Monday, April 8, 2013

Elder Reusche Homecoming 2/4/13

Hey guys I am doing well, Had kind of a poor teaching week. We taught like 8 lessons. Which is like half of what we normally do. So it was kind of stinky but that is ok. We have like 8 elders at the library. Cities are the place to be. It's sweet ha we have been hanging out and doing studies at our apartment this morning. This is all going by super fast! I feel like in the blink of an eye I will be talking to you guys on Mother's day. Today is Elder Shreestha's birthday we grabbed him and gave him 24 birthday spankings. It was pretty funny. He is 23 in America but 24 in Nepal? Idk hey Elder Reusche's Homecoming is next Sunday! everyone go. He lives by alpine Elementary. figure it out on He is super cool! man well this week we had dinner with an Investigator at a member's home she has 2 kids and the members were really old. but it was really good. It has been pretty cold the last week of January like -10 but it has warmed back up to a balmy 10 degrees. Its easier to handle the cold when you are not forced to go out all the time. We biked like 20 miles one of the days cause it was the last day of the month. No miles. I want a bike area when it is warmer though that would be pretty chill:) There are some decent people we have found to teach lately but the area could be a lot better. I am going to try to make that happen that is my goal. There is a lot of potential with this area. Go Ravens!!!!!! RAY L. son. hahaha idk if you all watched. We were at these crazy peoples house and saw the lights go out. That is kind of nuts. I promise i don't go over to peoples house's as a plan cause i know they will be watching football it just happens. Any good commercials. Colby send me funny reddits sometime. It is getting slightly warmer. Have a happy February. Valentines day is coming up. Spend it with someone special. Man i just spent like 5 minutes making jokes with Elder Mumford it is good to have him back. I love you all:) Namaste. Salud.

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