Monday, April 8, 2013

Week Two 9/17/12

Well, almost been in here for two weeks guys. One more week and im outta here. Thank goodness. Spirit prison, just kidding its the best place to learn stuff i honestly wish i had 4 weeks in here to be prepared but i wanna get out of here too. I'm sending pictures of my district and some cool pictures. Thanks for the drop off and all the packages. Did you come to the Mtc on sunday? hahah. It is awesome to get that stuff. The only thing is the biggest wrench that you guys gave me is just barely too small. But its ok:) The pictures are awesome. Gives me something to look at. Um i don't wanna get fat so don't really need any food but they are awesome when i get them. Ill send you my favorite scripture later today on email or something i have one but its hard to explain cause its kind of sad so i don't want to use that but maybe. The days are getting easier trying to learn the best i can. I didn't memorize D&C 4 :( but i have the first 3 verses and last one down. So that is good. This week the emphasis on our teaching is on teaching by the spirit and how to do that. It is really hard, cause you just want to tell them everything about the lesson "restoration" or "plan of salvation" but they need to have a spiritual experience with god that includes the doctrine they are learning. That is how the spirit helps them come unto christ. When they recieve that witness then we have them act on it. That is the hard part. Most of my lessons ive really struggled to do that but a few times i get it right and its an awesome learning experience. Oh we taught this fake investigator lady and it went really well actually. She was like 70 but you could see she had garments. After the lesson we talked then went to the stairwell to leave the building. It was awkward so i was like do you pretend to be investagators at the mtc a lot of do you do other things? she looks at me "what are you talking about" didnt break character. It was so awkward. I hated it. Well you will finally see my district this letter. Dad always sends me long dear elders so get like 3 seperate letters for everyone he sends so everyone thinks im awesome cause i get so many. And i have gotten a lot of packages and stuff. You guys are an awesome mission Family, love you guys.Slang here is so hard to stop. Like everything is elders, we cant even say guys. i try to correct my self all the time. Is it like that in the actual mission field colby? oh i rolled my ankle this week, i prayed about it and the lord has really helped me and answered me, now i just wish i could feel the spirit so strong in our lessons:). i might even play basketball again in a few days with a brace of course. Starr and summer i am working on a letter for you guys.not much time but i love you guys so im working on it. i already found esperanzo anofolis? before you sent me that letter in here he said he didnt think it would be so hard. hes only 3 weeks tho he will be fine. whenever i see a hatian missionary i say sakpase. check out these pics. Love you all most importantly family write me. get my friends to write me if they want. and I LOVE HANDWRitten ones.

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