Monday, April 8, 2013

Basketball Homies and Conference with 5 investigators 4/8/13

Man, General conference weekend. It has been pretty crazy. We taught pretty alright it could have been better but thats ok. Earlier this week we split our english area that was kind of lame. On friday we were biking to an appointment and it fell through so we biked back from the car. Elder cluff was doing wheelies. He was going super fast and wheelied. He fell off the back but was running he tripped over his bike and hit the ground. He hit the pavement with his hands. I biked up to him like that was kind of gnarly. I see his hands and I am like whoah ! is that your skin? an Inch and a half of skin are hanging off of his palms it was freaking grosse the pavement wrecked his hands. Later he said I thought they were leaves. We biked back to our car. Him no handed. and I drove us to our apartment! whoo. When we got there we washed it and stuff. But figured we had to cut the skin off. I was way too sick to my stomach to do it for him. So I gave him medical scissors and he did it. It was gnarly I helped him patch it up and gave him a blessing. It was like pretty grosse. But then we went to the other elders for exchanges. So his hands got hamburgered. Its ok I don't think he will wheely any more. Consequences right? Ya our district all get wrecked this weekend. A kid threw up. E. Wolz no feet got a cist on his tail bone. It was pretty funny. But I went on an exchange with Elder Shreestha and helped him do some English work. But earlier this week me and Elder Cluff played some Homies in Basketball close to downtown St Paul. E Cluff said if we win we teach for 15 minutes so this kid called his friend over and he had way baggy pants. So we play 2v2 it is going pretty well we both hit a 3 and took it to the rack and stuff. Then the baggy pants kid who is like 6"2 starts going nuts and hittin everything. We lost by like 2 points. But after I was like man how old are you and he was like 15. I was like what the. It was pretty sad he dropped out. He said he was better at football too. He could play college for sure with the skills he had at 15. But I think we surprised a lot of people when we played. General Conference was cool. Hey mom was I the Konnor in that story? that would be sweet. But We had 5 people come to general conference. It was cool. We didn't even sit by any of em because the members fellowshipped so well. It was super cool. The english split is kind of lame but I think there is a lady named deanna who will get baptized. She is like 55 and has gone through a lot of hard things in life. She loves us! I hope she progresses! It is warming up! we might do something outside today it is a warm 45!! haha man winter here is so long .I am almost throughj I am really looking forward to doing work in the summertime. The Baxters go home. They are a senior couple we have been serving with. They did mostly nepali work sometimes worked with us. Elaine s Dalton. Women are precious children of god! that one 70 who did repentance and Elder Bednars Law of Chastity one and L tom Perry's were sweet they were super hardcore. We need to be more obedient that is for sure. The real world out there even in the church a lot of people pick and choose commandments. People are not always righteous. Hopefully things will change. Boyd. K packers poem was legit!!!! I love him. Hope you all learned a lot. If not. I pity you -Elder HAll

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