Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy General Conference Weekend 4/7/2014

Hey ya'll. It is good to hear from u's guys. My weekend been good. Watched our Prophets talk bout all the good topics. Def good to hear the word of the Lord. We blessed! 

      Hahah what if I talked like that. 

General Conference weekend was good. We had 10 people committed to come to church. Five of them bailed on General Conference.  Ha one of the guys bailed on us for the second time I am gonna throw down on him when I see him. Our Mission President says it takes 6 committed people to get 3 to Church. 3 being what he wants everyone to aim for every week. We definitely saw that math this weekend. Also Sunday morning we had 2 investigators and their kids come to that session. There kids aren't used to church and are kind of nuts. Jonathon a 10 year old makes us call him Brother William Shatner. He is pretty hilarious. He got out and started shoveling all the snow in the parking lot.  It was a crazy session I was literally playing with kids the whole time and didn't watch any of the morning session. From passing balls, to drawing, to passing out candy and toys. Chasing kids around the church. It was 2 hours of that. 

My favorite session was we actually went to a part members to watch it. It was a member his wife and their baby. That was the most peaceful one. They also had a hard time going to church so we made sure to watch it with them. Needless to say my notes for this conference weren't the best! Although my favorite talk was Dallin H Oaks in the priesthood session speaking on the priesthood and women and stuff. I thought that was cool and I learned that creation and Resurrection are priesthood keys. #deep doctrine. So the part members were the Watson family, his little brother went teaching with us a bunch in Princeton and now is on a mission. I told them of our family tradition but forgot to by stuff. I ended up making crepes rather than traditional German Apple Pancakes. Man if I had a lot of time on my mission I would make so much stuff. I think I had a pretty good idea of how to make food before my mission, but i didn't do it too much. I can make a lot of stuff. I have only had 1 companion who could cook anything. I think on my mission I have been forced to try cooking. I throw down a sweet fried rice and orange chicken, curry anything, crepes!  They are super easy to make I had never tried cooking, but I just started throwing down some sugar eggs and flower and bam crepes just like that. Threw some cinnamon sugar and ice cream on it. Game over. I cook lots of stuff with chicken. Call me chef boyardee. But I am glad that I get to try making a bunch of stuff! I could probably cater the wedding. What do you say Colby?  Speaking of which- that's comin hot. Really weird haha. Well your next son won't be married for like 6 years! So don't get used to it. 
At interviews I talked to President Clements and he said he can't do anything about an extension the new mission president would have to. He also told me to go home and go to school. Anyways it was my last interview with President Clements and it made me sad. I hope to keep in contact with him he has helped me a lot. I told him I needed this mission more than any other mission in the world. Especially for obedience. Which I still am not the best but I have grown a lot as far as obedience.  That will help me forever. Honestly I have never heard of a mission that requires so much obedience as ours. Little rules like music rules or we can't even sing any song that isn't approved, is a rule and is in the mission culture. But it is awesome what greater a time to develop spiritual knowledge and wisdom in your mission as well as obedience the first law of heaven.  President Clements told me i have come a long way but still have a lot more capability in myself that he expressively said I can not see yet. He is the man. I love him. Anyways we had a great week taught many people and I am grateful to serve at this time, I tell people jokingly man if I went at 18 I would be home about two years ago. I know I was needed at this time for myself in the very least. 


Gonna make it! 3/31/2014

Hey everyone!  I am still on a mission. Just so you know. I know you are worried if I am gonna make it or not. Just kidding. 

Well this week has been good. A few district meetings and exchanges. I got to go on an exchange with Elder Lawton my ex comp and he was in my mtc district so I have known him for forever. We get along really well. On our exchange we were both sick and on bikes. We taught a new guy, saw a lady that moved from the North Saint Paul Ward that me and Elder Lawton taught but she didn't remember him- just me. Even though it was his area haha. We also taught a family that Elder Lawton is working with who are getting baptized. The Gonzales family They were pretty cool. A family with like 6/7 kids it will have a huge impact on their family. That will be cool. They are solid so I just got a feel for them and it was awesome to see their conversion. The Dad is pretty funny and cracks jokes all the time. He actually has the same heart condition that Taylor has. 
 Well we taught a bunch of new people this week. Meaning we did a ton of finding. We found 7 new people to work with and so hopefully one of those people will progress. That's one of the coolest things that I have developed on my mission is the ability to talk to anyone, in any situation. I know before my Mission I wasn't weird or antisocial but I wouldn't normally talk to people I didn't know unless I had to. In fact a lot of times I used to avoid confrontation if I could. I still am kind of like that, but if it is for missionary work no way. So I am grateful that I have been able to grow a lot in that area, just talking with people and being their friend right off the bat. If you treat someone like your friend when you talk to them then they will be friendly when they talk to you. That is probably my biggest strength. 
I am also definitely my own mold which could be my downside my Mission President, knows I try but I still sometimes crazy. I am not the missionary who like is crying when he types his testimony to his family or anything so I think I still have a while to go on my conversion. I will work hard and do my best to be obedient, but honestly my mission hasn't stiffened me up too much. I don't know if that is good or not good yet. 
Elder Mumford, I guess he is Cameron Mumford now, wrote me and said as he has talked to a lot of Rm's they all say they wish they would have loosened up a little bit more on their missions, I think with the attitude of having fun and being obedient and working hard is how you can make the mission the best 2 years of your life. Honestly it is the only time you serve God in this capacity. Many missionaries say it is the best 2 years for your life not of your life. Well i think they are looking at it wrong. Have some fun! So I just wanted to let you know I am sorry I am not going to come back like really, nazi-ish about stuff, but i know its also OK. So moral of the story is don't be loose! I think a lot of missionaries forget about life and forget how to be people. 

