Monday, April 8, 2013

Transfer to North Saint Paul, Elder Mumford 11/5/12

hey guys! So big news this morning we got a call from president, I am getting transfered to North Saint Paul. Crazy! gonna serve in the city. My companion will be elder Mumford ... and sons. nah just elder mumford. Elder waite served with him everyone says he is cool. he seems like a good missionary. I hope we have a blast. So reminder write/package me at the mission home. I thought i was gonna be in mankato for a while. I think President kind of wants me to get away from elder Lund so we don't get distracted which we haven't too much, but it is a good idea! it was great to serve around him. Pretty sick. I'll see him soon again sometime. So where i am going is called Quoran land. There are the only quoran elders in the world except one other place. And tons of nepal people. That will be nuts. Elder Lund is going to be training. His first training. That will be pretty epic. I'll have to write/email him a bunch. Elder waite is fixing a missionary, thats what he is best at i guess. He isn't too happy but he will do well. He won't be training or district leader anymore so it will be good. Um this week... haha lets see. I had a trunk or treat with our ward and i judged the costumes. Had some good lessons with new investigators so that was good, got some members to teach with us. Halloween we taught but our stuff at night fell through. We had some pizza up on campus as a kind of dorm halloween party for food and stuff it was good. You know how i party. Not much was going on for the rest of the night. Had a little zone training for the bottom half of our zone at mankato. My zone leader elder anderson goes home so i won't be seeing him he was a good guy i liked him. We wen't to a chinese buffet with the zone. People were like what was going on. 12 missionaries there haha. Also the next day i went on an exchange with elder asay elder lunds companion. He was doing spanish work we had a good day in fairbault out of my area it was a good experience. He is actually going into english work as a zone Leader. Elder Asay is one of the best missionaries i have seen, but also really chill kind of like elder andre. So I spent the night in faribault with him, there neighbors are wierd they share a garage and they had a deer carcus hanging but it wasn't skinned. Creepy hunting is pretty big here. And the manakato basketball hoop is like 10 "2. Cause i could almost dunk at faribault. Ya i get up. When we got back to manakato we had a zone activity sort of thing and did an Enos Prayer for about 30 minutes it really strengthened my relationship with prayer thats for sure i got a lot of inpsiration from it and im going to strive to make my prayers with heavenly father that much more meaningful. After that we went to a phillipino party. Ate a TON of food. They made me try squid.. yuck i seriously almost threw up. It tastes exactly how it spells. It was like raw style. Had a bunch of other phillipino foods. I was sick of food. Then we had pictures.. phillipino ladies/ girls are obssesed with pictures. They love american men. Like they are all married to the crappiest white trash american guys.. its kind of sad. But they love it. So we had like 20 phillipino girls and ladies taking pictures with us. Running around and laughuing like a dozen cameras were out. It was nuts. and we were like what the heck is going on. Elder waite has some of the pics ill have to get them from him. Ya so it will be bittersweet wednesday i thought i was gonna be in mankato for a while but i guess not! Hey maybe write some stuff to tanner, dad, to the mission home! Man idk whats going on we haven't had investigators progressing too much in mankato and i had been praying for church attendance pretty hard so when pres clements called me he was like how was church yesterday get any investigators, i was like unfortunately no. Well you are going to an area where yesterday they had 9! the work sounds nuts and fast over there which is good and makes me nervous. Pray for me:) well I love you alllllllllllll!!!!! crazy stuff -Konnorrr aka elder hall

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