Monday, April 8, 2013

North St Paul, can I keep up with the work? 11/12/12

Hey guys! I am in north st paul now! we have so many lessons all the time tons of people to sacrament it really is an answer to my prayers my only concern is that i can keep up with the work and be the best missionary i can. We have a date set and some really solid investigators. Some young men we are teaching we got them suits its so sick. They are awesome kids. So there is 8 missionaries for our ward. An elder couple, elder mumford and I for the english work, Elder Roosche (from Lone Peak most obedient kid in mission i actually like him a lot he goes home soon my grade) Elder shreesta first missionary from nepal going outside of nepal or india on a mission. He is so cool i will send pictures and stuff he is awesome. So they are the nepali elders there are like 600 people from nepal in our area and they do that work. Then this obscure language Karen elder Wolz (he has no legs he is a stud and is our district leader) and Elder Ashby (from PG i could swear i know him) but they speak karen they are the only karen missionaries in the world. Look it up its like asian or something. We see them all the time its crazier being so close instead of the next set of missionaries 60 miles away. The city is cool we see downtown st paul in some of our areas but its not exactly downtown. Ya dad send me some mailage with your rich contacts:) it would be really cool to meet with all the successful people. I am not sure what else oh we are gonna do basketball every other thursday with our youth investigators and youth in the ward. It will be fun to play a real game! The ward here is so missionary oriented kind of like coto but there are tons of ward missionaries and people who just drive to pick investigators up for church as a calling. Needless to say its crazy like we had a 12 member present week ask colby if he had a week that nuts, although i understand his area was a little more low key. There is like 140,000 people in North St. Paul City life jeeze. Well its P-day and tomorow is mission tour and Elder Gaverett from the 70 is going to speak and train the mission this week. Also we get to go to all the mission presidents firesides which there is one tomorow night as well. And we get to go to a scientology place and mosques and jewish temples with one of our investigators to answer her questions. It will be sweet. Man I am so grateful for the change it is what i Needed most for my growth as a missionary it is gonna be awesome,(Insert spiritual quote here) I made my planner really cool ill send a Picture of it. and I love my family this gospel, the book of mormon, teaching, people everything I LOVE IT ha love you guys Namaste

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