Monday, April 8, 2013

Snowing, Learning 3/18/13

Hey how is it going everyone! We had a good week. Did a few exchanges... we did an exchange with the assistants and I went to Nepali work as Elder Mumford went to English with Elder Weatherford. We taught a few new people. We had a family set up to come to church and i was super excited about that but the family to pick them up just didn't go to get them. I was a little upset but that is ok. We had a fireside last night at the mission home and we got a Cambodian lady named Salina she is really cool. We have only taught her once but i hope she felt the spirit and acts on it. I know that there are miracles out there and we are working towards them. Our mission seems to be doing well as a whole. Man After I am done training Elder Lund has 1 more transfer then he is home. All of my friends are almost home. If I was a regular person i would be almost home! But i get the opportunity to serve a lot longer! We have a good looking week ahead of us. We are probably gonna ride the bus a ton. And bike if it stops snowing. I asked one of our investigators, "How do you ride the bus?" i have never ridden a transportation bus. It will be interesting. Well things are going well here. I hope that package is there today i will not know until tonight but i bet it is. Looking forward to that. I am tired. But working hard so that is a nice feeling .It isn't easy that is for sure. We have played a dodge ball type game at the church for like 2 hours i am really tired but at least i got exercise! which is good. Cause dad will probably whip my butt at the end of 2 years of this crap. But that is ok if I am chubbs i feel like i worked hard on my mission then i can go home and work out a lot! That would be cool... well St Paul is still freaking snowing. I want to do missionary work in the summer time dang it. But oh well. Beggers can't be choosers. I am learning a lot that is for sure. Thank you all for the support keep it up. Mom weird comment about St Patrick but it was kind of weird so it was kind of funny. happy holidays. Easter coming soon. It will probably mean a lot more to me this year. I love you all! Konnor Hall

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