Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pres Naatjes, Dave Dixon, Gilo, President Ehlert 2/26/2014

 Man great week, first off we got our Ethiopian family to Church again. Their daughter is getting baptized. We fixed these nice wood chairs of theirs that were just hammered. It was so funny. One of the chairs had literally like 3 legs split off, but I promised that Elder Caskey could fix it. It was pretty messed up. We had to use makeshift wood and stuff for it. It took forever to fix. But our Bishop said we could Baptize that 9 year old kid. We went by last night and said OK you are getting Baptized for sure. So him and Gilo the 10 year old are getting Baptized on the same day. Gilo is super smart and their family is so nice its awesome. I wish they had an Ethiopian Anuwak Book of Mormon so that we could help the mom read. she is already a member. It is funny she came to Church and the only person she knew was a recent convert who only spoke Spanish. So we made a fellowship plan with the Spanish recent convert lady. With the help of translators. I wrote all of her actions down in Spanish and she laughed way hard. We also got 5 people to visit Church. Oh there was a snow storm Thursday and Friday. Me and Elder Caskey just walked around in it and actually had some success.  We walked to lineman ex Viking player Dave Dixon's house. He was like Elders what the heck are you doing walking around. Have you eaten? No- then he gave us a steak dinner. Do you have a ride home? (We were like 3 miles from home) No. So he gave us a ride home and he came to Church cause he was less active and his New Zealand friends were there. 
Oh, So President Clements is gone! For three weeks he is taking a leave of absence. He got it approved from the brethren. Some sort of business thing.  Some trouble might have come up or something. But he is gone for 3 weeks, and President Ehlert the 1st counselor of the Mission Presidency is taking over. It is crazy! We just had a conference call this week and President was like I am bouncing. It's crazy just because some guy is our temporary Mission President. He is cool, super rich, so we will see how that goes. He is really smart, I am assuming if he is so successful.  So that is some of the news. Hopefully us as the leaders can take ownership of the Mission and watch out for investigators and also not let Missionaries slack off. 
I am doing awesome. Our zone is throwing down, we had a freaking good week. We are looking at 12 Baptisms in March we will lead the mission for sure. Pretty stoked about that. I think I might stay here as well. I guess this week coming up we have MLC with the Zone leaders and Sister leaders tomorrow then a Zone training in Lakeville on Thursday which me and Elder Caskey will do training there.

Yesterday we had Ward conference and in Ward council the Stake Presidency was overseeing it. Then a lady in the Ward Sister West came in shaking and she got her husband. I guess there 17 year old daughter was hit by a car. They hit a patch of ice then got out and got nailed by a car. She broke her femur and had surgery on it yesterday. It was a crazy Ward Council. Then the Stake President informed us there is a family in need what can we do for them. Then we closed the meeting.  She is doing OK now,  but we all thought she was dead and we said a prayer for her.   

Ward conference was awesome, the Stake President is super awesome. We meet with him every month, so it is cool to see him, I think I have mentioned this before but he knows everyone, investigators of the small branches in the stake it is crazy. He is a great guy. -Pres Naatjes.
So my week is going really well. Next week I hit my 18 month mark. Which stinks. If I was a sister I would be home. But I am an Elder and Elders are awesome. Well I love you all. I think about you sometimes, but normally I don't, unless I am trunky. I usually am thinking a lot about stuff out here. Honestly, its weird. It is even weird emailing you all just because I have no idea what's going on at home. But I love you guys. As they would say in Minnesota. So just a reminder. Please send my Nepali memory card for the camera stat!

It is getting warmer though like 20-30 sometimes in 0-10 but not in the negatives any more which is awesome. Til next week!!!!! Hey someone send me a picture of Justin Beiber with his short hair. My comp looks exactly like Justin Beiber and he does not believe me.  

-Eldeerrrr Halllll

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