Sunday, August 24, 2014

Christmas 12/30/13

Good to see you all on Christmas!
The Family Christmas Skype:)  The weirdest thing was seeing Seasons kids, Eleanor looked the same, pretty as always, Olive seemed to grow into her head, not in a mean way but she is really skinny and pretty looking! And Lucy is huge. It doesn't even seem like the same baby. And a baby I have never seen before. I love seeing them all and Tay and Sky and Myles.  Love ya bud. Weird to think I will call you and talk to you in 5 months almost 4 months now for Mothers Day. Then I will be way to close to going home. But 8 months is a long time no worries. I am doing well, working with the family from the islands. Merida and Sizumu. Sizumu is super sarcastic and always makes jokes, like we walk in and he pretends to talk through the door, "What do you mean you want them to go away?". I like him a lot! We didn't do so hot teaching this week. We are Focusing on teaching with members. Our Zone is pretty bad at that. We only accomplished 3 lessons with members their last week so we need to do better.  We have a goal for 50 members presents in the Zone and if the Zone hits that goal I will do the cinnamon challenge and Elder Caskey, will eat a super hot pepper and everyone gets to throw water balloons at us! Talk about worldly motivation. 
On another note... It is cold. I am not looking forward to January cause I remember how significantly colder January was then winter last year. -30 degree wind chill is the low for today. -5 right now. Brrrrrrr. I am glad I don't proselyte that much! I am excited to start a new year and month for our Zone. At the end of 2014 I won't be a missionary that will kind of suck. I will just be some a layman! There is lots to do I am trying to do my best to do it all but its just hard. We go on 2 or 3 exchanges a week. Last week I went on 3. Go to lots of meetings. Do accountability calls, do numbers on Sunday nights, calls, Achieving goals, baptismal interviews, there is so many things but I just try to be super studious! 

P-Day is Wednesday again cause of new years. Right now i am on exchange with elder Henze. So its always fun. Members gave us great gifts for Christmas I was taken care of. Being a missionary is awesome, even if I do get diabetes. Well I am still super tired. I can't think of much of an update. I love you all hit me up! Wahan.

-Elder Hall

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