Things are going well with Sister Matson she may be really close to baptism. Cross your fingers. I am excited for General Conference. I am not going to make German apple pancakes because last time i botched them. I might make cinnamon rolls or something but I forgot to get some ingredients from the store i just remembered. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Gosh dangit bobby.  I am not sure what everyone is doing for it. Man this stinks my last Conference and in a month my last phone call. If I can extend, I will, I have around 6 months left though. I will ask the Pres on Thursday for an extension!  

An outline of next week starting with today p-day. Tuesday Leadership meeting. Wednesday normal day.   Thursday interviews and exchanges with some missionaries.  Friday-nothing yet and Sunday is General Conference. It should be a fun week and inspirational.

I am doing well glad to hear from all of you hey what is the date Colby is getting married and what Temple?

-Elder Hall

March Madness with Elder Wilson #leadingthemish 3/24/2014

  Hey I have been trying to eat healthy. I am down to 185! I also got sick this weekend so that helped. It was kinda lame. I think just a cold with a headache or something. We blitzed an area that only tracts all day on Saturday so I was out in the cold all day.
My new comp is  Elder Wilson he is 6"6 from Rexburg. He plays b-ball. He is really nice he is pretty new he has been out 9 months. I am kind of an old timer out here. Our week was ok, just did a lot of finding. Gonna work hard to get Elder Wilson a baptism this transfer. Transfers was cool said bye to young Caskey. It was moved back 2 hours because of snow. March is looking huge in the Mission and everyone is stinking for April. Our Zone has a good April set up. #Leadingthemish! Very Nice.  Elder Wilson is just barely 19 it is weird to think that I am 22 soon. Three years of an age gap is nuts. If I trained an 18 year old missionary at the end 3 months of my mission I would be 4 years older! That is weird, there is almost a generational difference. It is funny I thought there would be a lot of Missionaries who were like me and my friends, but mostly a lot of missionaries are prepared and really Mormon. I think on my Mission I have learned to be more Mormon too.

Found a family in our building who we taught from Kenya. Elder Wilson lifted a table up to their balcony while they were moving some stuff in and they loved us so we taught them the restoration that night. I am pretty busy. No time for pranks even.

The first 2-3 weeks of taking over the zone and the area are really busy. Plus I gotta figure out how to baptize! Man tough job. I love it though it helps me stretch a ton. I hope  I am not leader kid too much longer though. One more or two more transfers of being ZL  I could handle but I could get burned out after that. Going DL would be sweet!  Or normal missionary and train. That would be legit. I never realized how much I could do in an area until I was a Zone leader.  I should have done a lot more before this. There are 5 baptisms in the Zone this Saturday and hopefully we will attend one close in our building with some Gators! Our Zone is pretty much the same which is awesome cause they are pretty boss. They work hard and are making miracles happen. Got some good exchanges planned and stuff.

I received an email from Chris and all my friends, I hope this scares you all. I will probably be like this when i get back!
Tlund is my fav. This computer is not working very well.

Happy March soon to be April. Have fun in Vietnam Dad and have fun planning wedding stuff for Colby and Shannon. March madness. Duke get outta here. Cya soon. Love yous guys.  

#Free Willy and the Fresh Prince of Burnsville signing out

Staying in Burnsville, Pres. C is back, Franson and Gilo are baptized. 3/17/2014

       I am staying in Burnsville! I am training another Zone leader. Elder Wilson from Rexburg I guess he is 6"5 and a baller. It should be good. A lot of the Zl's got split! I am Like one of the veteran ZL's and I haven't been here that long it is weird. I am excited for the things going on. There are 14 people with a baptism date in our Zone so I am excited!! Our Zone is bossin it uppppppppppppppppp! I am pretty excited for the change. Our Zone is mostly the same Missionaries. It should be good. 
We had Franson (9) Hadley's baptism and Gilo Talian's baptism as well this last Saturday.  Two days ago. Elder Caskey baptized Gilo and Franson's uncle baptized him. I confirmed both of them with the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. It was pretty funny. Franson's Dad pranked me when I called him Sunday morning and asked if he was coming, he pranked me and said he was in Wisconsin. Sizumu. He also gave his son a diaper to change into after the baptism. He is always joking with us. 
President and Sister Clements are back and I was really excited to see them. They came back Saturday and I saw them on Sunday, that was really fun! At Presidents fireside. They are awesome I have really missed them. President Ehlert is a really successful guy but I am way more used to President Clements and so that was good to see him again! 

A few miracles in the Zone are happening and we should have 5 more baptisms this month which is terrific! A lot of dates are popping up as well. I want to go out and find this week and get another date set!!!!!!!!! Wahoooooooo. Missionary work is the best. Last night at the fireside I saw a bunch of people that meant a lot to me at the Mission Presidents fireside. A man I helped reactivate in North St. Paul. Also some Karen investigators that I talked to a lot. One is getting baptized on Saturday, hopefully I can go! Those firesides are awesome. Hopefully I can have a big impact in Burnsville as well. Also this week I went on an exchange with Elder Alpert. He is the assistant now. He gave me the low down on a lot of things. Transfers and stuff. We stayed up until 1am talking but it was worth it. Elder Burt is not the assistant any more. It is a missionary from the Hmong district that I served around. Elder Moss he is a great guy. He was way nervous. I am a lot less nervous this time to train a new ZL. Things should go well. We are teaching with a lot of teams tonight so it should be good. 
Elder Caskey is going to Maple Grove to be a district leader and help a young missionary out. I think he will do good in that position. He has great intentions and I think that is where exactly where he fits. There are tons of new Zls most Zls are being trained in. Crazy. 

Man Abang said she loved us! And gave us  these hand made African gifts! Made out of grass and sticks. They are little baskets. I am excited for this next transfer and to continue to work in the LAKEVILLE ZONE!!! Wahan. It has been a good week honestly and I love being a missionary. Pray for me so that I can help Elder Wilson become effective. I could have done a little better teaching Elder Caskey. I didn't really teach him too much, I think cause we are just way different learners, I just watch things and pick them up, that's kind of what I did my first transfer as a new Zone Leader. Things are gonna blow up here, I am way excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Love you all. Happy Saint Patricks day.

