Sunday, August 24, 2014

Christmas Family Skype Plan 12/23/13

 Hey hey hey, Merry Christmas. 

     I am excited to talk to you all soon, with Season we will have to do the thing where they call or facetime, or whatever that was pretty cool. I am excited to skype, How about we do it at 10 o clock our time which I think is 9 o clock in Utah and 8 in Cali. It has been great being with Elder Caskey. He is 10 months out it is his first time being a Zone leader he is gonna be great. He is from Orem, Utah He is a huge fly fisherman. Dad he ties his own flies, he is pretty crazy. He is probably way better than Dad which is saying something, so that is exciting, I told him I go fishing with Dad sometimes. We have had a good week, even got presents from members. We were sick last monday and tuesday so we didn't do any missionary work, but I got Elder Caskey on Wednesday I have still been pretty sick but we are throwing down, we had a good week since Wednesday.

 Our investigator Merida wants to get baptized! she is ready to move forward, that is the highlight of the week. We are spending Christmas eve with them. It is her daughters 1 year birthday party I am excited. Our Zone is doing a little bit better, right now we are average, we should be a lot better. So we will see how we do!!  We have had the most baptisms in the mission this month though. Our date sets have dropped cause a fam of 4 was not progressing and dropped. It is cool to work with lots of missionaries. I am going on another exchange with Elder Lawton in 50 minutes. He is training. Starr sent me a package for Christmas and everything I got it today. That was cool. It was sad saying bye to Elder Alpert we got along like my friends from home! It will be good. I will tell you how I am doing Wednesday, get things you want to say ready like an agenda, 30-40 minutes is all I got. Then you can tell me about people getting married and Sharwans super smart college career, and Dads trip to Vietnam, and Summers minivan, and Moms life! And all the other grand kids- I am super excited! Christmas is the best time of the year especially as missionaries people are really open. Our Ward Christmas Church session was soooooooooo bad. It went 30 minutes over because of the speaker. We only had 1 investigator who came late so it was probably a blessing. Well I love my family, you guys are awesome. I am grateful I get to serve a mission, like I can help others but the experience I have gained is untradeable. Seriously and the standard of missionary service especially in this mission is so high, I am so grateful. God really needs exact obedience. I have gained a testimony of obedience. You better hope that it sticks with me after the mission too. I know Christs atonement allows us to become the people that we are entitled to be through Heavenly Fathers plan. So because of exact obedience, I am turning off the skype call after it says 40 minutes, I will give a 5 minute warning, Obedience:) Anyways see you on SHARTIN Wednesday

,Elder HALL

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