would like to do more regularly as a family (maybe once a quarter or bi-monthy. Thanks for making Konnor feel special. He is truly a remarkable missionary and I am so proud of him. Thank you for your help Saturday with mom in the kitchen. She was exhausted from all she was doing and it helped lift her spirits. Hope Myles stays the course with preschool and soccer and that Sky is feeling better. See you next week after another week of travel and opportunity. With all my love, Papa Hall

Frogtown 12/31/12

2013 is almost about to start! crazy. last day of the year which means i can open Starr's package tonight! I hope things are going well and wish a wonderful new year on everybody! I feel like tiny tim. So we have 3 date sets in January. At the beginning of the transfer I told him we have a lot of work going on in our area and that we could get a baptism even if we had no teaching pool. I wrote down a 3 for baptisms. Now It looks like we are going to get 3 baptisms this January, 2 that we have been teaching that are pretty solid and one that is an investigator in another area but is moving to our area!. But there is a lot more success to be had than just that. Our teaching pool is different then I am used to it is changing a lot. So there are good things coming! Michae'la Smith (My-Key-Uh) on the 12th Antonio Jackson on the 26th (16 year old with a gnarly beard who quit the ganja aka the sticky icky aka weed aka marijuana to get baptized i freaking love him he is my hero) and Phillip Sware on the 26th(taught by other missionaries no idea what he is about but he wants to get baptized. Ya tomorrow is our pday so we get to email today i guess cause the libraries will be closed tomorrow we are just emailing. I had some nuts all you can eat Italian pasta just barely so i am super full. We will be heading to a place called frogtown sometime this week a little bit. Frogtown is like gang central/ghetto I drove by like once with Elder Mumford he was scared to go to ghetto places. But Pray for us! I just hope I can keep the success going that we have been having here. The last 2 weeks have probably been the hardest of my mission so far. Hardest in a good way but Hard I think cause of the responsibility, I hate it ha. It is blind leading the blind basically but I act like I know what I am doing. I think I will learn a lot how to accept the lords will. Cause it is hard to do it by yourself. Man i like no one telling me what to do cause trainers do that a lot, but someone who won't do that. But who knows a lot about missionary work. Elder Lawton and I get along really well he is from Heber. Loves frisbee. I can see this transfer that my contacting is really good my first 2 transfers i feel like i was a terrible missionary now i can see some good qualities starting to be acquired. I wrote down in my planner once "The more personal a contact or a lesson is, the more they take the message into their hearts personally" or something like that -Elder Hall. I think that is the biggest strength that i have found. Because a lot of the times it is just -we are from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, or -we are just out spreading a message about Jesus Christ or -We just a couple missionaries have you ever talked to missionaries before? In PMG it says not to be rote. That is exactly it. I know i have used those just as a scape goat but I am tremendously successful when I ask someone how they are doing, ask there Interests then the conversation means much more to them. Teaching has improved a long way to go. but being personal with people i'm doing well at. Elder Lawton is a good missionary we are going to learn a lot and grow based off of the situation that we are in. I hope I can teach him to put himself in the work be personable and energetic. (something that i have a smidgeon of what Elder Mumford had you guys have no idea) I think i will stay and be more obedient with Elder Lawton. Be a more by the book missionary, and most Importantly I know I can have fun with him cause we are equal on the missionary food chain. We are each others moms as they call it. Holy Cow Elder Shresta just scared the crap out of me he grabbed my shoulder while i was typing this i did not know that the other missionaries were here. It was really good to see and talk to all of you on Christmas day. The only things i forgot to ask was if while moving you find my old (newish) scriptures or cases you send them. Cause I have my 8 year old set. and they are gonna be pretty trashed by 6 months out probably. I like the responsibility don't get me wrong i just want you guys to be sympathetic and to pray for the lord to help me. I can do that too. Also pray for missionary efforts where you guys live... cause that's what President Hinckley counsels us to do and I love that man. It will be easier to do this when i have more experience or go to a stixy Area. (stix=farmville) not the facebook game. The first time I wished that the setting setting apart would come sooner was this transfer just because it feels harder... but I will be talking to Jesus Christ someone who knows a little bit about burdens. I need to receive the Lords help. Well probably talk to Heavenly Father in Christs name. I don't exactly know how prayer works. Does Jesus Christ hear all prayers cause they are in his name than they just go to heavenly father? We don't pray to Jesus Christ right? I know Catholics pray to saints. Did you know that to be a saint in the catholic church it takes 3 legit miracles then you are a saint. I wonder if you have to be catholic to be a Saint cause I would want to be one. I feel like I will end life with 3 legitimate miracles. But I guess Mary wasn't Catholic either and she is a saint. But Either way we cant just pray to anyone we want. Anyways Just like President Uchtdorfs talk described the 2 parts to gifts. See what I did there. Did you guys watch that? good talk. I need to receive is what I learned. Um I don't think there is any more business. Love you all have a happy and blessed New year. Work hard be the best at what you want!! ha have fun setting the goal stuff with dad;) I love you! -Elder Konnor

