Monday, April 8, 2013

Hard week, St Paul Cathedral tour 1/14/13

Hey, Really crappy week a kid who was supposed to get baptized next week Antonio dropped us. He can make his own decisions that is what I told him but it was really hard he doesn't come from the best family life. His little brother Toriano who is like 12 and 4"8 is so good at basketball... he didn't come to church much was crying when we went over. And a lady who had been seeing the missionaries for like 10 years died saturday night. We are gonna go to her funeral it was the worst thing ever. Plus I was by myself at church cause elder Lawton was with Elder Ashby it was really weird... but Um a person named Michae'la smith is getting baptized on saturday... hopefully she has an interview with president on thursday night but we are planning on her baptism being on saturday. But I know the Lord can do all things. Ya we just went to the St Paul Cathedral, and The Capitol Building did some tours there. The Cathedral tour guide was pretty funny with having us. "The pope's secretary got a call from Jesus... he told the pope I have good news and bad news " pop e"well whats the good news"? Jesus is calling. "What is the bad news?" The call is from Salt Lake. Ya it was interesting. Keep writing me family! Hey the St Paul Cathedral is doing that Red Bull downhill skating race stuff that is in St Paul i guess i watched it last year. I might go idk if we can but that would be cool. Thank you for all the support Pray for the missionaries! Pray for oppurtunities to do missionary work yourself. I am pretty sure all of you guys are better missionaries then me.. except wany. Just kidding. But share what makes us happy. And that is the Truth about the Son of God. I think i am just starting on my conversion process. Wish me luck I love you all so much! Sorry i have slacked at writing! Pdays are like 2 seconds long!!! Lauren Gilbert got her mission call to Ireland call her or hit her up on facebook and congratulate her!!! Love you all. Salaam

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