Sunday, August 24, 2014

March Madness with Elder Wilson #leadingthemish 3/24/2014

  Hey I have been trying to eat healthy. I am down to 185! I also got sick this weekend so that helped. It was kinda lame. I think just a cold with a headache or something. We blitzed an area that only tracts all day on Saturday so I was out in the cold all day.
My new comp is  Elder Wilson he is 6"6 from Rexburg. He plays b-ball. He is really nice he is pretty new he has been out 9 months. I am kind of an old timer out here. Our week was ok, just did a lot of finding. Gonna work hard to get Elder Wilson a baptism this transfer. Transfers was cool said bye to young Caskey. It was moved back 2 hours because of snow. March is looking huge in the Mission and everyone is stinking for April. Our Zone has a good April set up. #Leadingthemish! Very Nice.  Elder Wilson is just barely 19 it is weird to think that I am 22 soon. Three years of an age gap is nuts. If I trained an 18 year old missionary at the end 3 months of my mission I would be 4 years older! That is weird, there is almost a generational difference. It is funny I thought there would be a lot of Missionaries who were like me and my friends, but mostly a lot of missionaries are prepared and really Mormon. I think on my Mission I have learned to be more Mormon too.

Found a family in our building who we taught from Kenya. Elder Wilson lifted a table up to their balcony while they were moving some stuff in and they loved us so we taught them the restoration that night. I am pretty busy. No time for pranks even.

The first 2-3 weeks of taking over the zone and the area are really busy. Plus I gotta figure out how to baptize! Man tough job. I love it though it helps me stretch a ton. I hope  I am not leader kid too much longer though. One more or two more transfers of being ZL  I could handle but I could get burned out after that. Going DL would be sweet!  Or normal missionary and train. That would be legit. I never realized how much I could do in an area until I was a Zone leader.  I should have done a lot more before this. There are 5 baptisms in the Zone this Saturday and hopefully we will attend one close in our building with some Gators! Our Zone is pretty much the same which is awesome cause they are pretty boss. They work hard and are making miracles happen. Got some good exchanges planned and stuff.

I received an email from Chris and all my friends, I hope this scares you all. I will probably be like this when i get back!
Tlund is my fav. This computer is not working very well.

Happy March soon to be April. Have fun in Vietnam Dad and have fun planning wedding stuff for Colby and Shannon. March madness. Duke get outta here. Cya soon. Love yous guys.  

#Free Willy and the Fresh Prince of Burnsville signing out

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