-Elder HAll

Baptism of Gilo and Francen 3/10/2014

   Man the weather has really shaped up it is so sweet. 54 degrees today. I am loving it. It has been 0 degrees all february. It is one of the worst winters in the last few years, it is crazy. Too bad Abang couldn't have been out walking in this stuff. She is doing well. We brought some dinners over. I made some curry cause that is what she is used to, kind of.  She liked it a lot. Her 23 year old son had some and thought his Mom made it.  So it is pretty legit.  We have a member taking her to her doctors appointments and changing her bandages every night. She is supposed to change it every night so it doesnt get infected. The member said it is Looking really good. Things are going great thanks for the support.
Gilo and Francen are getting baptized on Saturday. Finally! We are looking forward to that. We found a cool new Jehovah Witness investigator as well. We have a investigator she is a single mom and her kids have adhd. Her name is Christina. I thought she was gonna call a member to get a ride to Church this last week but we mixed it up. We met Angela her friend at her house one day and taught her twice this last week . She misses having that spiritual side in her life because she was an active JW until she was 17 and she got disfellowshipped so she doesn't like that church anymore. She is cool. We went to her house and it was way more peaceful. She is cool hopefully she pans out. Just trying to work hard and get people to the baptism. Elder Caskey is baptizing her. She picked him cause he looks like Justin Bieber. Thats pretty sweet. I am conferring the Holy Ghost. It is a double baptism so there should be a lot of people attending their service. We are working with the kids on bearing their testimonies at the baptism. Lots of missionaries are bringing investigators.

Happy birthday bryson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't have too much fun. 

Things are going really well. I love you all. I know that the gospel blesses lives. I am so grateful to share it with others. I am grateful for 54 degree weather. I saw some grass yesterday. It looks very nice. Love ya a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Elder Hall

Abangs frozen hands:( 3/3/2014

Man so nothing else in my week matters but I feel so bad. We had a great week led the Zone with all of the key indicators in almost everything. Our Zone is doing the best and should have the most baptisms out of the twelve Zones in the Mission this month. Things are going great. But none of that matters!

Why, Saturday we went to go teach our date set named Gilo. We told her mom we would come at three o'clock. We went by with a member who only spoke Spanish. It gets pretty rough when I am the translator, haha. But the mom wasn't at home. They said she went to the bank. But it closed at three. She doesn't have a car and she is from Ethiopia and doesn't speak English very well. She went to a bank that was maybe 2 miles away. She got a ride there and took the bus back. But we went home we got a call during dinner from Gilo she worried saying, my mom isn't coming to church she hurt her hands. I assumed from the cold and just thought that she had walked from the bank. I thought it was a minor case of frostbite. We told them on the phone to put it in lukewarm water.

Then we went to the appointments we had. On Sunday morning we were going to stop by some people and we got a call from the friend of the family also Ethiopian, Ariat. She was with Abang (Gilos mom) at the ER. She said I just wanted to let you know. So we found out what hospital it was and went right there. We went to the ER room I was wearing my Leadville jacket and the doctor was a biker and asked me about when I did the Leadville 100. But as he was saying that he was taking all the skin off of her left 2 fingers. It was way worse than I thought. I feel so bad cause we should have gone over Saturday night right after it happened. I guess she took a bus the wrong way and got confused and started walking home 5 + miles with no gloves. I feel so bad for Abang. Like I just feel sick. 

We arranged the rides for the children to attend Church yesterday for the 10 year old daughter of Abang-Gilo, a 6 year old, and their 11 year old friend and a 1 1/2 year old baby. I sat by them in Sacrament meeting. We aren't supposed to hold babies but, whatever.  Elder Caskey was in another part of the chapel with a 10 year old Adhd kid who came to church with his mom for the first time. Langi is the baby, He was going nuts. Screaming sometimes, coloring on hymn books,  I could calm him down for like 10 minutes with our phone or this step counter we got. They gave all the missionaries a step counter cause 9,000 plus steps a day is what we need to stay healthy. Prob cause a lot of missionaries in our mission get depressed. Then Langi went to nursery but soon started balling, an awesome Sister in our Ward just walked with him around Church, and had another baby, and the 10 year old Adhd kid. By the way he refers to himself as William Shatner. Since we told him he was a child of God he told people, "Hi, I am William Shatner. You can call me Brother Shatner". 

That sweet lady Sister Wallace offered to help out the family as well. We had a few appointments last night but stopped by Abang's today to see how she was doing and we brought some food. She looks so bad! Her hands are bandaged but we went over there and we knew she was supposed to have an appointment with the burn unit to see what they need to do. Possible Skin grafts? That is tomorrow at 11 but she didn't have a ride so we are having Sister Wallace take her. We also found out she did not get her prescription. I asked her what pain level she was at she said a 10. They gave her a shot at the hospital and when she got her finger scraped off she said Her pain was at a 5. But she didn't have a car so she couldn't get her medicine. So we went to Wallmart and got her prescription this morning. It is just the worst. Please family keep her in your prayers. This is a woman who let her hands literally freeze while walking, so she is pretty tough, and she was at a 10 of pain all day . We gave her a blessing this morning. But she looked bad. My heart really hurts for her. Her husband is working 2 hours away without a car. Man I would have given her a ride if I knew where she was even though that is breaking a big Mission rule! Her 10 year old daughter is watching the baby, hopefully things are gonna get better now that she is taking the medicine.  Ugh. Poor Poor family... I hate it, like she is always so happy. She has a smile on her face, I don't think she knew the severity of walking outside like that, she should have gone to stores or something. Hopefully things at the burn unit go well tomorrow. I think we will spend a lot of time doing service for her and her family. I was like does it still hurt she said a little. Pain level from 1-10. She said 10. Man freak. She will be OK if her hand doesn't get infected. She has a wild baby to watch though... 

That is the scoop we just had District p-day.

