Sunday, August 24, 2014

Great Transfer 2/3/2014

It is transfer day. But I am not getting transferred. Me and Elder Caskey are still together. One of the big stories of the day is Elder Alpert my former companion in Burnsville is the new assistant. He will do great he is really smart and as goofy as me so it will be fun. Fat Alpert and Burt Mcgurt are what I call the assistants. Things are well. This week has gone well you won't hear much about the week just an update I will give you a better update next week. Sorry. I am excited for the changes in the Zone. All of the changes are awesome. We have 2 of the same district leaders. And the other district leader is Elder Clark he is going to Farmington and he is awesome. He was a district leader in my zone in St. Cloud when I was in Princeton. His district is underperforming and he works so hard and is way more obedient then me, so he is gonna do awesome things. 

Cool about Colby getting engaged! That is always fun. Sorry to hear about Grandpa Hall passing away but with people leaving our lives, people are always coming into our lives. 

Well I am writing for like 20 minutes to everyone and its cause we had a bunch of stuff. Shopping. Travel plans. And district p-day. We had a nerf war with those chair racks and a bunch of tables as barriers. It was fun. I bought this pretty boss gun that is a crossbow. The things that are fun as missionaries. Ha Ha. If I saw a nerf gun war I would totally make fun of the people doing it. Now it seems cool. Not much has changed still working hard. In fact we had a crappy week and had a miracle on Saturday. We taught 5 lessons. All restorations and got 3 new investigators. 2 standard of excellences in 1 week for 1 day. It was cool. Things are well. Me and Elder Caskey should do well this transfer.


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