Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter from Dad, Tracting in Eden Prairie Xango affiliate 3/11/13

I was tracting with another trainer in bloomington wednesday. Well Eden Prairie and we talked to a lady who had an afiliation with xango. And she had met you and had a signed book from you(wisconsin) although she lives in Eden Prairie. She then softened her heart a little bit and her and her pastor husband should be meeting with the missionaries soon. that was pretty cool to talk to someone that met you. I would have drafted Paul George, I told colby to remember that in a few years. Remind him. Man my old zone leader his uncle is dave? checketts he was a gm for the knicks and worked in the jazz and owned rsl. Recently sold the team. That would be so fun to be a gm. We will see though. I guess right out of byu he got to be gm of the knicks. I did not know it was that easy back then. letter coming in hot. send food in it if ya want. I am chubbs anyways. Dear Konnor, We are sending a package off this week for you and your new companion. What is his name and where is he from? Take lots of pictures (we will send you a few more memory cards so you can send them back in a latter every 3-4 weeks) as his parents will appreciate that. I recommend you write them a letter this week and tell them how much you enjoy their son and how you will serve and lead him with devotion and love (and that you will make sure to have lots of fun as well). That is every parents dream to have their son with a trainer who cares and who will make it fun for their new Elder. I trained twice and it was a highlight on my mission both times. The key is to set the example of getting up on time, studying and memorizing, being prayerful, and having fun by working hard and being yourself. I used to serve them by cooking breakfast and lunch and cleaning up so they would have extra time to memorize their scriptures and get up to speed on the discussions. They key is to go out of your way to serve them. Think of how hard it was for you to start your mission and how your trainer was your life line to this new journey. Your Mission President must have a lot of confidence in you to call you as a trainer so soon (and six months is soon!). I'll make sure to send a signed copy of Aspire for your new companion as well in this package that will go out in the next few days with letters and other items. I fly out to Portland tonight to speak for American Pacific Mortgage tomorrow and Wednesday. I spoke for them in Universal City last week and after I was done I got on my mountain bike in Pacific Palisades and rode on the beach trail all the way down to Redondo Beach (went west of LAX and all the stress of Los Angeles). I did that ride on my mission while training one of my new companions (Dave Williams who you have seen on facebook) on a PD with our district and it was so fun to do that again after all of these years. When we rode it we didn't know there was a path on the beach and took Sepulveda Blvd. down most of the way until we hooked on the path. I left late and it was pretty chilly so I bundled up and put my night lights on and when I got to the turn around point I realized that I had left my car in a tow away zone if it was till there at 10 pm so half way back I flagged down a taxi and put my bike in (people told me that it looked strange to be putting a bike in a taxi when I should have been riding it) and the driver sped off aggressively pushing yellow (and a one red) lights to get me there at 9:59 pm before my care was towed. Whew!! I can't wait to go back and do that ride in the day when it is a little warmer without any time pressures to get my car off the street. Spent the weekend in St. George with the Vidmar's as Peter is training for the Ironman their the first week of May and he had a couple of other animals come down and ride 4 hours with him before they ran for an hour. I worked out with Peter in the garage and definitely need to up my game. I rode my bike for a couple of hours on the cliff and trails behind our house and am actually riding some technical sections that i would have never considered attempting a year ago. So the technical biking their will be really good for me in the long run. I've let my fitness slip a bit in January and February and am getting back on track now. Jazz update—the fans are calling to have Coach Corbin fired as they lost all four games on their last road trip...three games were lost by one point or on last second shots or possessions. The young guys are playing phenomenal but even if they have a killer game they don't play much the next game because the veterans get a lot of time. Favors was having a career night last week against Milwaukee with 23 points and 15 rebounds and didn't play the last 1 1/2 quarters of the game after being an absolute monster and they lost by one point. Kanter is actually playing better than Favors and is so much better at this point than I ever thought he would be. Hayward is the white mamba but still can't close out a game with a big shot or assist and Burks was solid as solid while getting time while Mo Williams was down with a hand injury but now they get limited time and the fans aren't happy. The Lakers just overtook us for the 8th playoff spot and unless they turn things around quickly they won't make the playoffs and the coach will likely get sent packing. That's it for now son. Love you so much. Can't wait to read to your update. Love Papa

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