Monday, April 8, 2013

I can talk to people about most sports! It's my niche. Getting colder. 10/29/12

This week went well! i had an exchange with elder lund. Pictures were sent to my dad so he has them. It was good. we also had a baptism. This girl named ixannah ramirez hard name to pronounce but her family was inactive/part member it was kind of a freeby but the baptism was a cool experience. Her dad has had the priesthood for a little bit. His mom and sister were there who weren't members good experience for them. they live in oregon. But we had a decent week taught a few investigators picked a ton up but they just cant seem to commit or come to church or stay solid:( but at dinner yesterday at a partmembers house a lot of extended family was there and this member whos wife isn't a member said she wants to get baptized! ca-ching. Oh yesterday we met a guy from ghana colby will like this i was trying to remember what soccer player was from there we were talking about soccer and i was like is drogba the really good player from ghana? and hes like no its michael essian. and we talked about michael essian. This ghana guy has a friend on a mission it was sweet. I can talk to people about most sports! its my niche. I talked to this guy from houston about the rockets and he was pretty set on being on his way southern baptist black kid. and i got him to take a card and check out at least. It is getting a little bit colder and i got a beanie and some north face gloves to go along with my north face jacket. Its not too bad yet but it still gets chilly. I think suncrest prepared me well! although its not like i was out much in the winter! the hardest part is biking in the headwinds they are pretty strong. but tough work is awesome. I can't thank you guys enough.. your support, your poems, your letters, dad wrote me about Carson getting his mission call to riverside CA he used to live over there that would be a cool mission. I'd trade him. Dad can tell him what to expect out of missionary work over there! Love the kid go to his farewell. Crazy about that hurricane! what the eastcoast. I haven't ever heard of a hurrican that far up but stuff happens i guess! Good call to stay home dad ha. I'm not sure what else i saw this ring around the moon clouds in a perfect circle i don't know what that is about. We have a trunk or treat on tuesday hope we can get people to that. On halloween it might get crazy we have a lesson with a college girl up on campus wish me luck we got invited in to a college apartment and people were drinking and partying and this kid was in a really tight costume it was pretty crazy/funny he was some coach from madtv i don't watch it but it was funny. So thats what i can expect on Wednesday! I'm not dressing up... Sad:( Look forward to this week and hope everyone is well. I love everyone! I second the testimony of the prophets and apostles. There is a living Savior, he is the light and the way, He lives, He helps me so much everyday. I'm not even that good of a person now, but he helped me from what i was and where i could have been in life had i not followed his light, i forsake him daily.. i realize that a lot more on my mission but its like elder Eyerings talk the canvas in the way isn't god forsaking us. Its because we put it there. I love him. I love the family and friends that i have been given. It scares me to know whats on the line so im gonna try hard! haha Pray for me, pray for the missionary efforts around you. They are everywhere this gospel is true. Why not share it? ILL leave ya with that. house that for a closing remark Love elder hall

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