Yeah Christmas call to the Family 12/24/12

Hey, everyone Just emailing real quick we get an hour to email today before tomorrow i was thinking of calling dad around like 9 am and coordinating Skype so watch out for that we will figure everything out than. that is my plan. My week has been good took over the area have elder Lawton and i hope i can keep the work up. Christmas eve and Christmas day are weird days to be missionaries. But our district is going over to brother Thibadau's Christmas dinner/nativity with there family tonight and that sounds super fun we got permission to do that. It will be legit. I know we can have success this transfer but its up to me that kind of worries me... but elder Lawton is a good missionary once he learns the area he is gonna help me a lot. Man i can't wait to talk to you guys. It will be good. I am doing pretty good, slightly stressed which is weird I don't get stressed too much. We are only supposed to make 1 call. But no way am I gonna miss out on talking to Summer and Bryson's family! so i will call them as well. but probably wont make any calls other than that. Maybe people could join in on a Skype call. Idk but i will call dad tomorrow 9 ish I and coordinate the Skype and calls then Skype when we get to a members. And Maybe call Summers family after that too. It will be like an hour though as dad said to keep to mission protocol. Rules are crazy son!! ha im doing really well though. It has been really good for me. Other than that i sent you a Christmas package that maybe you got idk it is at the mail crap. but We are gonna find those who we can teach today see how that goes hahah people will probably be mad. is actually kind of city ghetto in some places here. I saved all my presents for tomorrow morning! ahhh it almost feels the same. Not really but it will still be really fun thanks for all the presents sent. Talk to you tomorrow. No good update sorry everyone!