Send letters If there is anything you can send for Abang Oman do it- like a note or anything.  I am sure she would appreciate it.

-Love Elder Hall

Dads Letter 3/3/2014

Dear Konnor,

I've been thinking of you this weekend as we had Stake Conference and our visiting General Authority (Elder Monday of the Seventy) talked a lot about missionaries and missionary work.

It made me very grateful for you and your efforts and your dedication to the work. I know our Savior is proud of you and the way you have represented HIm on your mission. I don't take it for granted as I know how hard a mission can be at times and how much is expected of you. You have truly served the Lord with all of your heart, might, mind and strength.

We are committed to being better missionaries here and supporting the work in the best way that we can. We will be praying specifically for you and your success as well.

I noticed yesterday that it was pretty cold again in Minneapolis (got down to minus 11 or 12) and hope that you are safe and sound in that kind of weather. Hoping it will warm up soon so you can enjoy some spring weather.

I was in Santa Barbara last week for a photography convention that I was speaking at and will be in Palm Springs this Thursday and Friday speaking at a Dental convention. Those are two pretty warm areas for this time of year.

I'm looking forward to your update and hearing more about the work that is going on in your area. Please know how much I love you and how proud of you I am.

Love Papa

Pres Naatjes, Dave Dixon, Gilo, President Ehlert 2/26/2014

 Man great week, first off we got our Ethiopian family to Church again. Their daughter is getting baptized. We fixed these nice wood chairs of theirs that were just hammered. It was so funny. One of the chairs had literally like 3 legs split off, but I promised that Elder Caskey could fix it. It was pretty messed up. We had to use makeshift wood and stuff for it. It took forever to fix. But our Bishop said we could Baptize that 9 year old kid. We went by last night and said OK you are getting Baptized for sure. So him and Gilo the 10 year old are getting Baptized on the same day. Gilo is super smart and their family is so nice its awesome. I wish they had an Ethiopian Anuwak Book of Mormon so that we could help the mom read. she is already a member. It is funny she came to Church and the only person she knew was a recent convert who only spoke Spanish. So we made a fellowship plan with the Spanish recent convert lady. With the help of translators. I wrote all of her actions down in Spanish and she laughed way hard. We also got 5 people to visit Church. Oh there was a snow storm Thursday and Friday. Me and Elder Caskey just walked around in it and actually had some success.  We walked to lineman ex Viking player Dave Dixon's house. He was like Elders what the heck are you doing walking around. Have you eaten? No- then he gave us a steak dinner. Do you have a ride home? (We were like 3 miles from home) No. So he gave us a ride home and he came to Church cause he was less active and his New Zealand friends were there. 
Oh, So President Clements is gone! For three weeks he is taking a leave of absence. He got it approved from the brethren. Some sort of business thing.  Some trouble might have come up or something. But he is gone for 3 weeks, and President Ehlert the 1st counselor of the Mission Presidency is taking over. It is crazy! We just had a conference call this week and President was like I am bouncing. It's crazy just because some guy is our temporary Mission President. He is cool, super rich, so we will see how that goes. He is really smart, I am assuming if he is so successful.  So that is some of the news. Hopefully us as the leaders can take ownership of the Mission and watch out for investigators and also not let Missionaries slack off. 
I am doing awesome. Our zone is throwing down, we had a freaking good week. We are looking at 12 Baptisms in March we will lead the mission for sure. Pretty stoked about that. I think I might stay here as well. I guess this week coming up we have MLC with the Zone leaders and Sister leaders tomorrow then a Zone training in Lakeville on Thursday which me and Elder Caskey will do training there.

Yesterday we had Ward conference and in Ward council the Stake Presidency was overseeing it. Then a lady in the Ward Sister West came in shaking and she got her husband. I guess there 17 year old daughter was hit by a car. They hit a patch of ice then got out and got nailed by a car. She broke her femur and had surgery on it yesterday. It was a crazy Ward Council. Then the Stake President informed us there is a family in need what can we do for them. Then we closed the meeting.  She is doing OK now,  but we all thought she was dead and we said a prayer for her.   

Ward conference was awesome, the Stake President is super awesome. We meet with him every month, so it is cool to see him, I think I have mentioned this before but he knows everyone, investigators of the small branches in the stake it is crazy. He is a great guy. -Pres Naatjes.
So my week is going really well. Next week I hit my 18 month mark. Which stinks. If I was a sister I would be home. But I am an Elder and Elders are awesome. Well I love you all. I think about you sometimes, but normally I don't, unless I am trunky. I usually am thinking a lot about stuff out here. Honestly, its weird. It is even weird emailing you all just because I have no idea what's going on at home. But I love you guys. As they would say in Minnesota. So just a reminder. Please send my Nepali memory card for the camera stat!

It is getting warmer though like 20-30 sometimes in 0-10 but not in the negatives any more which is awesome. Til next week!!!!! Hey someone send me a picture of Justin Beiber with his short hair. My comp looks exactly like Justin Beiber and he does not believe me.  

