Monday, April 8, 2013

Summers Letter, Hi Bro 1/12/13

Email from Summer Hey Elder Hall, I love reading your emails every week and hearing about the amazing work you are doing! You are a great example to me and my family. We pray for you everyday. Myles always prays that you can be safe on your mission, it's the cutest thing ever! I know you are out in St Paul for a purpose to find specific people and bring them the gospel of Jesus Christ. Last night I went to the temple with Bryson and his parents and Kyle and Mary. We went to the Draper temple. It was so much fun I saw the Beeche's from Pepperwood there, they joked about mom and dad! I figure that is going to be what heaven is like. Lots of friends and familyg laughing and surrounding us. It brought me right back to the memories of being there with you for your first time. Seriously I almost cried thinking about how much I love you and our family! It was wonderful to have us all there on the front row together and be able to be in the temple as a family. There is nothing in the world I want more then to return to Heavenly Father in exhaultation with our entire family. Sorry to get all mushy on you, but I was touched last night and wanted you to know that I love you dearly. You are sooo special to me. I may not email you every week but you are in my thoughts and prayers daily, and at dinner we always talk about you and read your emails to the kids! You are still here. Ok quick updates from us. Myles started soccer (indoor) on Monday just a practice and he basically cried the entire time.He said he didn't feel special! So it might be a bust, I'm the coach...kinda turing into a nightmare! Hopefully it gets better??? He also tried to end preschool this week but I'm making him stay with preschool drop puts here! So he is trying to be a stinker! Skyler had strep throat and tonsilitis over christmas break, which was a huge bummer. She ended up missing 3 days of school. She is catching up now and feeling fine now. But we will have to watch her tonsils if she gets sore throats continually.The girls got thier own rooms as a surprise for christmas in the basement. Taylor has a soccer room and Sky a Cycling room. Tons of people helped pull it of. Mom made cute pillows, Season made cool wall art, the Perry's helped babysit and helped us move furniture to pull it all off. And now the girls are in heaven and there is less fighting! They even each have their own desk for homework. Taylor competed in the 5thand 6th spelling Bee. She was the last 5th grader left and she was 4th overall. She did great! Love You Papa to Summer, Great update Summer. Just read this morning from Dallas as the past week has been pretty intense with the move and speaking and travel commitments. I love you and feel the same way about how it felt to have us all on the front row in the temple...that is what heaven will feel like and it is something I would like to do more regularly as a family (maybe once a quarter or bi-monthy. Thanks for making Konnor feel special. He is truly a remarkable missionary and I am so proud of him. Thank you for your help Saturday with mom in the kitchen. She was exhausted from all she was doing and it helped lift her spirits. Hope Myles stays the course with preschool and soccer and that Sky is feeling better. See you next week after another week of travel and opportunity. With all my love, Papa Hall

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