Monday, April 8, 2013

Bike set up Elder Waite Trainer 10/1/12

My companion is Elder Waite from Nevada. he is a good trainer. He is cool we are gonna have fun. Ya got my bike together thanks for sending it. I hate the tape on the seat but that's ok:) I hope I am not wrecking my bike I threw it together and the front brake is rubbing I don't know how to adjust the disc brake in the front. and I stripped my right pedal pretty bad the first day so i just screwed it in there cause that's all I could do. If i need a new crank we will go to the bike shop. But i hope i don't wreck it. Im sending an email to the family. Tell our family that if they want me to email them and send them emails they need to send me one from there email. Love ya starting the family email.

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