-Eldeerrrr Halllll


  I think last week I emailed about finding a member whose daughter was not baptized. Well we have taught them 3 times since last Sunday and they are progressing towards getting the daughter baptized on the 15th of March. They came to Church and the kids loved it. Mom doesn't speak English I think she liked Church but wasn't too sure, she is a member though. We are teaching them again tonight. Things are going awesome. So Gilo Oman the daughter is getting baptized. That was crazy and outta no where we thought they were non members. Mom kept telling Elder Caskey she was Christian and we thought she meant like I am Christian go away. But we think she forgot the word Mormon. She told us, I baptized Mormon. She showed us a picture and she was baptized in Apple Valley ward like 6 years ago. Man I was so grateful. We went to pick them up for Church and they were all ready to go. Another Ethiopian member that is probs less active came as well, so we had 6 Ethiopians come to Church. It was awesome. The 2 little kids kind of freaked out in Sacrament meeting but it was all good.  So I was just bummed out lately because of a few things but God always knows where we are and who is prepared. 
 Also I was just sick of teaching only 4 member presents a week. So I set up tons this week. Some fell through but we got 8! Finally. We need to keep doing that and we will Baptize. A few people didn't come to church that we wish would but I was happy. 
Our Zone jumped in date sets, last night we went to the Presidents Fireside with our investigator Sister Matson, it was cool to see some people I interviewed for Elder Lawtons area speak there. It is cool to see the broad span of those coming unto Jesus Christ in our Zone. 
This morning Cars got grounded but we didn't get the text. It was sad, President called me and I was like hey we didn't get the text. We also went to other Missionaries apartment and the office called us and said our weekly Zone reports didn't fax in. It stunk. 
I also saw a girl yesterday that I taught the restoration. It was cool to see her. She has been Baptized for like 7 months. I love seeing people after they are Baptized and stuff. Well my miracle up there was  my miracle story. The Church is true. I am learning a lot. Different skills and attributes and what Discipleship means. It is hard but it is awesome. I hate that  I am gonna go home soon. Like I am super excited to get in shape, see my friends, watch basketball, play basketball, date... But when I think about it I wish I could just stay here and teach people and do missionary work.  I have been humbled a lot, this past week we had a 4 Zone, Zone conference where President, the Assistants, someone in the Mission Presidency, and Sister Clements provide training. We had to do a lot since it was in our Zone's chapel in Lakeville. But I messed up a lot of stuff. It was even minor stuff such as no chalkboard, and we set up chairs for a role play wrong and stuff. We had people sit on the wrong side that President asked us to get them sitting on. Like small stuff like that. But if  I would have taken more time or followed directions more closely it would have been easier. It is weird I feel like I am more responsible for what I have to do as a missionary. I have learned a lot. But I don't think God expects me just to talk to a lot of people about the gospel somewhat timidly. I used to do that a lot. Take no for an answer. Or just settle giving a card away. But I have learned a lot and I know if I do that they will probably never be taught. I have learned to be persistent with people.  They may say I already go to a church, in fact a lot of times I have been able to teach the restoration right there. But the point is because of what  I have learned so far  I am held more accountable to what  I am capable of doing. I know if I could have done better, and that is probably the hardest thing. Three Baptisms  in a transfer before, I definitely know how to guide someone to the waters of Baptism and I have  also gone 6 months without a Baptism. I should be able to Baptize but I wonder if I am improving and doing as much as God wants me to do. I think not doing as much as I could in my own area has held me back. Not that like I care a ton that I haven't baptized in a little bit, but that is just one example of how I have been humbled. I know what to do now for the most part- I just have to do it. I am the most tired  I have ever been.  But I am learning the most. 
Well I love you all.  It is 20 degrees today. Nice and warm. Going on an exchange. Very nice

-Elder HAll

Knocking on Doors, Fun 2/10/2014

    This week has been good. It was transfers but as you know I did not go anywhere. We actually found 8 new investigators this week which is like double the standard of excellence in the mission. We always need people to teach. The biggest problem lately is people sketching out on appointments. Like half of our member presents go through it is kind of annoying. I have been mad because we have been getting a sub-par average on member presents in our area I have just been setting them up like crazy. Thats what I did in my study this morning, I was just planning out lessons. If half of them are gonna fall through we need 14 to get 7! 

I will tell you about the coolest miracle we had in our area. Sunday morning we had an appointment with an Ethiopian Woman named Abang Oman. A kid in the Ward who just got back from his Mission came on splits with us. We went there and the kids answered and said their parents were asleep. I was like ah man this is the worst, especially when you have a member with you. We told them we would be back in an hour but the member thought that the parents were having the kids lie for them. So we went back at like 12, 1 hour before Church and she was at home and asked us to come in. We talked with her and we were telling her what we do and she said, "Oh I am baptized Mormon". She was baptized 6 or 7 years ago in our Church. She was in the next Ward over in Apple Valley. But her 10 year old daughter wasn't Baptized. So we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ discussion. During it the mom asked for a ride to Church and help moving. Then we asked if they wanted the daughter Baptized and the daughter Guilo was super into it and ready. So if we get them to Church this could be a 3 week Baptism. That was a super cool tender mercy after another week of mostly fall throughs!
So Elder Alpert is the new Assistant and I get to work with him on a few things. It is actually really fun when former companions are your leaders. I imagine at least for the ones you get along with. So that is fun. We have Zone Conference on Wednesday combined with 3 other zones. That will be fun. I am making Elder Caskey conduct.   I slipped by conducting stuff cause everyone thinks I already conducted stuff since I am the senior ZL. Man I hate time for it always goes too fast.  In just 4 weeks I will have only 6 months left serving on my Mission. That is the worst. I am gonna ask to go back to NSP. Begging come on President, I will work hard. Send me back. Things are going well we just shopped at like a hardcore Indian market. It was sweet.  I bought a bunch of curry stuff there. I hope I can find another member that is going back to Utah cause  I have like a rice cooker, a blender, a bunch of spices and stuff that I want to get back to Utah. If you know anyone traveling back from Minnesota let me know! I go to the Mission Home like every transfer 1 or 2. I am doing awesome. Can't believe how crazy missions are. Believe it or not I am a super goofy Missionary. Missionaries that exchange with me are always like what the blank. Especially Elder Caskey. I act like I am thinking about worldly things 24/7 with him. He is always like OMG. Just like home, I just like to have fun with whatever I am doing. Last week a lady kept telling us she wasn't a Mormon while we were knocking on her door. For some reason people think the Mormon Missionaries are looking for Mormons. They not know about ward lists... nanananana. But she was kept saying, "I am not a Mormon, I don't believe in whatever Mormons believe". She had basically told us that like 3 times as I was trying to teach her. So I put a serious face on and I said ok... well do you know of any Mormons in the area that we could stop by?  I could tell Elder Caskey was trying way hard not to laugh. She was thinking and replied actually no I don't.  Man I think you could say almost anything at these doors. Something while on exchange with another Missionary that I thought of that I am going to try in the winter we always curl our hands together in our gloves so they are warm. I want to do that and put the fingers of the glove that my fingers aren't in like in the doorway when someone shuts the door on us so it gets the hand. Then act like it hurts and be really persistant.  It is always fun as a missionary. 
Well its the end of the show but let me know what is going on in your life, and I will do the same. Love ya guys.

