Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gatorade Dunk President Clements 1/13/14

Hey we survived!!!!!

Church was cancelled Sunday and we were not allowed to go outdoors in extreme cold Sunday and Monday. We just did missionary work inside. It went by kinda quick. It made for a boring p-day. We actually went tanning in the tanning bed in our apartment. We wanted to be the tannest Zone Leaders at the Zone Leader meeting. Yup we just stayed in. I prepared a Zone report that we had due Wednesday. Tuesday during the day we actually did the Zone report and typed it. Then Tuesday night did some proselyting. Had an appointment with a lady named Elizabeth. She might come to church soon. We got let out of our cages Tuesday at noon. It wasn't as bad as they anticipated but still pretty bad. I wish it was -60 then I could say I was there. It was only -23 ish and -45 degree windchill at worst.

Yup so I took the sacrament for the first time in a month yesterday. Elder Alpert was sick one week. We were late one week. And church was cancelled last week. I was like a less active missionary. Well things are going well. We had tons of meetings and did no missionary work last week, so our own area's numbers were kind of downers. Our zone did really great this week. We had a lot more member presents which is our focus. Now it will transition into church shortly. 

Wednesday we had MLC. That finished at 4. Then we dunked President Clements with Gatorade cause we got 57 baptisms in December. We had a meeting at 5:40 with President, and President Naatjes the Stake President, and Brother Jones who is fired up about missionary work cause he was a Mission President over the Lansing Michigan Mission, and is now on the High Council with emphasis of missionary work. So we worked with them and it was cool. Probably the most important meeting I have been in. It surprised me how much the Stake President knew about investigators. He knew that an investigator in a Branch near Mankato (Waseka) it was where we met for District meeting when I was there and there were no missionaries. But he knew their investigator just got a job. And that is an hour away from where he lives. He went to Yale and has a very positive personality. It was weird to be their amongst such influential people, and the meeting was for such a widespread cause of missionary work. 

Thursday. We had a District leader meeting, which we put on, I cooked lunch (curry) for everyone. It went really well. It was just us and the 3 District leaders but it went really well. We only planned an outline and an agenda. But we didn't plan the meeting in depth we were so busy last week, but it went well. Friday we had interviews. Me and Elder Caskey did a 2 hour training which was assigned to us on Wednesday at the MLC. We were also on exchange Thursday until Friday.  It was about effective use of time, using the phone, and working with members. Yes Dad we started that meeting and ended it on time. Time management. Elder Caskey was super nervous. There was only like 24 people, and it was only our Zone. I am pretty comfortable. I took a video of President getting drenched by Gatorade and hooked my camera up to the TV and that is how we started the training. It was fun. But 2 hours is super long!. Then we had a 10 minute snack break, then Sister Clements and Presidents training. Which took like 1 hour each.  Next our Zone did interviews after that. From 2-5:50pm. During that time me and Elder Caskey checked everyones area book.  At 5:50pm we had an interview with President. My interview was awesome. I was really tired and I told him. But He was really open with me and talked about a lot of missionaries.  It was sweet. I didn't get chastised on anything and I realized how much God and President loves and invests in all the missionaries, and as he was describing all the missionaries and where they have been in their missions it was cool and made me want to look at the missionaries I served differently. Then we had to clean up the church that we used and go pick up keys to a church that we used. Then we had a lesson at 7pm. That got done at 8:30 and we were so hungry we just went to McD's even though we weren't supposed to. 

Saturday was better but it was hard to tract when we were out of the loop for a whole week. Yesterday we had a good day. Got 3 people to visit Church. 1 newer investigator, Rod. He walked in right before Gospel Principles and we saw him walking around, it was cool to find him. We see him today, play ball and teach him at the Church. Wahan. Then we found a 2 new investigators and taught 2 people the restoration yesterday. That was my week.:) I am glad it is over and I am so sick of not proselyting I sometimes wanna ditch all of the District meetings to proselyte. I am gonna ask President for permission to go to the Timberwolves game next Monday on MLK day. Anyone know any non-members that would take us?? huh huh? Write me or whatever! haha Wow I wonder if anyone is going to get engaged soon, let me know. crazy stuff.

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