Sunday, August 24, 2014

Abangs frozen hands:( 3/3/2014

Man so nothing else in my week matters but I feel so bad. We had a great week led the Zone with all of the key indicators in almost everything. Our Zone is doing the best and should have the most baptisms out of the twelve Zones in the Mission this month. Things are going great. But none of that matters!

Why, Saturday we went to go teach our date set named Gilo. We told her mom we would come at three o'clock. We went by with a member who only spoke Spanish. It gets pretty rough when I am the translator, haha. But the mom wasn't at home. They said she went to the bank. But it closed at three. She doesn't have a car and she is from Ethiopia and doesn't speak English very well. She went to a bank that was maybe 2 miles away. She got a ride there and took the bus back. But we went home we got a call during dinner from Gilo she worried saying, my mom isn't coming to church she hurt her hands. I assumed from the cold and just thought that she had walked from the bank. I thought it was a minor case of frostbite. We told them on the phone to put it in lukewarm water.

Then we went to the appointments we had. On Sunday morning we were going to stop by some people and we got a call from the friend of the family also Ethiopian, Ariat. She was with Abang (Gilos mom) at the ER. She said I just wanted to let you know. So we found out what hospital it was and went right there. We went to the ER room I was wearing my Leadville jacket and the doctor was a biker and asked me about when I did the Leadville 100. But as he was saying that he was taking all the skin off of her left 2 fingers. It was way worse than I thought. I feel so bad cause we should have gone over Saturday night right after it happened. I guess she took a bus the wrong way and got confused and started walking home 5 + miles with no gloves. I feel so bad for Abang. Like I just feel sick. 

We arranged the rides for the children to attend Church yesterday for the 10 year old daughter of Abang-Gilo, a 6 year old, and their 11 year old friend and a 1 1/2 year old baby. I sat by them in Sacrament meeting. We aren't supposed to hold babies but, whatever.  Elder Caskey was in another part of the chapel with a 10 year old Adhd kid who came to church with his mom for the first time. Langi is the baby, He was going nuts. Screaming sometimes, coloring on hymn books,  I could calm him down for like 10 minutes with our phone or this step counter we got. They gave all the missionaries a step counter cause 9,000 plus steps a day is what we need to stay healthy. Prob cause a lot of missionaries in our mission get depressed. Then Langi went to nursery but soon started balling, an awesome Sister in our Ward just walked with him around Church, and had another baby, and the 10 year old Adhd kid. By the way he refers to himself as William Shatner. Since we told him he was a child of God he told people, "Hi, I am William Shatner. You can call me Brother Shatner". 

That sweet lady Sister Wallace offered to help out the family as well. We had a few appointments last night but stopped by Abang's today to see how she was doing and we brought some food. She looks so bad! Her hands are bandaged but we went over there and we knew she was supposed to have an appointment with the burn unit to see what they need to do. Possible Skin grafts? That is tomorrow at 11 but she didn't have a ride so we are having Sister Wallace take her. We also found out she did not get her prescription. I asked her what pain level she was at she said a 10. They gave her a shot at the hospital and when she got her finger scraped off she said Her pain was at a 5. But she didn't have a car so she couldn't get her medicine. So we went to Wallmart and got her prescription this morning. It is just the worst. Please family keep her in your prayers. This is a woman who let her hands literally freeze while walking, so she is pretty tough, and she was at a 10 of pain all day . We gave her a blessing this morning. But she looked bad. My heart really hurts for her. Her husband is working 2 hours away without a car. Man I would have given her a ride if I knew where she was even though that is breaking a big Mission rule! Her 10 year old daughter is watching the baby, hopefully things are gonna get better now that she is taking the medicine.  Ugh. Poor Poor family... I hate it, like she is always so happy. She has a smile on her face, I don't think she knew the severity of walking outside like that, she should have gone to stores or something. Hopefully things at the burn unit go well tomorrow. I think we will spend a lot of time doing service for her and her family. I was like does it still hurt she said a little. Pain level from 1-10. She said 10. Man freak. She will be OK if her hand doesn't get infected. She has a wild baby to watch though... 

That is the scoop we just had District p-day.

Send letters If there is anything you can send for Abang Oman do it- like a note or anything.  I am sure she would appreciate it.

-Love Elder Hall

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