Monday, April 8, 2013

Pink tie for Valentines, Chicken Diner 2/11/13

Hey guys sorry I am just getting to the computer we have been at the Karen Elders apartment all day playing board games. It has been pretty fun. Can't believe how late it is. In fact During studies I totally smashed my big toe with the leg of a chair and sat on it. It freaking hurt. I think it bled but I have not looked at it. I a really hungry. But sounds like everyone is doing well. We had a good week. We were gonna have a good Sunday but we had some snow and so it wasn't gonna be the monster Sunday that we had planned with getting a bunch of people there but that is ok. I have an exchange at the U of Minnesota this week. Valentines day. which doesnt mean anything. I will probably wear a pink tie. But I love you all it is always good to hear from you guys. Handwritten letters are nice. Um im not sure what is new just being a boss in Minnesota. Excited for my scriptures to come. I have wrecked mine so far. I have a strategy for the "newer scriptures". Sister Lundstadts dad kind of inspired me with scripture marking. Beginning of march I will have been out 6 months. But i guess it is still the middle of February. It is warming up and snowing a lot. Same old in missionary work. Just trying to find people to accept the gospel. Trying to be better most importantly... that is hard. but I know it is worth it. Hope everyone is doing well if anyone wants or needs anything specific write me:). Oh funny story i guess i will throw one in there cause I am rushing this sorry. But Elder Mumford and Elder Shreestha were in a lesson with Nepali people. And there is this Senior Couple. The Baxters. In fact i am sure they have tons of pictures of me and stuff. But they were in this lesson. And during it the dad was killing a live chicken in the apartment. And Elder Mumford was like that's kind of crazy but i guess if it is there culture it is just an animal... not too much harm done. Then the senior missionary sister baxter(she is a lot like mom to be honest, in a good way... no offense) said just an Animal it is a child of GOD! hahah elder Mumford told us all it was pretty funny. Chickens. a child of god. We gave Elder Lawton 20 birthday spankings today too. Elder Shreestha got 24 last week on pday. Our district is pretty funny. It is gonna stink to leave in 3 weeks. Hope i go somewhere cool. But keep it up with whatever you all do in normal life. I don't know if my email's sound sporatic i write them really fast especially today i am in a hurry. Praise to the Man is false doctrine. Love you all:)

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