Monday, April 8, 2013

50 Investigators for Christmas dinner, nuts. 12/10/12

Hey everyone, My week has been super good! I went on exchanges twice this week. one with my district leader elder Wolz, and then with My Zone Leader who is Dinkytown at the U of M, Elder Checketts, dad do you know Dave Checketts RSL owner, Knicks gm manager and he worked with the jazz for a while too? that is elder Checkett's uncle. Elder Checkett's is a soccer player and he was trained for the first part of his training by Elder Waite as well. They have so much contacting at Dinkytown. That is how they find. I never contacted that much in Mankato. We didn't do too much finding down there. Our week has been crazy. This weekend Sunday and Monday we had a huge snow storm and we were not allowed to drive our cars yesterday or today. The Nepali Elders rode to our apartment and we played in the snow and walked to a members together it was pretty fun. Karen is on there own. But the snow hit we got like 10 inches probably pretty good storm. It isn't cold though so Idk it seems like it will melt unless it gets colder. But during church and all through the night it snowed we stayed in our apartments but we got a ride to a dinner and a ride to Chrissy's. She gave me a "big boy" wallet cause of my camo one. She gets baptized in a week. She is so awesome. Also John Freiberg got baptized on Saturday he is so awkward its awesome. But he has been getting haircut and wearing suits. The gospel is changing him. He met his 17 year old Mormon girlfriend on World of Warcraft and they are engaged. He is moving to Utah after his dad who is poor health whom he lives with and assists dies. He is a good guy and interesting but he is a goof. We have tons of lessons all the time but The exchange that we had where i took our area over was awesome i felt good about it because in a week i think i will stay here and get another companion. and take over the area. We went sledding and tackled each other in the snow and everything it was super fun. We will probably play some board games at the Williams (members). Don't be afraid to send me Christmas gifts yall:) no i know you are all the best family i get stuff from everyone it is great. Where is everyone going to be for Christmas so i know who to call. Lemme know. I am working on a package to send home if there is anything you all want to me to send let me know. We have a little Christmas cloth tree Elder Mumford's family sent him. i have a stocking and candles for the holiday spirit. Christmas time is here.... we had the Christmas dinner this weekend too! We had 50 investigators there and like 270 people. That is nuts! It was super good. The missionaries sang o Come o Come Emanuel. I love you guys can't wait to talk to you coming soon. I am almost 20 and a half, i hate being old. We are working hard I am trying to improve. I don't think i am going to be training in a week so don't worry about that probably get an older companion or keep Elder Mumford. He needs to be a leader though. He is super crazy and goofy. Being a zone leader would be good for him. We get to watch a movie on Wednesday and have our zone conference. Go Christmas time! Love you guys Idk what else there is. I will write everyone back today. -Elder Mirin

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