Monday, April 8, 2013

Mom is proud of you Elder Hall 3/25/13

This work of putting the families of the earth together is fast becoming the manifestation of the book of life written in our scriptures. I now see the reality of this work being complete, after many generations of sacrifice and complete faith and hope. We now stand on the shoulders of the great ones who continue to work hard on the other side of the veil. For us to see this marvelous vision and do our part. For they can not now complete it without us- and we cannot complete it without them! Amazing breakthroughs and collaboration with the heavens will occur and I do hope you will be alive to see this happen! For that matter I hope I will be blessed to be saved for this work for 1000 years. I love it! My Testimony to Konnor after attending Roots Tech Conference 2013 and learning more about Family History: Having given you a taste of world progress just in the last couple years, when you think of all the books and information we now have access to read, which book is the most correct of any other book? Which book has Gods complete guidance in the words and content, but also Gods almighty hand in the gentle timing and translation of its miraculous coming forth? Which book was protected by an angel of the Lord? Which book was prepared for our day to help us make important choices we will need to make? For nothing short of Eternal Life with our Savior Jesus Christ will be good enough for us and our families when we leave this earth. A book to help us recognize the snares and cunning tricks of the adversary? One book to treasure and to share for Jesus Christs plan to be carefully and clearly laid out before our own eyes, and a book with the Holy Ghost bearing witness of the truth of every word. A book which can be used as our personal guide through life and help us at every turn. Thank you for sharing "The Book of Mormon"! Thanks be to God, Jesus Christ, all the ancient Prophets on the American Continent, Moroni, Joseph Smith and many others who played a part in preparing this great tangible tool for the salvation of man. Thank you to you Konnor for your sacrificial part in bringing this book to the living rooms of anyone willing to listen and connect back to the tree of life everlasting. One by one you will cause Gods children to remember who they are and where they are going! Every person is incredibly loved by our Savior and he loves you so much for reaching out to everyone in need. I know for a fact how it feels to be left out, and lost and forgotten. And I know God feels every cold night his homeless lay down to meet, he saves and remembers every tear his children shed. I love you, I miss you, but I admire and respect all you are doing to use your amazing skills of fun and boldness to get the word out. Thank you son. Please send us your current address for packages, I fear I might have sent the Easter Package to your old apt:( Have you moved? Please give us a LOT of detail about your week. I want to start a Konnor Hall blog and use this for a more detailed history of your mission. This is a wonderful life with amazing opportunities, really the only limits are those imposed by the minds of the people. With Gods help anything is possible and we must all remember this. Have a wonderful Easter and Conference. It is a time to obtain the word and commit to live it. Conference is a time of love and a time of peaceful discourse, Conference is a time to feel connected to a worldwide organization. I hope that you are able to set a specific stretch goal to get many people to conference. Conference is an amazing outpouring of the spirit. Sorry this is so long, I cant help it. I love you dearly Konnor!

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