Monday, April 8, 2013

Week Two 9/24/12

Last pday here I leave Monday morning. I can call you at the airport so expect a call around 8 am give or take an hour. I'll call dads cell phone. Man i am so excited to get out there. My district practices door approaches and street contacting. I hope it's not cold there. This is the first pday where we actually have to prepare for anything... Leaving. So I gotta pack and get everything ready. I'll be doing the lords work in the real world on Wednesday! Not much has happened just a bunch of lessons and hanging out with my district and studying and reading all the time. I'm doing pretty good in the Book of Mormon for personal study still struggling with Jesus the Christ. Page 22... I love the book so much but we have to read and study according to our investigators. Not just free reading. We have had some awesome devotionals. I'll probably send some pictures later today as the computer that i am on doesn't have a card thing. So should i just leave the 2 old suitcase here and tell you guys about them when i call?. Idk I'm not homesick at all, I'm so excited to get out there and work and bring people in this dispensation to Christ:) tell them the church is here! The worst part is everyone at the mtc is kind of annoying. Like i take accountability for everything I don't do but people go too far with it. Like when i bear my testimony and say guys in like a heartfelt thing someone will correct me and say Elders, which i should say but wait for after. Its annoying. our district is pretty bad though. But that means more room to repent and improve. We have 2 kids always missing class and staying in dorms and 1 kid always wanting to go home. But i truly love my district and I am so stoked to be going to Minnesota with the 5 of the coolest guys in the world that are in my district. I'll send a letter describing my district and pictures later today because I wont see half of them again. We have 21 days in here so we have a day and a half assigned for learning. So today I am gonna study and pray diligently about the last investigator we teach before we leave. They are getting baptized that's for sure!! And I want to be direct in teaching not repeat stuff and I want to sound confident. Really excited we had a departure devotional yesterday and this guy who is in the mtc presidency told us we will be someones missionary and to not go home and endure to the end all your life for your family and stuff. I'm excited to be someones missionary and bring them to Christ and can't Wait. Ill bring all that i can. Oh ya temple dedication was awesome. Elder Packer is the man. Did you see the second session? He was really emotional and talked about his family and son being born in Brigham city and almost not making it. He is an awesome guy! Ya yesterday we had 2 devotionals, temple dedication, sacrament so much sitting. Apparently in the field you proselyte on Sundays? Weird I'm learning so much, ha. I fly out Wednesday morning. I will email later today if I think of anything I need. Oh what's the stupid mailbox address? I had to send Starr a letter to Summers. So its there Starr. Carson write me back. Love you all have a good life. My letters will be more spiritual when I have real investigators I promise:) Oh send me stake president/bishop address and i can write them sometimes. -Elder Konnor Hall

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