Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference in the Mission Field 10/8/12

Hey guys! general conference was nuts! it was so awesome to hear everyone. President Monson talking about seeing the change others can make, ya dad i know that you probably enjoyed the Leadville reference. How did you get the prophet to endorse your second book like that? The announcement was crazy, there are gonna be some young people going crazy on missions. I hope they can be prepared cause i am 20 and I am not even close. But it depends on there level of effort and experience. Experience is what im learning out here. I am grateful for the opportunity to gain it. This week has been a rough week as far as the work goes. We had like 85% of people cancel on our lessons and we had a bunch of joint teachers from the ward prepared. We had a pretty rough week and it was discouraging. but as i read in Alma when he got some people to go to the Zoramites when they worshiped on that weird synagogue thing. Ramiamptum. but he prayed for success and he asked god to soften the hearts that he might bring them unto Christ. I am praying for our investigators to have softened hearts and listen to the message which we share, because i am so far from perfect at teaching it, but if i can do my part they can change and come unto Christ through the holy ghost. In Christ all things are possible. I am learning that more and more. Do ye love me? Christ said to the peter and the apostles 3 times. do we love Christ? then do his work. it was just the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. and it continues. my companion seems to think that the second coming is nigh, upon us cause of how crazy the world is. But the work is hastening with these new announcements. It is not over but it is fast approaching. We must love Christ and continue his work which he declared was most important.. to prepare people for the messiah. I think it was in Elder Ballards talk. but Woe unto me if i know these things and do not proclaim them basically. If you know these truths truly woe is unto you if you don't spread them. we don't glory, we don't honor in being missionaries. Its just what is right, what is our duty. I love Jesus Christ and I repent that he must spread his message through me, and i know i can be a better tool im gonna try my best to so that i can fulfill my purpose more. I love my family so much i am realizing it more and more. That is one of the reasons i am not homesick.. and because you guys are so supportive of me and write me well. I couldn't imagine any other family. Sometimes i used to feel like different just cause of some things that i thought. This gospel is bringing me so much closer to you guys. It is such a reward. And I hope you guys enjoyed conference because a lot of what our father the literal human one... ha. Dad. its what he has shown an example of his whole life and it helped me realize it. Eyerings talk about helping his children reach there potential of the spiritual gifts. gifts which are truly given to us by god. and we may receive more gifts as we exercise faith in him. Our weaknesses can be made strengths. Im so grateful for my dad for always influencing me and telling me and our family of this. Because its so true we are potentially divine beings, as is everyone of the children of the world. lots of things from conference that i loved. But the work here is like more than 50% foreigners, then college people, and other random people who we teach. I could use the gift of tongues. So much broken English:) Ya the African people are a little sketchy but we are trying to figure out what to do. Maybe get some soccer stuff going or get members involved so its not just us and they are fellow shipped. and we have a few people going to a Gladis Knight thing like the one she did in California i think. That will be a good experience for them. we can't go cause we are too far. all the way down in Mankato. My bike i stripped the pedals it was bad so we are picking it up today from a bike shop they had to replace the crank arms and the whole thing i think. and i am getting a coat today probably. they are expensive:( I see tanner tommorrow. YA!!!! ill take pictures. we are supposed to go on an exchange every transfer. Thats 24 hours as T-lunds companion. how sick is that. Ya buddy. cause my companion is district leader. Im gonna send pics. Oh the first package i got. Love you guys it was awesome. my family is the best mission family. thanks everyone. Mom your older but you probably don't look it! everyone says you look young! so happy late birthday last month. sorry i didn't send a special letter but i love you. i wrecked the mangos during general conference. Elder Waite laughed when he got the book. hes like its like he knows me. i said i told him you said fetch a lot. He is eating those steak strips a lot. haha they are thick. i am taking the vitamins everyday. Thanks for helping me with my health. I work out decently well every morning. I am a lot more swollen than i was a month ago. swole =buff/strong. Elder Waite is trying to slim down before he goes home he gets up early to exercise. 6 months to sexy is what they call it he has like 3 1/2. any tips dad you are pretty good at it? dad you have my mission home info... i dont even have my mission home stuff but i wrote you guys from my apartment did you get it? That's where i live. Do you know any people around mankato/stpeter/mapleton? its a pretty big area so all the stuff surrounding is our area. Love you all.

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