Sunday, August 24, 2014

Knocking on Doors, Fun 2/10/2014

    This week has been good. It was transfers but as you know I did not go anywhere. We actually found 8 new investigators this week which is like double the standard of excellence in the mission. We always need people to teach. The biggest problem lately is people sketching out on appointments. Like half of our member presents go through it is kind of annoying. I have been mad because we have been getting a sub-par average on member presents in our area I have just been setting them up like crazy. Thats what I did in my study this morning, I was just planning out lessons. If half of them are gonna fall through we need 14 to get 7! 

I will tell you about the coolest miracle we had in our area. Sunday morning we had an appointment with an Ethiopian Woman named Abang Oman. A kid in the Ward who just got back from his Mission came on splits with us. We went there and the kids answered and said their parents were asleep. I was like ah man this is the worst, especially when you have a member with you. We told them we would be back in an hour but the member thought that the parents were having the kids lie for them. So we went back at like 12, 1 hour before Church and she was at home and asked us to come in. We talked with her and we were telling her what we do and she said, "Oh I am baptized Mormon". She was baptized 6 or 7 years ago in our Church. She was in the next Ward over in Apple Valley. But her 10 year old daughter wasn't Baptized. So we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ discussion. During it the mom asked for a ride to Church and help moving. Then we asked if they wanted the daughter Baptized and the daughter Guilo was super into it and ready. So if we get them to Church this could be a 3 week Baptism. That was a super cool tender mercy after another week of mostly fall throughs!
So Elder Alpert is the new Assistant and I get to work with him on a few things. It is actually really fun when former companions are your leaders. I imagine at least for the ones you get along with. So that is fun. We have Zone Conference on Wednesday combined with 3 other zones. That will be fun. I am making Elder Caskey conduct.   I slipped by conducting stuff cause everyone thinks I already conducted stuff since I am the senior ZL. Man I hate time for it always goes too fast.  In just 4 weeks I will have only 6 months left serving on my Mission. That is the worst. I am gonna ask to go back to NSP. Begging come on President, I will work hard. Send me back. Things are going well we just shopped at like a hardcore Indian market. It was sweet.  I bought a bunch of curry stuff there. I hope I can find another member that is going back to Utah cause  I have like a rice cooker, a blender, a bunch of spices and stuff that I want to get back to Utah. If you know anyone traveling back from Minnesota let me know! I go to the Mission Home like every transfer 1 or 2. I am doing awesome. Can't believe how crazy missions are. Believe it or not I am a super goofy Missionary. Missionaries that exchange with me are always like what the blank. Especially Elder Caskey. I act like I am thinking about worldly things 24/7 with him. He is always like OMG. Just like home, I just like to have fun with whatever I am doing. Last week a lady kept telling us she wasn't a Mormon while we were knocking on her door. For some reason people think the Mormon Missionaries are looking for Mormons. They not know about ward lists... nanananana. But she was kept saying, "I am not a Mormon, I don't believe in whatever Mormons believe". She had basically told us that like 3 times as I was trying to teach her. So I put a serious face on and I said ok... well do you know of any Mormons in the area that we could stop by?  I could tell Elder Caskey was trying way hard not to laugh. She was thinking and replied actually no I don't.  Man I think you could say almost anything at these doors. Something while on exchange with another Missionary that I thought of that I am going to try in the winter we always curl our hands together in our gloves so they are warm. I want to do that and put the fingers of the glove that my fingers aren't in like in the doorway when someone shuts the door on us so it gets the hand. Then act like it hurts and be really persistant.  It is always fun as a missionary. 
Well its the end of the show but let me know what is going on in your life, and I will do the same. Love ya guys.

-Elder HAll

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