-Elder HAll

Great Transfer 2/3/2014

It is transfer day. But I am not getting transferred. Me and Elder Caskey are still together. One of the big stories of the day is Elder Alpert my former companion in Burnsville is the new assistant. He will do great he is really smart and as goofy as me so it will be fun. Fat Alpert and Burt Mcgurt are what I call the assistants. Things are well. This week has gone well you won't hear much about the week just an update I will give you a better update next week. Sorry. I am excited for the changes in the Zone. All of the changes are awesome. We have 2 of the same district leaders. And the other district leader is Elder Clark he is going to Farmington and he is awesome. He was a district leader in my zone in St. Cloud when I was in Princeton. His district is underperforming and he works so hard and is way more obedient then me, so he is gonna do awesome things. 

Cool about Colby getting engaged! That is always fun. Sorry to hear about Grandpa Hall passing away but with people leaving our lives, people are always coming into our lives. 

Well I am writing for like 20 minutes to everyone and its cause we had a bunch of stuff. Shopping. Travel plans. And district p-day. We had a nerf war with those chair racks and a bunch of tables as barriers. It was fun. I bought this pretty boss gun that is a crossbow. The things that are fun as missionaries. Ha Ha. If I saw a nerf gun war I would totally make fun of the people doing it. Now it seems cool. Not much has changed still working hard. In fact we had a crappy week and had a miracle on Saturday. We taught 5 lessons. All restorations and got 3 new investigators. 2 standard of excellences in 1 week for 1 day. It was cool. Things are well. Me and Elder Caskey should do well this transfer.


New Minnesota Mission President Announced- I love President Clements! 1/20/2014

Yes President Forbes, in July. ME and President Clements are tight. I have him almost my whole mission. Except for 1 transfer. President Clements is awesome. He works so hard! He is a great role model in my life. I am grateful that I have decided to follow his counsel. He has helped me become a way better person then I would have been. He invests a lot of love and room for growth in each and every missionary as he follows inspiration from God. I love my Mission President. Well way to work hard. 

Talk to ya sooooon.

Hey Fafas 1/20/14

    Pretty good week. In our area we had 4 or 5 appointments with members fall through so that kinda stunk. But... we were working hard had an OK week in our area. Figured out that Francen's parents (a 9 year old Micronesian boy that we teach) would let him get baptized on February 9th. So we are really looking  forward to that. His mom doesn't wanna get baptized, we went into her room to ask if Francen could still get baptized and she was laying in bed. 

Our Zone did way good. We hit all of our goals this week which was pretty cool. We have a shot at hitting every goal but baptisms. Church is down. We need 26 people to church this week to hit our goal so we set a goal for 30. Then we need like 3.3 restorations per team taught but that is easy peazy. Young Jeezy.  Things are going well we are looking at a super good February for our Zone hopefully. So we are very excited. Everyone is working hard! So things are looking up. I am working hard doing everything I can to be a good leader. I have learned alot about goals lately. When you set a goal it is something God wants you to do so you better do it. We have been owning everyone about their goals lately. We make bar graphs and be like, this is you. This is your goals. This is the lack of connection. We did it because at leadership conferences we have to report on how we did according to our goals on a big projector screen. So we make papers that show every ones goals and actuals, next to everyone elses on the same paper. It is fun. We also had a great lesson at the mission home with a part member 61 year old Melody. President Clements discerned her problem and offered to do a baptismal interview right then and there to help her feel better he said I have a hunch your concern is this, then she booked it out of the room crying. She is doing so well. Wearing skirts all the time. She is pretty close. And of course doing our best at talking to everyone.   Well That is the majority of it. 
Heard mom and dad moved too young geezy. Heard a lot of people helped out so that is cool. Ya I have heard about these moves on my mission. No worries I have done a few. So maybe all those people helping were standing in proxy of me. Just kidding they probably did more than I could have ever done, or even me with the help of rehabilitating men:). Or even me dad and Cordy (very strong awesome big guy).  So I am glad to see people helping out. Sounds like me after every p-day when I actually exercise. I did get permission to go to the T-wolves game. No, I didn't go. It was a night game. So that stunk. But its ok. I hope I am around for the Twins game. In the cities that is. 
It is snowing a lot. But yesterday was 40 degrees! That is pretty cool. Staying warm though. I am looking forward to when it melts. So that I can do missionary work in the sun with no disruptions. It really is more fun in the summer. Winter is depressing a little bit. President Clements has set some goals for the mission his last 6 months and for the year. 250 baptisms before he leaves and 500 for the year. That is like 40 a month. We also had the Presidents Fireside last night. It was pretty packed. A new convert played the piano, super good at the piano was just throwing down. President Clements said "I don't think I have ever heard that hymn played quite that way". It was funny.

I am doing well.  Alive.  Just played some basketball. Trying to lose these bags of flour I have aquired if ya know what I am saying. Well love ya. Write me I always enjoy that. Ahrko Jeewan Vaytauluh.

Elder Hall

Gatorade Dunk President Clements 1/13/14

Hey we survived!!!!!

Church was cancelled Sunday and we were not allowed to go outdoors in extreme cold Sunday and Monday. We just did missionary work inside. It went by kinda quick. It made for a boring p-day. We actually went tanning in the tanning bed in our apartment. We wanted to be the tannest Zone Leaders at the Zone Leader meeting. Yup we just stayed in. I prepared a Zone report that we had due Wednesday. Tuesday during the day we actually did the Zone report and typed it. Then Tuesday night did some proselyting. Had an appointment with a lady named Elizabeth. She might come to church soon. We got let out of our cages Tuesday at noon. It wasn't as bad as they anticipated but still pretty bad. I wish it was -60 then I could say I was there. It was only -23 ish and -45 degree windchill at worst.

