Monday, April 29, 2013

I taught like a banshee this week! 4/29/2013

It is an awesome day! The snow is pretty much gone. It is seventy degrees out. We have been doing a lot of biking. It is pretty good. Elder Cluff keeps wrecking his bike though. Man mothers day is kind of soon. But that's weird. My week has gone pretty good. We had 7 people to church. That was really cool. A Karen Investigator brought her friend to church and we are teaching her Friday. A bunch of people were sketchy that we stopped by before church even a lady who we are getting furniture today got mad at me she was like you shouldn't be so pushy about church. I was just like I don't care if you come to church it's between you and god. It is important to come to church. We are getting her mattresses and stuff today. So that is good. She has been sleeping on the floor. People in poverty can be pretty prideful it is weird. But ya Chrissy's mom came to church we taught her this week. Freddy a funny black dude came. Deanna. She is getting baptized may 18th!! Quaya her family 30 year old single mom and her 18 year old cousin. Also some Baptist lady named Sharon. It was sweet. Things are going well. I taught like a banshee this week. We through down. A 17 year old black kid also tried to bash us. I told him He doesn't pray to god about things. He doesn't know the bible and he needs to repent. I also made him read 2 Nephi 29 "thou fool that shall say a bible a bible we need no more bible... know ye not that their are more nations then one" He read it and was like this ain't the bible!! These names ain't the bible. Then I told him to repent. Will you repent. No i didn't do anything wrong. I would repent man. SO that was sweet. I might be getting a farmers tan. Things are going well though. I think Minnesota is going to get pretty hot in the summer cause i used to doubt it. Thanks for the stuff I have to hurry cause I am helping that lady. Here is a picture of us playing badminton with the Slaughters Avayah(10) and Astasia(13) I love you all.

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