Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hey Fafas 1/20/14

    Pretty good week. In our area we had 4 or 5 appointments with members fall through so that kinda stunk. But... we were working hard had an OK week in our area. Figured out that Francen's parents (a 9 year old Micronesian boy that we teach) would let him get baptized on February 9th. So we are really looking  forward to that. His mom doesn't wanna get baptized, we went into her room to ask if Francen could still get baptized and she was laying in bed. 

Our Zone did way good. We hit all of our goals this week which was pretty cool. We have a shot at hitting every goal but baptisms. Church is down. We need 26 people to church this week to hit our goal so we set a goal for 30. Then we need like 3.3 restorations per team taught but that is easy peazy. Young Jeezy.  Things are going well we are looking at a super good February for our Zone hopefully. So we are very excited. Everyone is working hard! So things are looking up. I am working hard doing everything I can to be a good leader. I have learned alot about goals lately. When you set a goal it is something God wants you to do so you better do it. We have been owning everyone about their goals lately. We make bar graphs and be like, this is you. This is your goals. This is the lack of connection. We did it because at leadership conferences we have to report on how we did according to our goals on a big projector screen. So we make papers that show every ones goals and actuals, next to everyone elses on the same paper. It is fun. We also had a great lesson at the mission home with a part member 61 year old Melody. President Clements discerned her problem and offered to do a baptismal interview right then and there to help her feel better he said I have a hunch your concern is this, then she booked it out of the room crying. She is doing so well. Wearing skirts all the time. She is pretty close. And of course doing our best at talking to everyone.   Well That is the majority of it. 
Heard mom and dad moved too young geezy. Heard a lot of people helped out so that is cool. Ya I have heard about these moves on my mission. No worries I have done a few. So maybe all those people helping were standing in proxy of me. Just kidding they probably did more than I could have ever done, or even me with the help of rehabilitating men:). Or even me dad and Cordy (very strong awesome big guy).  So I am glad to see people helping out. Sounds like me after every p-day when I actually exercise. I did get permission to go to the T-wolves game. No, I didn't go. It was a night game. So that stunk. But its ok. I hope I am around for the Twins game. In the cities that is. 
It is snowing a lot. But yesterday was 40 degrees! That is pretty cool. Staying warm though. I am looking forward to when it melts. So that I can do missionary work in the sun with no disruptions. It really is more fun in the summer. Winter is depressing a little bit. President Clements has set some goals for the mission his last 6 months and for the year. 250 baptisms before he leaves and 500 for the year. That is like 40 a month. We also had the Presidents Fireside last night. It was pretty packed. A new convert played the piano, super good at the piano was just throwing down. President Clements said "I don't think I have ever heard that hymn played quite that way". It was funny.

I am doing well.  Alive.  Just played some basketball. Trying to lose these bags of flour I have aquired if ya know what I am saying. Well love ya. Write me I always enjoy that. Ahrko Jeewan Vaytauluh.

Elder Hall

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