Sunday, August 24, 2014

Staying in Burnsville 12/16/13

    Hello Everyone!
    So I am staying in Burnsville! It is gonna be crazy. Elder Alpert is leaving he is going to be a Zone leader in Rochester. I am training in a new Zone leader. This is all Elder Alperts fault. We do zone comments for every missionary and each other also, so he wrote that I could train a new Zone leader. My new companion is Elder Caskey. He is tall and a bit  mission wise. I hear he is a great guy. Hopefully we get things cracking as the Zone leaders pray I don't mess him up. I didn't think I would take over after a 5 week transfer wahwahwoohwah. It will stink leaving Elder Alpert. Lots of stuff happened this week, we both got sick this weekend, I felt a little better then Elder Alpert, but not too much. We stayed in most of the weekend and are still recovering. Our week missionary work wise wasn't too hot. We did all the Zone comment sheets, then got sick, had our ward Christmas brunch and did some baptismal interviews for the Cassel family. Elder Alpert was super sick so I did the parents he just did the kids. Then we stayed for a baptism in our Ward. It was good but we were dead. 
     I made a bunch of tasty soup. I am kind of a good cook now. Lots of good things happening in the Zone. We have lots of baptismal dates. We got a Zone leader come be a District leader in the Farmington area (he is a great missionary, on exchanges I am gonna go see Al and Patty with him.) Elder Warne he replaced me in Nepali work.  Elder Alpert is kinda sad to leave me. I am gonna grow even more this transfer, jeeze President wants me to become a ceo or something... It will be good.
    Christmas I have it arranged for us to go to Bishops house. He has skyping capabilities. We could do it anytime really. When would be best to do it email the Minnesota time you would like me to do it. I am pretty flexible!   I am feeling better I have taken 5 airbornes and made a bunch of soups. I love you all and can't wait to talk to you soon!! Hit me up!

-Elda hall

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