Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy General Conference Weekend 4/7/2014

Hey ya'll. It is good to hear from u's guys. My weekend been good. Watched our Prophets talk bout all the good topics. Def good to hear the word of the Lord. We blessed! 

      Hahah what if I talked like that. 

General Conference weekend was good. We had 10 people committed to come to church. Five of them bailed on General Conference.  Ha one of the guys bailed on us for the second time I am gonna throw down on him when I see him. Our Mission President says it takes 6 committed people to get 3 to Church. 3 being what he wants everyone to aim for every week. We definitely saw that math this weekend. Also Sunday morning we had 2 investigators and their kids come to that session. There kids aren't used to church and are kind of nuts. Jonathon a 10 year old makes us call him Brother William Shatner. He is pretty hilarious. He got out and started shoveling all the snow in the parking lot.  It was a crazy session I was literally playing with kids the whole time and didn't watch any of the morning session. From passing balls, to drawing, to passing out candy and toys. Chasing kids around the church. It was 2 hours of that. 

My favorite session was we actually went to a part members to watch it. It was a member his wife and their baby. That was the most peaceful one. They also had a hard time going to church so we made sure to watch it with them. Needless to say my notes for this conference weren't the best! Although my favorite talk was Dallin H Oaks in the priesthood session speaking on the priesthood and women and stuff. I thought that was cool and I learned that creation and Resurrection are priesthood keys. #deep doctrine. So the part members were the Watson family, his little brother went teaching with us a bunch in Princeton and now is on a mission. I told them of our family tradition but forgot to by stuff. I ended up making crepes rather than traditional German Apple Pancakes. Man if I had a lot of time on my mission I would make so much stuff. I think I had a pretty good idea of how to make food before my mission, but i didn't do it too much. I can make a lot of stuff. I have only had 1 companion who could cook anything. I think on my mission I have been forced to try cooking. I throw down a sweet fried rice and orange chicken, curry anything, crepes!  They are super easy to make I had never tried cooking, but I just started throwing down some sugar eggs and flower and bam crepes just like that. Threw some cinnamon sugar and ice cream on it. Game over. I cook lots of stuff with chicken. Call me chef boyardee. But I am glad that I get to try making a bunch of stuff! I could probably cater the wedding. What do you say Colby?  Speaking of which- that's comin hot. Really weird haha. Well your next son won't be married for like 6 years! So don't get used to it. 
At interviews I talked to President Clements and he said he can't do anything about an extension the new mission president would have to. He also told me to go home and go to school. Anyways it was my last interview with President Clements and it made me sad. I hope to keep in contact with him he has helped me a lot. I told him I needed this mission more than any other mission in the world. Especially for obedience. Which I still am not the best but I have grown a lot as far as obedience.  That will help me forever. Honestly I have never heard of a mission that requires so much obedience as ours. Little rules like music rules or we can't even sing any song that isn't approved, is a rule and is in the mission culture. But it is awesome what greater a time to develop spiritual knowledge and wisdom in your mission as well as obedience the first law of heaven.  President Clements told me i have come a long way but still have a lot more capability in myself that he expressively said I can not see yet. He is the man. I love him. Anyways we had a great week taught many people and I am grateful to serve at this time, I tell people jokingly man if I went at 18 I would be home about two years ago. I know I was needed at this time for myself in the very least. 


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