Monday, April 8, 2013

We belong to the only church where people can make covenants and return to Heavenly Father 2/25/13

Hey guys how has it been going. It has been a random weird week i was kind of sick this weekend as was a lot of people but that is ok. Feelin a little better and having a good pday. We always have a fun pday though. Good ol North St Paul it goes by super quick. played another game e Mumford but another game called Wiz Wars. We found a few new people to teach no one in particular one of our investigators Tara. her daughter Taya turned 4 Saturday and we went to her birthday party and bobbed for apples and had a white trash birthday party we were supposed to do it at the church but she couldn't do it. Chrissy (lady i baptized was there) and I wrecked everyone in bobbing for apples. Things are going well. teaching some good people could be a lot better but we are gonna work on it. Man transfers are in a week it is crazy i wonder what will happen there is going to be another set of Elders in the ward that will be cool if i am around to see! No one came to church... well one guy but it was lame. idk what everyone is up to but i hope you are all doing well. I am, (doing well) but i am just thinking about next week so that will be an important day of what is going on in mission life. We are getting ready for march madness in the mission. that is kind of corky but hey we are gonna go crazy i guess. Look for big things!! I hope my emails don't stink. I am kind of tired and sick. But before i go, We belong to the only church where people can make covenants and return to Heavenly Father... i still think i am being converted to this gospel but we should let everyone know this!!! The best missionary work you can do is in your own home... probably the second best missionary work you can do is among your friends. Love you all. -til next week and things are exciting. Elder Konnor Lynn Hall

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