Monday, April 8, 2013

Testimony of Service 1/28/13

Some of my experiences this week as written in my weekly letter to President. They were detailed and good stories so i felt to include them:) When we contacted on our Zone Training day that made us late for Interviews Elder Davidson and I actually talked to a woman on the street named Benita. She said she was being into her church but we got to talking and she said she was moving soon. We said we could help and she actually said that she needed it. So we got her information. Ended up calling her a few days later to set up a time when we could help. We set up a time to stop by and see all the stuff that she had to move. We looked all at all the stuff we would be moving. Met her daughter who is 6 and very intelligent. Benita is a single mother of 2, about 34 years of age. After we said that we could handle all the stuff she is moving with just us we started talking and just asked if we could share our message. We taught her the restoration and it was amazing. Things never felt so clear as she understood and accepted everything. She said that it answered all of her questions we gave her a Book of Mormon and one for her daughter(14). She said she would be baptized. We asked where exactly she was moving so that we could let the other missionaries know. And She immediately said that she did not want any other missionaries. But then we found out that she was moving to Frogtown in our area and it was cool even though we won't be here forever it was a tender mercy that just further reassurance that everything was perfectly in tune with the spirit. We are moving her this week and giving her a church tour on Saturday. Another example of service was yesterday we were calling an investigator seeing how they were doing and she said she was good, I felt to ask her if she was ok with food. She said it was actually pretty bad. We called a member to help gathered some things to give her and the member got some food together and dropped it off. It really softened her heart. She (Tara) read the Book of Mormon for the first time sincerely and was texting us today about it. If anything i feel like I have gained a testimony of service this week. I love it I wish I could serve everyone. I am going to be bold and serve people.

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