Sunday, August 24, 2014

Incident of the flare:) Snowed in. 1/4/14

Hey everyone I am gonna make it real quick. We are emailing today because on Monday we can't leave our apartments. It is about to get super cold. Church tomorrow is cancelled. It is funny. -50 with windchill tomorrow and -60 with windchill monday. Ouffda. Talk about cold. Well, We went to a baptism this morning with a part member Sister Matson. She loved it. Robert a 20 year old guy was baptized. His dad is a 7th day adventist minister and he is awesome. He is ready to tell his dad he just got dunked now hahaha. Elder Lawton (my 3rd comp) was his missionary and he was in Prior Lake Ward. I am doing really well. Not sick. Not too cold. I went on an exchange to  a bike area but we walked everywhere. That was freezing like -9. Well its 2014 not much new. Merida is having difficulty. But Sister Matson is softening.

 I am so sick of food. We eat so many buffets. Melody took us to a buffet for lunch i.

 Tuesday is the Zone leader meeting. Next friday is Interviews with the Mission President. I think he talks with us about his Zone pretty in depth. I am doing well. Staying warm. Nothing needed. Just love hearing from all yall. Man I am tIred, I am actually gonna finish up and sleep while I wait for Elder Caskey.  He is freaking out. Oh we lit a flare actually Elder Caskey, I was excited when he did and wanted a video. In the apartment mind you. I took a video and we couldn't put it out in the snow we shoved it a million times. So we were messing with this flare and finally got it out in the snow. I took a pic of it and a video it was funny. But the funniest part  was we drove away and saw like 4 cop cars driving by our building.  Elder Caskey was super scared and thought they are coming for us. We drove away and I convinced him if we got caught we were for sure going home. He was so scared. He already had his apology letter planned out. We went about that night as if it was our last. I knew it wasn't for us but I am not sure about CASKEY. Well. . .  that is the week. We aren't having anyone come to church. We don't have it. 

-Love you guys!

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