Yup so I took the sacrament for the first time in a month yesterday. Elder Alpert was sick one week. We were late one week. And church was cancelled last week. I was like a less active missionary. Well things are going well. We had tons of meetings and did no missionary work last week, so our own area's numbers were kind of downers. Our zone did really great this week. We had a lot more member presents which is our focus. Now it will transition into church shortly. 

Wednesday we had MLC. That finished at 4. Then we dunked President Clements with Gatorade cause we got 57 baptisms in December. We had a meeting at 5:40 with President, and President Naatjes the Stake President, and Brother Jones who is fired up about missionary work cause he was a Mission President over the Lansing Michigan Mission, and is now on the High Council with emphasis of missionary work. So we worked with them and it was cool. Probably the most important meeting I have been in. It surprised me how much the Stake President knew about investigators. He knew that an investigator in a Branch near Mankato (Waseka) it was where we met for District meeting when I was there and there were no missionaries. But he knew their investigator just got a job. And that is an hour away from where he lives. He went to Yale and has a very positive personality. It was weird to be their amongst such influential people, and the meeting was for such a widespread cause of missionary work. 

Thursday. We had a District leader meeting, which we put on, I cooked lunch (curry) for everyone. It went really well. It was just us and the 3 District leaders but it went really well. We only planned an outline and an agenda. But we didn't plan the meeting in depth we were so busy last week, but it went well. Friday we had interviews. Me and Elder Caskey did a 2 hour training which was assigned to us on Wednesday at the MLC. We were also on exchange Thursday until Friday.  It was about effective use of time, using the phone, and working with members. Yes Dad we started that meeting and ended it on time. Time management. Elder Caskey was super nervous. There was only like 24 people, and it was only our Zone. I am pretty comfortable. I took a video of President getting drenched by Gatorade and hooked my camera up to the TV and that is how we started the training. It was fun. But 2 hours is super long!. Then we had a 10 minute snack break, then Sister Clements and Presidents training. Which took like 1 hour each.  Next our Zone did interviews after that. From 2-5:50pm. During that time me and Elder Caskey checked everyones area book.  At 5:50pm we had an interview with President. My interview was awesome. I was really tired and I told him. But He was really open with me and talked about a lot of missionaries.  It was sweet. I didn't get chastised on anything and I realized how much God and President loves and invests in all the missionaries, and as he was describing all the missionaries and where they have been in their missions it was cool and made me want to look at the missionaries I served differently. Then we had to clean up the church that we used and go pick up keys to a church that we used. Then we had a lesson at 7pm. That got done at 8:30 and we were so hungry we just went to McD's even though we weren't supposed to. 

Saturday was better but it was hard to tract when we were out of the loop for a whole week. Yesterday we had a good day. Got 3 people to visit Church. 1 newer investigator, Rod. He walked in right before Gospel Principles and we saw him walking around, it was cool to find him. We see him today, play ball and teach him at the Church. Wahan. Then we found a 2 new investigators and taught 2 people the restoration yesterday. That was my week.:) I am glad it is over and I am so sick of not proselyting I sometimes wanna ditch all of the District meetings to proselyte. I am gonna ask President for permission to go to the Timberwolves game next Monday on MLK day. Anyone know any non-members that would take us?? huh huh? Write me or whatever! haha Wow I wonder if anyone is going to get engaged soon, let me know. crazy stuff.

Elder Hall

Incident of the flare:) Snowed in. 1/4/14

Hey everyone I am gonna make it real quick. We are emailing today because on Monday we can't leave our apartments. It is about to get super cold. Church tomorrow is cancelled. It is funny. -50 with windchill tomorrow and -60 with windchill monday. Ouffda. Talk about cold. Well, We went to a baptism this morning with a part member Sister Matson. She loved it. Robert a 20 year old guy was baptized. His dad is a 7th day adventist minister and he is awesome. He is ready to tell his dad he just got dunked now hahaha. Elder Lawton (my 3rd comp) was his missionary and he was in Prior Lake Ward. I am doing really well. Not sick. Not too cold. I went on an exchange to  a bike area but we walked everywhere. That was freezing like -9. Well its 2014 not much new. Merida is having difficulty. But Sister Matson is softening.

 I am so sick of food. We eat so many buffets. Melody took us to a buffet for lunch i.

 Tuesday is the Zone leader meeting. Next friday is Interviews with the Mission President. I think he talks with us about his Zone pretty in depth. I am doing well. Staying warm. Nothing needed. Just love hearing from all yall. Man I am tIred, I am actually gonna finish up and sleep while I wait for Elder Caskey.  He is freaking out. Oh we lit a flare actually Elder Caskey, I was excited when he did and wanted a video. In the apartment mind you. I took a video and we couldn't put it out in the snow we shoved it a million times. So we were messing with this flare and finally got it out in the snow. I took a pic of it and a video it was funny. But the funniest part  was we drove away and saw like 4 cop cars driving by our building.  Elder Caskey was super scared and thought they are coming for us. We drove away and I convinced him if we got caught we were for sure going home. He was so scared. He already had his apology letter planned out. We went about that night as if it was our last. I knew it wasn't for us but I am not sure about CASKEY. Well. . .  that is the week. We aren't having anyone come to church. We don't have it. 

-Love you guys!

