Monday, April 8, 2013

Minnesota week one and what I may need for the whole Mission! 10/1/12

First week. Mankato area! st peter is a city that's more well known. Mankato has MSU Minnesota state university in it. I will be honest it is a party school and last week was homecoming. its kinda nuts. It will be a test of faith for sure. Elder Waite is my trainer hes from Nevada. in between mesquite and Vegas. he is cool. 6"2 230 pound football kid. he says fetch like every sentence ha. we are gonna have fun and hes teaching me to work hard. he is a good trainer. I'm really out here! I have taught lessons and i can improve on that but not bad for my first real lessons. i am comfortable with talking to everyone!! i just need to be direct and better at teaching people in these lessons. that will come. we are working hard. Missionary lifestyle and rules are hard but that's ok! Here is the kicker. Elder Lund is in my district. Tanner Lund the one and only T lund. He is 60 miles away from here. there are only 2 teams (companion-ships) in my district and it's me and elder Waite him and Elder Acey. We are prob gonna do some pdays together not today though. And a few exchanges. It will be so cool. I talk to him on the phone a bunch cause my comp is the district leader. and you can call your district or zone whenever you want. Lund just got to the area just like i did. I would bet we have 2 transfers/3 months together in the district. Cause i get trained for 3 months for sure here. And he just got here. How crazy is that. What are the odds. 196 missionaries in the mission. idk how many missions are in the ward. and we are the closest we can get without being companions. I am being obedient. Moreso than in the mtc. and I'm gonna try hard at that. I miss all you guys. If you wanna get emails from me. YOU HAVE TO EMAIL me here. Missing out on some emails. Wany there is a letter coming. Dad has the mission home address send stuff there if you are gonna occasionally do it or if you think I might get transferred. or something big like cheesecake... mom so it doesn't get lost. But if your gonna send a package in the next month or whatever it should be fine. Ya dad i want Nuskin stuff. I gained like 7 pounds in the mtc but I am losing it out here. Am probably gaining some muscle just cause i do random stuff everyday. Members don't really feed you as much as Cali mission or Colby's in the area in Florida-I am in:) Packages with mix, cookies, rolls, candy, more mangos:) would be appreciated. I don't have the apartment address but I am writing wany/mom and dad today and I'll give the address. First teaching. There is so much diversity here. Sudanese people from Anewar and Newar tribes or something. Muslim people. Mankato just south of St Peter. Ya I hope I am doing well. Taught a bunch of people and tracted. Bore my testimony on Sunday it was fast Sunday. We need to get an in with the members. It's not like Coto Dad. So we gotta get used to that. The area is so spread out. some families drive 2 hours to church. So diverse Elder Waite said you can't tell who the members and nonmembers are. Ha hah. our apartment is the second oldest in the mission. Almost every other apartment has weight sets benches and stuff. So that's a bummer. But having a good pday. Time is weird here. I don't like it. I will write you guys! Keep ya posted. ummmm.... keep me in your prayers. loved Summers pictures and wrote her fam back. Starr's letter is in there. so if you wanna send me a package of Nuskin stuff Dad, I'll take it. Oh maybe a pair of pants. Non suit ones or suit idc and the garments I like if you guys are feelin it i will be fine. Oh and the slip on shoes church style that I brought. Two shoes isn't much. 3 would be good. A new one of those maybe. Sorry if that's a lot. Just thinking about for the whole mission. 3 pant bottoms seems like not that much and like 8 garments isn't a lot either. But that's all I can think of. Just send to mission home unless you get my address from letters. Ya doin well hope the family is doing well. You guys are awesome. I am not fat don't worry. I will stay the same or lose weight in this area:) I am awesome tell bishop Minick Hi. I got some letters from him. Let President Holmes and him know im doing well. And on to pday love you guys. Email me if you want the priveledge.

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