Monday, April 8, 2013

Yeah Christmas call to the Family 12/24/12

Hey, everyone Just emailing real quick we get an hour to email today before tomorrow i was thinking of calling dad around like 9 am and coordinating Skype so watch out for that we will figure everything out than. that is my plan. My week has been good took over the area have elder Lawton and i hope i can keep the work up. Christmas eve and Christmas day are weird days to be missionaries. But our district is going over to brother Thibadau's Christmas dinner/nativity with there family tonight and that sounds super fun we got permission to do that. It will be legit. I know we can have success this transfer but its up to me that kind of worries me... but elder Lawton is a good missionary once he learns the area he is gonna help me a lot. Man i can't wait to talk to you guys. It will be good. I am doing pretty good, slightly stressed which is weird I don't get stressed too much. We are only supposed to make 1 call. But no way am I gonna miss out on talking to Summer and Bryson's family! so i will call them as well. but probably wont make any calls other than that. Maybe people could join in on a Skype call. Idk but i will call dad tomorrow 9 ish I and coordinate the Skype and calls then Skype when we get to a members. And Maybe call Summers family after that too. It will be like an hour though as dad said to keep to mission protocol. Rules are crazy son!! ha im doing really well though. It has been really good for me. Other than that i sent you a Christmas package that maybe you got idk it is at the mail crap. but We are gonna find those who we can teach today see how that goes hahah people will probably be mad. is actually kind of city ghetto in some places here. I saved all my presents for tomorrow morning! ahhh it almost feels the same. Not really but it will still be really fun thanks for all the presents sent. Talk to you tomorrow. No good update sorry everyone!

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