Monday, April 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Baptism Chester Lewis knows Gavin 11/19/12

hey guys, Wow north St Paul is awesome. We have a baptism this week the first day i got to the area we commited this african kid named Ismail (Ishmael) to baptism. He gets baptized this saturday he is coming with us to a thanksgiving dinner. We have 3 places to go. We will do a zone activity most likely and maybe go places together for dinner cause we can do multiple dinner with elders on holidays! Ismail is a stud he wants to play soccer in college colby hook him up with any byu information if you have any contacts there. Byu would be the best thing for him he is an 18 year old senior. HE is from liberia He is so solid he is joint teaching with us the night after he is baptized. He is a miracle there are so many miracles here. Elder mumford is my companion he is super funny a little flambouyant but we get along really well. He likes theatre and singing and stuff He is really liberal and super creative in missionary work which is awesome! I can see why he/we are having success he is a super good missionary. Today we go to a Scientology museum with one of our investigators. Her name is Chrissy she is super cool hilarious as well a little sarcastic but she has been going to church solidly for a few weeks. She just wants to check some other religions out just for fun mostly. She hasn't commited to a date but we are helping her realize that she deserves it. Its awesome, this gospel it can help her so much she just needs to take a final step. I can't wait to see what the scientology people do when we walk in ha. Also this referal whos name is John Freiburg he moved here from a job to take care of his dad who didn't always treat him the best. He is a referal/miracle he gets taught by us and online elders from salt lake, which sounds like a weird mission to be in but i guess most of those missionaries have little handicaps. Its so awesome that they have been teaching him and preparing him for us. He is like 22 he is super awkward but i love it. He got introduced in priesthood... most awkward thing i have seen on my mission but i love him he set a date for december 8th. HAHAHA Today we meet with a woman of the night who was referred to us we are bringing chrissy so that things aren't weird but ya we are teaching Mo today and she doesn't have a phone so we literally had to arrange it through her pimp. Its a # in our phone that said call this number and ask for mo. Man so much stuff has/is happening its crazy We had the mission tour with elder Gavarett a mission presidents fireside that he and president clements spoke at last week that we got chrissy to go to. Its so cool The cities are so crazy. Oh a ward missionary in our ward who was the first temple president of the temple here, president holt His daughter is sister Lundstad from suncrest ward. Also in mankato ward Chester Lewis knew the hoskins he said his little sister knew gavin. Man the gospel is true what the new houses good luck with that! super cool that trax or whatever its called is close as well. good luck with managing all that kids. Today isn't our pday but we are emailing today thanksgiving is our pday but we work today as well. I love you all i sent some info to colby as well for some cool things that you could send me. Ask Him. "I know my sheep, and they are numbered" 3nephi something we are numbered among his sheep lets increase it! go gospel k cya in 2

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