Monday, April 8, 2013

First week 9/10/12

Hey guys i am just doing laundry and we email while we do it i just sent it to the email addresses i could remember. sharwan forward this to baylee too. but the first week is super long so much studying its just crazy i have met all the people i know here i think already. it was cool to have shane pick me up but it seems like that happens all the time. I met all of baylees friends already in here. A bunch of kids from alta some who i didn't say hi to. some i did. all i really want is a wrench maybe stamps, wrench to take apart the iron gym for when i leave. Oh and money, and stamps and whatever packages anyone wants to send me cause im not exactly free here. The mtc kind of sucks but there is a lot to learn. Im learning all i can and i believe i am trying my best. I have been getting up as close to 630 as i can 550 this morning we got screwed with the temple times but whatever. its pday and its going great. My district is awesome. my roomies are awesome. My companion is the district leader so he is in charge of us. we get mail and stuff like that. Anyways if anyone wants to hear anything write me and ill right them back. I have already memoriezed the i saw a pillar of light verse that will help for the first discussion. We are supposed to ask everyone to get baptized every lesson. We had one who was our teacher who pretends to be an investigator and me and my companion did a really good job but we didnt ask him to get baptized whatever he commited to read the book of mormon and pray about it and we gave him one. Anywways ill send pictures and stuff later but you guys gootta write me. i have had one dear elder so far well 2 from baylee and carson that was awesome they were short but i read them all the time and it was nice:) -pimp out

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