Sunday, August 24, 2014

Staying in Burnsville, Pres. C is back, Franson and Gilo are baptized. 3/17/2014

       I am staying in Burnsville! I am training another Zone leader. Elder Wilson from Rexburg I guess he is 6"5 and a baller. It should be good. A lot of the Zl's got split! I am Like one of the veteran ZL's and I haven't been here that long it is weird. I am excited for the things going on. There are 14 people with a baptism date in our Zone so I am excited!! Our Zone is bossin it uppppppppppppppppp! I am pretty excited for the change. Our Zone is mostly the same Missionaries. It should be good. 
We had Franson (9) Hadley's baptism and Gilo Talian's baptism as well this last Saturday.  Two days ago. Elder Caskey baptized Gilo and Franson's uncle baptized him. I confirmed both of them with the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. It was pretty funny. Franson's Dad pranked me when I called him Sunday morning and asked if he was coming, he pranked me and said he was in Wisconsin. Sizumu. He also gave his son a diaper to change into after the baptism. He is always joking with us. 
President and Sister Clements are back and I was really excited to see them. They came back Saturday and I saw them on Sunday, that was really fun! At Presidents fireside. They are awesome I have really missed them. President Ehlert is a really successful guy but I am way more used to President Clements and so that was good to see him again! 

A few miracles in the Zone are happening and we should have 5 more baptisms this month which is terrific! A lot of dates are popping up as well. I want to go out and find this week and get another date set!!!!!!!!! Wahoooooooo. Missionary work is the best. Last night at the fireside I saw a bunch of people that meant a lot to me at the Mission Presidents fireside. A man I helped reactivate in North St. Paul. Also some Karen investigators that I talked to a lot. One is getting baptized on Saturday, hopefully I can go! Those firesides are awesome. Hopefully I can have a big impact in Burnsville as well. Also this week I went on an exchange with Elder Alpert. He is the assistant now. He gave me the low down on a lot of things. Transfers and stuff. We stayed up until 1am talking but it was worth it. Elder Burt is not the assistant any more. It is a missionary from the Hmong district that I served around. Elder Moss he is a great guy. He was way nervous. I am a lot less nervous this time to train a new ZL. Things should go well. We are teaching with a lot of teams tonight so it should be good. 
Elder Caskey is going to Maple Grove to be a district leader and help a young missionary out. I think he will do good in that position. He has great intentions and I think that is where exactly where he fits. There are tons of new Zls most Zls are being trained in. Crazy. 

Man Abang said she loved us! And gave us  these hand made African gifts! Made out of grass and sticks. They are little baskets. I am excited for this next transfer and to continue to work in the LAKEVILLE ZONE!!! Wahan. It has been a good week honestly and I love being a missionary. Pray for me so that I can help Elder Wilson become effective. I could have done a little better teaching Elder Caskey. I didn't really teach him too much, I think cause we are just way different learners, I just watch things and pick them up, that's kind of what I did my first transfer as a new Zone Leader. Things are gonna blow up here, I am way excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Love you all. Happy Saint Patricks day.

-Elder HAll

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