Your Mississippi's are SLOW 12/17/12

So crazy week. We have been really busy! So first off I baptized Chrissy Hoffman this Saturday it was amazing for her, ha she said she wanted to be down for 7 seconds. I held her under for like 5 it was crazy. I was super nervous cause she asked me to baptize her on Friday. And President likes us to have the members baptize. But i only had like a days notice. So Elder Mumford that president told him not to personally baptize people. President has been to our ward and a bunch of stuff recently. So he came on Saturday as i was in my temple clothes to baptize. I was so nervous. The Karen elders didn't have an investigator there but they were speaking they were nervous as well. But when i baptized her she was down for a little while (not even as long as she wanted she was like your Mississippi's are slow! hahaha) but President Clements talked to Elder Mumford and Brother Thibadaue (ward mission leader) does Elder Hall know that that was a little longer then normal. And Bro T was like well its his first Baptism i told him to make sure she was kept down there and immersed, it was funny. It was an amazing experience. She is so cool, she has changed so much this is changing her life for the better. Also this investigator she has foot problems so i asked if we could give her a blessing and we totally talked it up said its the same blessing that Jesus healed at Bethesda with. Then I anointed and Elder Mumford sealed the anointing and cleared his head and said... Raquel then he paused. and she goes YES? it was hilarious. He was cracking up so hard. She thought it was like a conversation with god. We couldn't contain ourselves. Well mostly Elder Mumford he had to stop then he tried again and stopped then i did it myself. He couldn't even lay his hands on her head because he was laughing so violently. So i did it myself. It was funny we apologized we were just in one of those moods. So Elder Mumford has been here for 6 months and he had a hunch he was getting the boot. he didn't even weekly plan little punk i did it cause he assumed that i was taking over the area. Well there was a Christmas concert in Minneapolis that we took an investigator too. We saw our zone Leader in a 3 some with Spanish elders in the zone and knew that Elder Dillard (old St Paul ZL was going to Bloomington to be Assistant) he is awesome i love him. So Elder Checketts was like oh do you know when we saw him at the concert. But Elder Mumford didn't figure it out i knew he was gonna be our zone leader. and a member from his area (Dinkytown twin cities ysa ward) said your coming to Dinkytown? then he realized. So president called him last night. and he called me this morning during studies. We had our whole district over as we always do on pdays and He told me who my companion was. So i have known for a whole day i am taking over the area. But president told me My companion was going to be Elder Lawton who was in my district in the mtc, he is a little reserved and reminds me a lot of Benjamin. I guess i am senior comp already and taking over the area. We are going to have so much fun and work hard. I love it. It is perfect. and Elder Mumford will be right around the corner and do exchanges. So Wednesday i take over the area crazy. It will be a growing experience President said. Probably will humble me a lot. But it will be good. Man Christmas is so soon. I will try to skype you guys ill call grandpa and the Perrys and Season as well, what is her number? You guys will be the only ones i skype i think. The St George people. I will try to do it at like 10? idk I haven't figured out where we are going. Ill figure that out this week plan around then but that is not solid could be later idk. That is the update. Love yall!

Fourth wonderful Baptism, Konnor is stoked 12/17/12

Got my 4th in the water. HA i held her down for 4 seconds. It was nuts. The next picture is elder Lawton he was in my mtc district, he is my new companion and will be on Christmas. #DunkCity #2missionariesonlyout3monthstakingoveranarea #SuperLintendo #Linsane

50 Investigators for Christmas dinner, nuts. 12/10/12

Hey everyone, My week has been super good! I went on exchanges twice this week. one with my district leader elder Wolz, and then with My Zone Leader who is Dinkytown at the U of M, Elder Checketts, dad do you know Dave Checketts RSL owner, Knicks gm manager and he worked with the jazz for a while too? that is elder Checkett's uncle. Elder Checkett's is a soccer player and he was trained for the first part of his training by Elder Waite as well. They have so much contacting at Dinkytown. That is how they find. I never contacted that much in Mankato. We didn't do too much finding down there. Our week has been crazy. This weekend Sunday and Monday we had a huge snow storm and we were not allowed to drive our cars yesterday or today. The Nepali Elders rode to our apartment and we played in the snow and walked to a members together it was pretty fun. Karen is on there own. But the snow hit we got like 10 inches probably pretty good storm. It isn't cold though so Idk it seems like it will melt unless it gets colder. But during church and all through the night it snowed we stayed in our apartments but we got a ride to a dinner and a ride to Chrissy's. She gave me a "big boy" wallet cause of my camo one. She gets baptized in a week. She is so awesome. Also John Freiberg got baptized on Saturday he is so awkward its awesome. But he has been getting haircut and wearing suits. The gospel is changing him. He met his 17 year old Mormon girlfriend on World of Warcraft and they are engaged. He is moving to Utah after his dad who is poor health whom he lives with and assists dies. He is a good guy and interesting but he is a goof. We have tons of lessons all the time but The exchange that we had where i took our area over was awesome i felt good about it because in a week i think i will stay here and get another companion. and take over the area. We went sledding and tackled each other in the snow and everything it was super fun. We will probably play some board games at the Williams (members). Don't be afraid to send me Christmas gifts yall:) no i know you are all the best family i get stuff from everyone it is great. Where is everyone going to be for Christmas so i know who to call. Lemme know. I am working on a package to send home if there is anything you all want to me to send let me know. We have a little Christmas cloth tree Elder Mumford's family sent him. i have a stocking and candles for the holiday spirit. Christmas time is here.... we had the Christmas dinner this weekend too! We had 50 investigators there and like 270 people. That is nuts! It was super good. The missionaries sang o Come o Come Emanuel. I love you guys can't wait to talk to you coming soon. I am almost 20 and a half, i hate being old. We are working hard I am trying to improve. I don't think i am going to be training in a week so don't worry about that probably get an older companion or keep Elder Mumford. He needs to be a leader though. He is super crazy and goofy. Being a zone leader would be good for him. We get to watch a movie on Wednesday and have our zone conference. Go Christmas time! Love you guys Idk what else there is. I will write everyone back today. -Elder Mirin

