Monday, April 8, 2013

Shout out to Colin and Sam for Missions 10/15/12

jeez our family is big! but i think i got everyone summer emailed me finally. Love you all. Hope Taylor is ok, tell grandpa good luck with stuff. and forward stuff to bishop and stake president i don't think i will have time to write them that much. Its crazy. but Last week i said that like all of our appointments cancelled. Well this week we had an awesome week! we had 6 new investigators this week. because we are focusing on not having potential investigators and having actual investigators on the spot and teaching them then and there. Its pretty sweet our zone average this week was 3.1 . which is really good. we are the only zone doing the no future investigator thing. We are going to teach some phillipino ladies this week from Manilla island. Um a bunch of Sudanese people we always teach. This super cool old Methodist couple lets us in and gave us cookies and hot chocolate. Larry and Beth he was so nice! Last week we had so much success. We went to see if a guy who was kind of interested was home. Ryan he was but he was busy or it was a bad time. I followed a prompting to talk to this guy smoking on his porch across the street that id had ever since we parked. We walk up and he is like "what are you selling?" hahah we explained we were missionaries we just talked to him about his religion and god and where he was at. He was a super cool guy he is 26 and his name is Dan. He was super chill and told us experiences that his lungs collapsed and he was filled with comfort from god. he knew he had a purpose. I identified that as the holy ghost. he is non denominational christian we just explained him what we are about and what the book of Mormon is about. We are meeting with him Thursday. Experiences like that are going to happen all the time. It happens my second week where i went to the wrong house on an exchange with another new elder and found a lady whos sis in law joined the church. she didn't want to meet with us her husband wants to learn about it from his family. But that's ok. our job is to talk to everyone so that they may be prepared by god and i know that they are being prepared. some days are hard. some weeks are too. But the mission is up and down and i've heard you only remember the good experiences. Also yesterday we met with this lady who we gave 4 Gladys knight tickets, she didn't end up going .. that would have helped a ton none of our investigators went. Felicia her name is searching for purpose and we taught her and her 13 year old son the plan of salvation. on earthly life we got to baptism she said she was baptized at 10 and doesn't feel washed clean and renewed! go spirit. but we taught her and i asked her to prepare for baptism and to prepare for the 3rd Saturday of November she said yes and she knew that the lord could help her get ready by that date. Her son said he would prepare. we talked about temples a little bit and i pulled out an old for the strength of youth to show him a temple. and i gave him it. His mom loved it. he is a super cool kid i pray they commit to things tho. church this Sunday, reading and praying about the bom. cause a lot of people are sketchy. but that was my week. i am blessed. this week we are fishing later today for pday. Tomorrow we have training meeting at the mission home ill see my old district. Wednesday exchanges with the AP and Thursday district meeting. Tlund time! haha i saw him last Tuesday at zone training. we went to Wendy's it felt so weird just like old times. we wont be in our area much this week but the time we are is packed with stuff. Tonight baptismal interviews with zone leaders for our little girl. all that stuff then Wednesday night like 3 or 4 appointments when we get back and missionary day at the ward so the kids need people to teach. and elders quorum activity Saturday. i want a lot of people to come to that. I love this work, i love Jesus Christ more and more everyday. Its not easy, just like people told me... but how dare i ask for it to be easy compared to what the savior went through. Have a fun October! until next week! Oh Sam extended his basketball scholarship for the mish! Tell him he is a stud! What an example to me. Tell Colin good luck from me that is a cool mission call. LOVE YOU ALL!

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