Monday, April 8, 2013

Frogtown 12/31/12

2013 is almost about to start! crazy. last day of the year which means i can open Starr's package tonight! I hope things are going well and wish a wonderful new year on everybody! I feel like tiny tim. So we have 3 date sets in January. At the beginning of the transfer I told him we have a lot of work going on in our area and that we could get a baptism even if we had no teaching pool. I wrote down a 3 for baptisms. Now It looks like we are going to get 3 baptisms this January, 2 that we have been teaching that are pretty solid and one that is an investigator in another area but is moving to our area!. But there is a lot more success to be had than just that. Our teaching pool is different then I am used to it is changing a lot. So there are good things coming! Michae'la Smith (My-Key-Uh) on the 12th Antonio Jackson on the 26th (16 year old with a gnarly beard who quit the ganja aka the sticky icky aka weed aka marijuana to get baptized i freaking love him he is my hero) and Phillip Sware on the 26th(taught by other missionaries no idea what he is about but he wants to get baptized. Ya tomorrow is our pday so we get to email today i guess cause the libraries will be closed tomorrow we are just emailing. I had some nuts all you can eat Italian pasta just barely so i am super full. We will be heading to a place called frogtown sometime this week a little bit. Frogtown is like gang central/ghetto I drove by like once with Elder Mumford he was scared to go to ghetto places. But Pray for us! I just hope I can keep the success going that we have been having here. The last 2 weeks have probably been the hardest of my mission so far. Hardest in a good way but Hard I think cause of the responsibility, I hate it ha. It is blind leading the blind basically but I act like I know what I am doing. I think I will learn a lot how to accept the lords will. Cause it is hard to do it by yourself. Man i like no one telling me what to do cause trainers do that a lot, but someone who won't do that. But who knows a lot about missionary work. Elder Lawton and I get along really well he is from Heber. Loves frisbee. I can see this transfer that my contacting is really good my first 2 transfers i feel like i was a terrible missionary now i can see some good qualities starting to be acquired. I wrote down in my planner once "The more personal a contact or a lesson is, the more they take the message into their hearts personally" or something like that -Elder Hall. I think that is the biggest strength that i have found. Because a lot of the times it is just -we are from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, or -we are just out spreading a message about Jesus Christ or -We just a couple missionaries have you ever talked to missionaries before? In PMG it says not to be rote. That is exactly it. I know i have used those just as a scape goat but I am tremendously successful when I ask someone how they are doing, ask there Interests then the conversation means much more to them. Teaching has improved a long way to go. but being personal with people i'm doing well at. Elder Lawton is a good missionary we are going to learn a lot and grow based off of the situation that we are in. I hope I can teach him to put himself in the work be personable and energetic. (something that i have a smidgeon of what Elder Mumford had you guys have no idea) I think i will stay and be more obedient with Elder Lawton. Be a more by the book missionary, and most Importantly I know I can have fun with him cause we are equal on the missionary food chain. We are each others moms as they call it. Holy Cow Elder Shresta just scared the crap out of me he grabbed my shoulder while i was typing this i did not know that the other missionaries were here. It was really good to see and talk to all of you on Christmas day. The only things i forgot to ask was if while moving you find my old (newish) scriptures or cases you send them. Cause I have my 8 year old set. and they are gonna be pretty trashed by 6 months out probably. I like the responsibility don't get me wrong i just want you guys to be sympathetic and to pray for the lord to help me. I can do that too. Also pray for missionary efforts where you guys live... cause that's what President Hinckley counsels us to do and I love that man. It will be easier to do this when i have more experience or go to a stixy Area. (stix=farmville) not the facebook game. The first time I wished that the setting setting apart would come sooner was this transfer just because it feels harder... but I will be talking to Jesus Christ someone who knows a little bit about burdens. I need to receive the Lords help. Well probably talk to Heavenly Father in Christs name. I don't exactly know how prayer works. Does Jesus Christ hear all prayers cause they are in his name than they just go to heavenly father? We don't pray to Jesus Christ right? I know Catholics pray to saints. Did you know that to be a saint in the catholic church it takes 3 legit miracles then you are a saint. I wonder if you have to be catholic to be a Saint cause I would want to be one. I feel like I will end life with 3 legitimate miracles. But I guess Mary wasn't Catholic either and she is a saint. But Either way we cant just pray to anyone we want. Anyways Just like President Uchtdorfs talk described the 2 parts to gifts. See what I did there. Did you guys watch that? good talk. I need to receive is what I learned. Um I don't think there is any more business. Love you all have a happy and blessed New year. Work hard be the best at what you want!! ha have fun setting the goal stuff with dad;) I love you! -Elder Konnor

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