John, Chrissy, Ismael, President Holt, Sister Lundstadt 12/3/12

Hey everyone! so our pday last week started with someone in our district going to the hospital but this week it isn't that bad. He is fine and right next to me emailing as well. It should be sweet. We have another baptism this week on saturday with John Freiburg. His fiance is a Mormon from Utah they met on wow but he says facebook. He took online lessons from online missionaries in Salt Lake City it is crazy he is so funny. I am excited for him he is reading the Book of Mormon pretty steadily he was in Omni last i heard. This will be the best thing ever for him I wonder if he fully sees whats coming with the church and the forced social aspect of it. Also Chrissy commited to baptism when Elder Shreesta was on exchanges in the English area. She is slightly hesitant learning about the law of chastity and a bunch of commandments but she bore her testimony beautifully yesterday and she knows it is the right thing. It is awesome she knows its blessing her life. So John on the 8th Chrissy on the 15th. Ismail's dad freaked out and won't let him go to church. We are figuring out what we can do if he can live with a member tell college. It's so stupid he can't really keep his covenant or get the priesthood. Freaking satan. Pray for him. We also have been teaching this guy who chrissy found and is living at her house. His name is gordon he is 29 and homeless and Deaf. So she is helping him get on his feet. Its interesting we have a girl who was baptized like 2 years back who knows sign language who translates. Its cool to see the charity that chrissy does shes totally a different person. We had a Zone Training and have been working on the christmas story in luke 2 and kind of preparing a spiritual christmas message lesson. I like to involve 3 nephi 5 maybe dad could do a 3 nephi 5 lesson. What christmas eve was like for the nephites. Yesterday President Clements and Sister Clements came to our ward! It was nuts hahah everyone was like what the why is he here. There were some pretty good testimonies. Elder Mumford went up and bore his testimony and we were counseled to back your companion up i guess by Elder Gavarett the 70. So I went up with Elder Mumford and Chrissie bore her testimony 2 fast sundays in a row. Elder Mumford did it cause he thought he is gonna leave North St Paul he has been here for 6 months which is super long for an area in English work. He said in his letters he asked President to stay in this area cause he loves the ward so much and said that over the pulpit. Everyone laughed and President bore his testimony i don't know if Elder Mumford is staying ha he did not say anything reassuring. The weather has stayed so warm. This morning it was like a foggy day by the beach in Dana Point with a little bit of mist. And now as i look out of the library the sun is out! Its sweet. I bet Utah is colder. Christmas is coming soon! Gettin trunky? Thats a missionary TERM I guess. hahah My straight up adress is 215 East County Road B2 #108 Little Canada, Mn 55117 use that for letters packages the safest bet is the mission home. The mission home is always the safe bet. I have my stocking up and elder mumford has this charlie brown ornamented material christmas tree that his family made its pretty sweet.Oh i don't know if i talked about it but the Lady from Suncrest Sister Lundstadt i guess her parents are Ward Missionaries here. They are pretty experienced he has been like a Temple Pres a Mission Pres and an Area Authority and Stake President. President Holt he showed me some paintings that sister Lundstadt did i guess they are awesome. So its cool to have that connection we helped put their huge tree up just like the one we had forever, it is huge. I am learning so much have a few exhanges this week I will be taking over the area today and tomorow ya bud its pretty awesome. We are all getting prepped for Christmas. Ya i got everything the packages and stuff:) Thanks! I love Christmas time. We should have a fun christmas zone conference soon. YAY! That's what is new with me i guess i got some scented candles i am excited to light them when i get back! haha Go christmas. Love you guys

