Monday, April 8, 2013

Transfers Hello Elder Lund-Photos Elder Hall 4/8/2013 4/15/2013

Hey it is transfer monday! man i am going to thunder bay canada!!!... not i am staying in north st paul with Elder Cluff I am excited the only one who is leaving is elder Shreestha the Elder From Nepal. Elder Mumford is staying And I love him a lot. one of my favorite Mumfords I have met. and sons. I am gonna miss him. I will see him again. I have 6 more weeks here so you all know. No one else is living. Elder Lund is coming back up to st paul. Not in the same zone but he lives in my area. So that will be sweet! maybe he can come to a baptism we have or something. So ya we got our transfers by email today just a list of where everyone is. With all the new missionaries that is what they are doing. Man it was a good week. We got 5 to church. Deanna the lady who wants to get baptized did not end up going cause she was sick and she is really solid. So it was a good week of getting people to church. Tara a single mom came with her kids, Laura and her 8 year old daughter (30 year old lady) and the part member family the slaughters came. Sister slaughter was baptized a few years ago but has kind of been inactive until the missionaries started meeting back up with her. She bore her testimony this sunday and I went right after her. We had 2 really good smack down lessons with Deanna, the law of chastity and also the word of wisdom. She wants to live them. she just lives with a fiance. We set a baptisimal date with her for may 11th so that she really decides what she is going to do soon. She has recieved a witness I believe. I think the Slaughters will be baptized June 29th! they are really awesome. I will probably be gone by then. but whateves. It has been a good week. We have found this family who had a child die from a tv falling on the kids head. They are really sad we want to go to the funeral. It has been a pretty good week, a little crazy but missionary work always is. There are miracles and me sticking with this area we are starting to reap what we sow I believe. Which is super sweet. I know the gospel helps people. I don't know too much but I am learning a lot and gaining a testimony of a lot. I am not training Elder Cluff anymore which will be sweet. I am more greeny breaking him than anything. Than in 6 weeks I will have been out 9 months. Weird this hasnt felt like 6 weeks although it has been super weird. But I am learning to love people. I wasnt very loving before and I am still not that much but I am getting there. Man It is snowing here again and it is cold. I freaking hate it. It was like 50s and a little warm for one week now its back to gay. missionary work is funny. The ward is helping english out a lot because there is starting to be a little bit of success. Where as the last transfer i had with elder Lawton was not very good and successful we did not see the ward at all. But I am working pretty hard I believe. Now I don't have to train Elder Cluff and we are just going to wreck people and teach more and baptize more. It is awesome. thanks for the support. -Make it bacon <3 elder hall

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