Monday, April 8, 2013

Training in FLOW (Faith, Love, Obedience, Works) 3/11/13

Ya i am training! ... weird. His name is Elder Weatherford he is like 6"5 and from Snowflake Arizona. It is in the Mountains i guess and it snows there. A hugely populated Mormon town. He is doing good. He is a little nervous at some stuff. But the sooner he knocks that stuff off the better he will be a great missionary. He is 18. pretty young. He is a little homesick i think. It is weird i have never been homesick ever. I remember Kevin Stapleton at campouts would like freak out, i never did that. So i am doing my best to serve him. I think he is glad to have me as a companion. There are some goofy trainers. Some experienced and cool. That would probably be the best but I am not the worst I don't think. I am just focusing on love with him. I try to love and be nice but I am not the most loving person. I sometimes am pretty independent in somethings. But i am excited. We are just teaching crazy people(finding). Life is crazy on a mission but it is going good. So ya i went to transfers. saw some people. Haven't seen tanner in a while. Just did tracting all Wednesday with one of the other guys who is training. And then had the training meeting and got home. Elder Mumford and Elder Shreesta already pranked Elder Weatherford and acted like Elder Shreesta did not know English. We left them alone for 5 minutes and Elder Shreesta just played dumb. It is awesome. We are going bowling today with our new big 8 person district and some Karen people. One of our members Bruce totally slept in through church and didn't give one of our investigators a ride. Which is lame he totally thinks we are like unreliable, but whateves. I am working really hard this week. Leadership is kind of lame. But i hope i can be a good example for Elder Weatherford and serve him and help him. So we had our meeting where we all get our trainee's and stuff. We are pushing for March Madness and stuff. Someone send me a bracket of what happens please. Ya our March Madness is like inviting to baptism. Which we should do anyways. It is interesting. President told us that Missionaries are allowed to email friends. From the 1st Presidency. That is kind of different. Especially in such a consecrated mission. President Clements throws down with obedience. But President is smart and knows and expects us to try our best In FLOW(faith love obedience and Works) so that is what i am trying to do. Love you all keep it up... idk what everyone should be keeping up but do it!

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