Thanksgiving Dinnerssss 11/26/12

Hey Everyone! My week was so amazing, So Thanksgiving, our district had breakfast at our apartment. Then we went and had a zone activity with football and soccer and frisbee. Everyone ended up being super sore because of it. It was fun to play sports and do stuff. Elder Mumford got some turf burn on his leg haha. We also went to institute after and played pool and ping pong and card games like spoons. I dominate at ping pong. I had 2 thanksgiving dinners, The first one was awesome, had turkey and stuffing and everything pretty good. They had pumpkin pie so i went for that. Walnut crust... hmmm so we were pretty full. Then we went to a Hawaiin/ Samoan Thanksgiving dinner with Ismail and they had like 30 people over and some of the people visiting came to church on sunday. Like big 300 pound george from oakland. haha It was legit redskins game was on. RG3 is legit. but the most important part was the fellowship for Ismail he had to work on black friday right after all day and night but he stayed at the Hafokas (young mens leader) after we left. The food at the Hafokas was good. wish i wasn't as full. but not as good as grandma's thanksgiving:) No Bias but the food there is really good! We had tons of miracles last week. 5 new investigators. The highlight is a couple named tasha and brian from St. Louis. We found them, cause mo last week fell through and so we were checking out a potential and just walking around the area. and we talk to everyone i think elder mumford was on the phone. They were out on a walk as well like 2 miles from there sisters house whom they were staying with. I talked to them and we taught them. They knew it was no coincidence. They agreed to a church tour the next day. Bishop ostebo called us the next day and asked if he could help today... inspiration we were like yes! We picked them up.. brought them to the church and gave them a tour it was the best lesson/tour ever. Brian the day before was agnostic didn't believe in god. When we went to the baptism font he said he would be baptized. Tasha was really faith ful and she was like uhhh. but we went to the chapel and they were like who is your pastor. Bam Bishop ostebo they were like what the! He explained that he was just a humble man and didn't feel up for it at the beginning. No paid ministry type thing. So good and then we had brian say the closing prayer he said his aunt had told him to pray. He prayed gave thanks, paused and said thank you for sending me this gospel i will never again say that you don't exist. Best prayer ever. They came to church on sunday loved it brian put a bunch of chairs away. They said this is there church family if they move here. They come back on december 6th hopefully they move here. They just found out she was pregnant. They are boyfriend and girlfriend this is just what they needed. The gospel is good! Ismails baptism was saturday. The service was awesome filled the room with people. He got conferred on sunday, and he seems like the most comfortable person in the priests quorumn, he wants to come joint teaching with us. He needs some Byu soccer hookups! I love you guys president challenged us to pray and only give thanks don't ask for anything. I challenge you all as well. God loves us. Christ is REAL

