Monday, April 8, 2013

Mom Conference Weekend with the Family 4/8/13

Hi Konnor AKA Elder Hall with blessings:) We had a grand week, so let me do the highlights of our week first. Easter Egg hunt at Grandmas, everyone came who was not on a mission but Erik did not come from Utah State and Cody was on his Senior class cruise. A good time was had by all. Sam could not run for eggs as he was super sore from Las Vegas basketball tournament with the best in the US. They took second by one point. Myles cracked me up. I bought little cars for him. He really liked one of the cars, so he put it right in front of himself. While standing and waiting for the big go, Myles kept pulling the car just a little closer. Adorable. Myles biked in St George last weekend on stuff dad was walking. And if you compare wheel size and bike shocks it is impressive. Bryson had to grab him at one point, he does not have brakes. So you better do some biking this summer, Myles may be the competition:) Dad spoke this week again and I am sure he will catch you up, Rick Vandermyden got poison sumack from their ride in Northern Cali. Dad thought he did not run into it, but on Friday the poison oak clearly blistered up on his right calf, I do hope it does not get worse or go up his leg OUch. This was spring break so we all headed down to St George. Well Me Dad, Colby, and Sharwan headed down. We had fun. A little sun and some hiking. Dad bought a grill and had grill remorse after two hours of putting the Costco beast together. It was bent and missing some parts. He may still bring it back, we will see. He also hung a bike holder in the garage just in time for about ten bikers to come on the weekend. The garage looked like a bike shop when the Vidmar's and friends came to do training and watch conference. Peter, Tim, Chris and about five others are doing the Iron Man in May and staying again at our place. Trevor Brown came, he wants to qualify for Leadville this year and was biking strong. I guess if your young you have to qualify or something. Hmmm. You did not have to do that right? It was a full house and very fun. Just what I invisioned a house where people come and do not ever want to leave. Three of the boys were going home Friday afternoon, but left Saturday very late. Dad made the BEST food and everyone was in heaven. Conference was great. So exciting to have Cedar City get a new Temple. And have a new Young Women's President who is on Pintrest:) Yeah I joined her Pintrest. She had picked up about 500 people and I bet it grows. I loved the Sunday morning session, it was so powerful! I was hoping you had investigators there for that one. And when they talked about a Konnor I almost started to cry. Peter Vidmar must have seen me start missing you and said, Sherry Konnor is exactly where he needs to be! And he said it quite matter of factly. Firmly. So I did not dare cry. But to hear your name in Conference, was a shout out from our father in Heaven that he is aware of you! Sharwan and I drove home, I love listening to her watch funny movies, comedians, and vines; and just laugh her head off. She is so funny. She is putting off calculus make up work, hope she gets it all done. Colby has had some dates. He is still working out. He thinks he will go down to Cedar City and date a girl again which he dated last week. I don't have a name for ya:) Grandpa had a good birthday, the Hansen's took him to a Jazz game- Jazz lost:) But a fun birthday. Collin seams to be less homesick as he understands the language a little better. The big news is Cody opened his mission call. They had it delivered to his seminary class. Ghana Accra (Africa). Wow. Ashley Anderson is going to Sweden, and very excited. I am so grateful you have a great companion. You can do the work and have some fun too. That's what missionary work was meant to be. Love, happiness and full of the spirit. I can tell you are working hard and able to keep going like your Dad when everyone else seems to be getting tired you are still going. What a blessing to have been born with natural energy. You and Wany are the only children I have which I did not have to wrestle out of bed for school every morning. Yeah! Well I am back in Lehi and it is raining, I do hope you have some sunshine in Minnesota. You know me, it is an excuse to do family history work. This week I get to go with dad to OC and see the babies, so I am excited! And it is Olives Birthday April 18. The birthday rush. Grandpa Hoskins April 2, Liz April 7, Erik April 8, Carson April 9. Have a fabulous week, changing eternal lives. I am so proud of you. Keep up your energy and love those people to death. There is no happier time or a more important work. You were saved to help out with the growth and training, I just know it. You and your personality and testimony are critical to success for children of God who you work with. I am amazed at the little signs and answers to our prayers God puts in our path. I so often miss his messages. I love you so much. And pray for you safey and for your words to pierce the souls of those willing to listen. Have a great week. Tell me lots.

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