Christmas 12/30/13

Good to see you all on Christmas!
The Family Christmas Skype:)  The weirdest thing was seeing Seasons kids, Eleanor looked the same, pretty as always, Olive seemed to grow into her head, not in a mean way but she is really skinny and pretty looking! And Lucy is huge. It doesn't even seem like the same baby. And a baby I have never seen before. I love seeing them all and Tay and Sky and Myles.  Love ya bud. Weird to think I will call you and talk to you in 5 months almost 4 months now for Mothers Day. Then I will be way to close to going home. But 8 months is a long time no worries. I am doing well, working with the family from the islands. Merida and Sizumu. Sizumu is super sarcastic and always makes jokes, like we walk in and he pretends to talk through the door, "What do you mean you want them to go away?". I like him a lot! We didn't do so hot teaching this week. We are Focusing on teaching with members. Our Zone is pretty bad at that. We only accomplished 3 lessons with members their last week so we need to do better.  We have a goal for 50 members presents in the Zone and if the Zone hits that goal I will do the cinnamon challenge and Elder Caskey, will eat a super hot pepper and everyone gets to throw water balloons at us! Talk about worldly motivation. 
On another note... It is cold. I am not looking forward to January cause I remember how significantly colder January was then winter last year. -30 degree wind chill is the low for today. -5 right now. Brrrrrrr. I am glad I don't proselyte that much! I am excited to start a new year and month for our Zone. At the end of 2014 I won't be a missionary that will kind of suck. I will just be some a layman! There is lots to do I am trying to do my best to do it all but its just hard. We go on 2 or 3 exchanges a week. Last week I went on 3. Go to lots of meetings. Do accountability calls, do numbers on Sunday nights, calls, Achieving goals, baptismal interviews, there is so many things but I just try to be super studious! 

P-Day is Wednesday again cause of new years. Right now i am on exchange with elder Henze. So its always fun. Members gave us great gifts for Christmas I was taken care of. Being a missionary is awesome, even if I do get diabetes. Well I am still super tired. I can't think of much of an update. I love you all hit me up! Wahan.

-Elder Hall

Christmas Family Skype Plan 12/23/13

 Hey hey hey, Merry Christmas. 

     I am excited to talk to you all soon, with Season we will have to do the thing where they call or facetime, or whatever that was pretty cool. I am excited to skype, How about we do it at 10 o clock our time which I think is 9 o clock in Utah and 8 in Cali. It has been great being with Elder Caskey. He is 10 months out it is his first time being a Zone leader he is gonna be great. He is from Orem, Utah He is a huge fly fisherman. Dad he ties his own flies, he is pretty crazy. He is probably way better than Dad which is saying something, so that is exciting, I told him I go fishing with Dad sometimes. We have had a good week, even got presents from members. We were sick last monday and tuesday so we didn't do any missionary work, but I got Elder Caskey on Wednesday I have still been pretty sick but we are throwing down, we had a good week since Wednesday.

 Our investigator Merida wants to get baptized! she is ready to move forward, that is the highlight of the week. We are spending Christmas eve with them. It is her daughters 1 year birthday party I am excited. Our Zone is doing a little bit better, right now we are average, we should be a lot better. So we will see how we do!!  We have had the most baptisms in the mission this month though. Our date sets have dropped cause a fam of 4 was not progressing and dropped. It is cool to work with lots of missionaries. I am going on another exchange with Elder Lawton in 50 minutes. He is training. Starr sent me a package for Christmas and everything I got it today. That was cool. It was sad saying bye to Elder Alpert we got along like my friends from home! It will be good. I will tell you how I am doing Wednesday, get things you want to say ready like an agenda, 30-40 minutes is all I got. Then you can tell me about people getting married and Sharwans super smart college career, and Dads trip to Vietnam, and Summers minivan, and Moms life! And all the other grand kids- I am super excited! Christmas is the best time of the year especially as missionaries people are really open. Our Ward Christmas Church session was soooooooooo bad. It went 30 minutes over because of the speaker. We only had 1 investigator who came late so it was probably a blessing. Well I love my family, you guys are awesome. I am grateful I get to serve a mission, like I can help others but the experience I have gained is untradeable. Seriously and the standard of missionary service especially in this mission is so high, I am so grateful. God really needs exact obedience. I have gained a testimony of obedience. You better hope that it sticks with me after the mission too. I know Christs atonement allows us to become the people that we are entitled to be through Heavenly Fathers plan. So because of exact obedience, I am turning off the skype call after it says 40 minutes, I will give a 5 minute warning, Obedience:) Anyways see you on SHARTIN Wednesday

,Elder HALL

Staying in Burnsville 12/16/13

    Hello Everyone!
    So I am staying in Burnsville! It is gonna be crazy. Elder Alpert is leaving he is going to be a Zone leader in Rochester. I am training in a new Zone leader. This is all Elder Alperts fault. We do zone comments for every missionary and each other also, so he wrote that I could train a new Zone leader. My new companion is Elder Caskey. He is tall and a bit  mission wise. I hear he is a great guy. Hopefully we get things cracking as the Zone leaders pray I don't mess him up. I didn't think I would take over after a 5 week transfer wahwahwoohwah. It will stink leaving Elder Alpert. Lots of stuff happened this week, we both got sick this weekend, I felt a little better then Elder Alpert, but not too much. We stayed in most of the weekend and are still recovering. Our week missionary work wise wasn't too hot. We did all the Zone comment sheets, then got sick, had our ward Christmas brunch and did some baptismal interviews for the Cassel family. Elder Alpert was super sick so I did the parents he just did the kids. Then we stayed for a baptism in our Ward. It was good but we were dead. 
     I made a bunch of tasty soup. I am kind of a good cook now. Lots of good things happening in the Zone. We have lots of baptismal dates. We got a Zone leader come be a District leader in the Farmington area (he is a great missionary, on exchanges I am gonna go see Al and Patty with him.) Elder Warne he replaced me in Nepali work.  Elder Alpert is kinda sad to leave me. I am gonna grow even more this transfer, jeeze President wants me to become a ceo or something... It will be good.
    Christmas I have it arranged for us to go to Bishops house. He has skyping capabilities. We could do it anytime really. When would be best to do it email the Minnesota time you would like me to do it. I am pretty flexible!   I am feeling better I have taken 5 airbornes and made a bunch of soups. I love you all and can't wait to talk to you soon!! Hit me up!

-Elda hall