Thanksgiving Baptism Chester Lewis knows Gavin 11/19/12

hey guys, Wow north St Paul is awesome. We have a baptism this week the first day i got to the area we commited this african kid named Ismail (Ishmael) to baptism. He gets baptized this saturday he is coming with us to a thanksgiving dinner. We have 3 places to go. We will do a zone activity most likely and maybe go places together for dinner cause we can do multiple dinner with elders on holidays! Ismail is a stud he wants to play soccer in college colby hook him up with any byu information if you have any contacts there. Byu would be the best thing for him he is an 18 year old senior. HE is from liberia He is so solid he is joint teaching with us the night after he is baptized. He is a miracle there are so many miracles here. Elder mumford is my companion he is super funny a little flambouyant but we get along really well. He likes theatre and singing and stuff He is really liberal and super creative in missionary work which is awesome! I can see why he/we are having success he is a super good missionary. Today we go to a Scientology museum with one of our investigators. Her name is Chrissy she is super cool hilarious as well a little sarcastic but she has been going to church solidly for a few weeks. She just wants to check some other religions out just for fun mostly. She hasn't commited to a date but we are helping her realize that she deserves it. Its awesome, this gospel it can help her so much she just needs to take a final step. I can't wait to see what the scientology people do when we walk in ha. Also this referal whos name is John Freiburg he moved here from a job to take care of his dad who didn't always treat him the best. He is a referal/miracle he gets taught by us and online elders from salt lake, which sounds like a weird mission to be in but i guess most of those missionaries have little handicaps. Its so awesome that they have been teaching him and preparing him for us. He is like 22 he is super awkward but i love it. He got introduced in priesthood... most awkward thing i have seen on my mission but i love him he set a date for december 8th. HAHAHA Today we meet with a woman of the night who was referred to us we are bringing chrissy so that things aren't weird but ya we are teaching Mo today and she doesn't have a phone so we literally had to arrange it through her pimp. Its a # in our phone that said call this number and ask for mo. Man so much stuff has/is happening its crazy We had the mission tour with elder Gavarett a mission presidents fireside that he and president clements spoke at last week that we got chrissy to go to. Its so cool The cities are so crazy. Oh a ward missionary in our ward who was the first temple president of the temple here, president holt His daughter is sister Lundstad from suncrest ward. Also in mankato ward Chester Lewis knew the hoskins he said his little sister knew gavin. Man the gospel is true what the new houses good luck with that! super cool that trax or whatever its called is close as well. good luck with managing all that kids. Today isn't our pday but we are emailing today thanksgiving is our pday but we work today as well. I love you all i sent some info to colby as well for some cool things that you could send me. Ask Him. "I know my sheep, and they are numbered" 3nephi something we are numbered among his sheep lets increase it! go gospel k cya in 2

North St Paul, can I keep up with the work? 11/12/12

Hey guys! I am in north st paul now! we have so many lessons all the time tons of people to sacrament it really is an answer to my prayers my only concern is that i can keep up with the work and be the best missionary i can. We have a date set and some really solid investigators. Some young men we are teaching we got them suits its so sick. They are awesome kids. So there is 8 missionaries for our ward. An elder couple, elder mumford and I for the english work, Elder Roosche (from Lone Peak most obedient kid in mission i actually like him a lot he goes home soon my grade) Elder shreesta first missionary from nepal going outside of nepal or india on a mission. He is so cool i will send pictures and stuff he is awesome. So they are the nepali elders there are like 600 people from nepal in our area and they do that work. Then this obscure language Karen elder Wolz (he has no legs he is a stud and is our district leader) and Elder Ashby (from PG i could swear i know him) but they speak karen they are the only karen missionaries in the world. Look it up its like asian or something. We see them all the time its crazier being so close instead of the next set of missionaries 60 miles away. The city is cool we see downtown st paul in some of our areas but its not exactly downtown. Ya dad send me some mailage with your rich contacts:) it would be really cool to meet with all the successful people. I am not sure what else oh we are gonna do basketball every other thursday with our youth investigators and youth in the ward. It will be fun to play a real game! The ward here is so missionary oriented kind of like coto but there are tons of ward missionaries and people who just drive to pick investigators up for church as a calling. Needless to say its crazy like we had a 12 member present week ask colby if he had a week that nuts, although i understand his area was a little more low key. There is like 140,000 people in North St. Paul City life jeeze. Well its P-day and tomorow is mission tour and Elder Gaverett from the 70 is going to speak and train the mission this week. Also we get to go to all the mission presidents firesides which there is one tomorow night as well. And we get to go to a scientology place and mosques and jewish temples with one of our investigators to answer her questions. It will be sweet. Man I am so grateful for the change it is what i Needed most for my growth as a missionary it is gonna be awesome,(Insert spiritual quote here) I made my planner really cool ill send a Picture of it. and I love my family this gospel, the book of mormon, teaching, people everything I LOVE IT ha love you guys Namaste

