Sunday, August 24, 2014


  I think last week I emailed about finding a member whose daughter was not baptized. Well we have taught them 3 times since last Sunday and they are progressing towards getting the daughter baptized on the 15th of March. They came to Church and the kids loved it. Mom doesn't speak English I think she liked Church but wasn't too sure, she is a member though. We are teaching them again tonight. Things are going awesome. So Gilo Oman the daughter is getting baptized. That was crazy and outta no where we thought they were non members. Mom kept telling Elder Caskey she was Christian and we thought she meant like I am Christian go away. But we think she forgot the word Mormon. She told us, I baptized Mormon. She showed us a picture and she was baptized in Apple Valley ward like 6 years ago. Man I was so grateful. We went to pick them up for Church and they were all ready to go. Another Ethiopian member that is probs less active came as well, so we had 6 Ethiopians come to Church. It was awesome. The 2 little kids kind of freaked out in Sacrament meeting but it was all good.  So I was just bummed out lately because of a few things but God always knows where we are and who is prepared. 
 Also I was just sick of teaching only 4 member presents a week. So I set up tons this week. Some fell through but we got 8! Finally. We need to keep doing that and we will Baptize. A few people didn't come to church that we wish would but I was happy. 
Our Zone jumped in date sets, last night we went to the Presidents Fireside with our investigator Sister Matson, it was cool to see some people I interviewed for Elder Lawtons area speak there. It is cool to see the broad span of those coming unto Jesus Christ in our Zone. 
This morning Cars got grounded but we didn't get the text. It was sad, President called me and I was like hey we didn't get the text. We also went to other Missionaries apartment and the office called us and said our weekly Zone reports didn't fax in. It stunk. 
I also saw a girl yesterday that I taught the restoration. It was cool to see her. She has been Baptized for like 7 months. I love seeing people after they are Baptized and stuff. Well my miracle up there was  my miracle story. The Church is true. I am learning a lot. Different skills and attributes and what Discipleship means. It is hard but it is awesome. I hate that  I am gonna go home soon. Like I am super excited to get in shape, see my friends, watch basketball, play basketball, date... But when I think about it I wish I could just stay here and teach people and do missionary work.  I have been humbled a lot, this past week we had a 4 Zone, Zone conference where President, the Assistants, someone in the Mission Presidency, and Sister Clements provide training. We had to do a lot since it was in our Zone's chapel in Lakeville. But I messed up a lot of stuff. It was even minor stuff such as no chalkboard, and we set up chairs for a role play wrong and stuff. We had people sit on the wrong side that President asked us to get them sitting on. Like small stuff like that. But if  I would have taken more time or followed directions more closely it would have been easier. It is weird I feel like I am more responsible for what I have to do as a missionary. I have learned a lot. But I don't think God expects me just to talk to a lot of people about the gospel somewhat timidly. I used to do that a lot. Take no for an answer. Or just settle giving a card away. But I have learned a lot and I know if I do that they will probably never be taught. I have learned to be persistent with people.  They may say I already go to a church, in fact a lot of times I have been able to teach the restoration right there. But the point is because of what  I have learned so far  I am held more accountable to what  I am capable of doing. I know if I could have done better, and that is probably the hardest thing. Three Baptisms  in a transfer before, I definitely know how to guide someone to the waters of Baptism and I have  also gone 6 months without a Baptism. I should be able to Baptize but I wonder if I am improving and doing as much as God wants me to do. I think not doing as much as I could in my own area has held me back. Not that like I care a ton that I haven't baptized in a little bit, but that is just one example of how I have been humbled. I know what to do now for the most part- I just have to do it. I am the most tired  I have ever been.  But I am learning the most. 
Well I love you all.  It is 20 degrees today. Nice and warm. Going on an exchange. Very nice

-Elder HAll

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