Monday, April 29, 2013

Hard week- 4/22/2013

Man kind of a bummer week. We had a sweet temple trip with deanna our investigator but her boyfriend is hating us and she didnt come to church a lot of the people we teach and work with got anti'd. Even the young slaughter girls that we teach whose mom is a member their grandmother died. I think it has just been a week for perseverance. With Success comes opposition and i know that is true. I feel like there is no one who will be baptized without a tremendous amount of opposition. It has also snowed a ton. We were not allowed to drive one day from a snow storm because the cars were grounded so we just went to a members house and borrowed shovels and went on a street and asked people if we could help. Not the crazy best week I have had on my mission. But it is times like those when you see tender mercies. Elder cluff is a little down and out. He had a lady chew him out. she was really weird but he did make her cry. But I know its important to love everyone. Jesus worked with a lot of weird people. There was also a family who had a death of their 8 year old. A Television fell on his head. They had his funeral at a black baptist church. It was crazy! there were Halleluhahs everywhere. Music during the prayers. Crazy southern baptist preaching. The mom was super upset and sad. The preacher was like LORD when you left you promised us the comforter! send us the comforter LORD this mother needs it lord send it lord(low key piano cords playing) Send it !! times 5. That was just during the opening prayer he yelled stuff like that. Its ok we baptized that preachers daughter. Michae'la. I do like things a little more reverant and not sacreligious. Sometimes our church is too boring. but whatever. I know that would be a better aspect to improve, as i have been getting people we teach to church you pray that someone doesn't just talk about crazy deep doctrine or weird stuff. As long as it edifies in some way than that is sweet. But Not too much is up. I saw tanner yesterday i gave him some referals and we saw him on the street. We are playing basketball today. I am stoked. He has 3 months left. I guess he went home for 4 days and his mom was wanting him to not go back to his mission. Don't ever do that to me. Man mothers day is soon as well. That will be cool. Everyone should be in the same place for that. that would be cool. If not its ok year and a half right? haha. I love you all. Write me or something. Til next weeeek -Cha-pa-doh

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