Transfer to North Saint Paul, Elder Mumford 11/5/12

hey guys! So big news this morning we got a call from president, I am getting transfered to North Saint Paul. Crazy! gonna serve in the city. My companion will be elder Mumford ... and sons. nah just elder mumford. Elder waite served with him everyone says he is cool. he seems like a good missionary. I hope we have a blast. So reminder write/package me at the mission home. I thought i was gonna be in mankato for a while. I think President kind of wants me to get away from elder Lund so we don't get distracted which we haven't too much, but it is a good idea! it was great to serve around him. Pretty sick. I'll see him soon again sometime. So where i am going is called Quoran land. There are the only quoran elders in the world except one other place. And tons of nepal people. That will be nuts. Elder Lund is going to be training. His first training. That will be pretty epic. I'll have to write/email him a bunch. Elder waite is fixing a missionary, thats what he is best at i guess. He isn't too happy but he will do well. He won't be training or district leader anymore so it will be good. Um this week... haha lets see. I had a trunk or treat with our ward and i judged the costumes. Had some good lessons with new investigators so that was good, got some members to teach with us. Halloween we taught but our stuff at night fell through. We had some pizza up on campus as a kind of dorm halloween party for food and stuff it was good. You know how i party. Not much was going on for the rest of the night. Had a little zone training for the bottom half of our zone at mankato. My zone leader elder anderson goes home so i won't be seeing him he was a good guy i liked him. We wen't to a chinese buffet with the zone. People were like what was going on. 12 missionaries there haha. Also the next day i went on an exchange with elder asay elder lunds companion. He was doing spanish work we had a good day in fairbault out of my area it was a good experience. He is actually going into english work as a zone Leader. Elder Asay is one of the best missionaries i have seen, but also really chill kind of like elder andre. So I spent the night in faribault with him, there neighbors are wierd they share a garage and they had a deer carcus hanging but it wasn't skinned. Creepy hunting is pretty big here. And the manakato basketball hoop is like 10 "2. Cause i could almost dunk at faribault. Ya i get up. When we got back to manakato we had a zone activity sort of thing and did an Enos Prayer for about 30 minutes it really strengthened my relationship with prayer thats for sure i got a lot of inpsiration from it and im going to strive to make my prayers with heavenly father that much more meaningful. After that we went to a phillipino party. Ate a TON of food. They made me try squid.. yuck i seriously almost threw up. It tastes exactly how it spells. It was like raw style. Had a bunch of other phillipino foods. I was sick of food. Then we had pictures.. phillipino ladies/ girls are obssesed with pictures. They love american men. Like they are all married to the crappiest white trash american guys.. its kind of sad. But they love it. So we had like 20 phillipino girls and ladies taking pictures with us. Running around and laughuing like a dozen cameras were out. It was nuts. and we were like what the heck is going on. Elder waite has some of the pics ill have to get them from him. Ya so it will be bittersweet wednesday i thought i was gonna be in mankato for a while but i guess not! Hey maybe write some stuff to tanner, dad, to the mission home! Man idk whats going on we haven't had investigators progressing too much in mankato and i had been praying for church attendance pretty hard so when pres clements called me he was like how was church yesterday get any investigators, i was like unfortunately no. Well you are going to an area where yesterday they had 9! the work sounds nuts and fast over there which is good and makes me nervous. Pray for me:) well I love you alllllllllllll!!!!! crazy stuff -Konnorrr aka elder hall